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>Chat say they're getting bored of abigail
>here's cammy vs karin


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is oni still banned

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do '16ers worship Turd Strike or that exclusively a '09er illness?

official sniffs are best sniffs

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imagine not wanting to die in your sleep each night


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That head is too small.

finna fuck me a Marie Rose irl bros...

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kefla has a pretty cool potential move list imo. Main reason I'd like to see her.

I don't.


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don't pretend that jive isn't just 3S but without the good parts

Anyone UMvC3 PS4 or PC?

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Who the fuck was responsible for the music on that stage?

she was more entertaining than jiren desu

How do I stop caring about what other people think about me?

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Buy more costumes for Chun-Li

Cut you penis


Stop consuming soy and man up.

Taku Inoue


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What's his endgame?

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>Getting mad that they diversified the costumes instead of having another Morrigan when Chun-Li already has a Morrigan color scheme.

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doing you

Buki bros

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Realizing he threw everything away for no reason.

Making dota blacker

Getting a burst of attention and feeling like he matters.

Pretend everyone is actually tsundere for you

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dude's a fucking idiot tbqh

Not mad. Just gonna continue not jiving.

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Rashid vtrigger 2 is really fun to use I'm never using 1 again.

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Post 5 seconds of Abigail winning a premier event.

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best fighting games with slg?

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Fate fighting game when

I need Nitocris

How do I get a Urien bf?

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He just wants Honda back.

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While you may be right, it's even worse that /fgg/ has spent the last three days obsessing over him, don't you think?

kinda hard considering there's only been two since season 3 started

No saber, scathach or astolfo no buy.

If you think Abi should get nerfs to anything other than his jabs, crHK VTC, or VT1 bHP juggles, you don't know enough about the matchup.

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Then post five (5) seconds of Abigail winning a tournament that isn't full of literally who.

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When's P5A?

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wud play

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>Low Tier God
More like Low Tier Fraud

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Iktf bro

Play Gundam Vs

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She's getting a figure? MUH!

why does marie rose get all the SFM? it's not fair bros

>two sniff outfits were all it took to distract the community from the aftermath of Mike Ross's historical AMA

Does this say more about the priorities of today's SF fans or more about the legacy of Mike "The OG" Ross?

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i main mash!!

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>Still can't decide whether to play Tekken, DBFZ or SFV

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>rashid shitposting even in fate

how do we stop him


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It already exists, it just doesn't have any of your shitty mobage secondary characters in it

>good proportions and coherent aesthetic
If only all sniffs were like this.


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Jive is good, and tekken is like 3d jive

Is Juri ok to play? Interested in learning her. Is she really super bad lik epoeple say?

>Mike Ross's historical AMA

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i wouldn't mind if her butt was bigger desu



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Anyone UMvC3 PS4 or PC?

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everyone in the game is playable, but she's definitely on the lower end of things. some of the stuff is hard to get used to, like how to safely store specials/vskill, but other than that she's pretty straightforward

At the LOW level? She's fine.

Target combo into specials are easy to do. Stores are annoying but you dont have to rush to win at the lower level so take your time. s.MK is amazing, but dont get too used to spamming it since noobs love to jump in

At the high level though? Ehhhh, that's up to you.

wud mash mash

>so desperate for attention he resorts to vappa

while i laugh, i fear for my life what will become of me when i reach his age because he's probably more successful than me

>everyone crying about Abigail
>Laura is now under the radar

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I think she's underrated but she doesnt have anything incredibly dishonest just solid tools, pressure and ground game.

Is there a medical condition that prevents Bison players from pressing buttons on wake-up?

what happened to the first link

are you black?

The best sniff posted in decades


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>Been trying out new character for a week.
>Around level 30 or so.
>Only playing casual queue so I can get a grip on things.
>Most of my matches are diamond - super diamond players using their level 70+ mains.
>See the same people using the same mains over and over for the entire week.

I feel like once you cross the level 50 margin, you should really spend most of your time in ranked.

What's it like being Chun Li?

She's got to be able to have any man or woman she wants to bang in her free time if she wants to relieve some stress.

I think he has too much health for how wonky his hurtboxes are.

realize that not everyone in this world is going to like you, you could be the nicest guy in the world but there's still some asshole at there that's gonna think badly of you. at the end of the day as long as you are respectful to others and treat them nicely you can view yourself as a good person. you can't please everyone, so try to be as respectful and nice as you can but more than anything be sure to be happy

In other words, you just want to play dolls with Carol and Morrie instead of fight against people in an alive game to become the strongest.

wish i was her desu

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imagine doing this and then being Mai

She is very cool

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ungrateful ape

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play kolin

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i don't play gorillas sorry