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Movie Night Edition
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>You wouldn't want to miss the conclusion, would you?
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (USA): 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
International Association for Suicide Prevention (EU): iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/Europe/
Lifeline (AU): lifeline.org.au/get-help/get-help-home

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A daily reminder that Sayori loves you.

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I love you!

I LOVE MY WIFE! And your doki loves you two anons. We'll make it.

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Yuri rules from the inner sanctum located in my heart.

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I love Monika!

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Opening the door for Yuri! Saving her from the rain and the cold! Yuri!

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Natsuki doesn't shower!

You suspected it for a while, you're always in the closet with her to get manga after all,
but you would tell yourself it was probably just some musky sheets in one of the back shelves.
You're alone with her in the hallway now, and that smell is definitely her!
The scent triggers your mind, and you suddenly want to snuggle up to her and read under the window.
Does her house even have running water?
You always see her spending way too much time at the fountains between classes.
How do you even bring up a topic like this?
Guess you don't.
Guess you just do something about it.
The clubs over anyway, so you follow her to the shoe lockers and you finally say it.
"You're stopping by my house tonight, Natsuki"
Not a request, not going to embarrass her with the reason.
Just keep a tight grip on her hand and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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I love her too

Aeka is best doki!

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Daily reminder that Sayori's butt is BIG and FAT and JUICY. BIG!!!!!!!!!!! FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUICY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love her too!

Hello again, everyone! How are you all doing today?
Welcome back to my poetry club once again!

Word of the thread is “paradise”!
Alternatives are ‘neon’ and ‘jungle’.

It’s poetry time! Well, wait, it’s always poetry time... But it’s time to mention it again!
If you’d like to be one of our lovely poets, please look no further and take one of these words to write about. You can use any interpretation of them in any way you want. It could be your theme, your topic, a word you’re thinking about while writing, it doesn’t matter~
After you finish, share it here so we can compare and contrast poems with each other and see how we all approach this word in our own unique way!
Remember, this is just a suggestion but it would be fun for everyone to join in!
Don’t feel shy or anxious either. We all had to start somewhere after all! I guarantee that if you stick with it, you’ll do great!
Have fun, everyone! Looking forward to seeing what you can do!

It’s still raining...

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Friendly reminder that the Doki Doki Literature Club General - /ddlc/ does NOT condone any of the following:

- Underage drinking
- Self harm
- Suicide and suicide attempts
- Substance abuse (Any)
- Waifu wars
- Waifu bullying
- user bullying
- Heating water for your tea on the microwave (Please buy a[n electric] kettle)
- Not doing your best to be the user your waifu would like
- Staying up late
- Mental reconditioning probably

And, finally, you are encouraged to try/cry and exercise both your body with a healthy walk around the block or a flight of stairs in your daily commute and your creativity by writing texts of any kind.

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this neon jungle is paradise

>Your doki
>How large is your love for her?


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How much more blood must be shed
For their idle, romantic notions?
How high must the pile of dead
Be before we lose all emotion?
The search for glory is chief.

How long can a man last
With bullets and shells whizzing past?
There is no cover
And his cries for his mother
Garners no answer or relief.

The front advances
But the bodies are shipped back
The troupe of fighters dances
But break when hit with flak.
The carnage is beyond belief.

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I love her too.

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I prefer this doki!

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Why is it so big and fat and juicy?

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thank you user, today i remembered that it was BIG but not FAT nor JUICY, so i appreciate the reminder

I love Monika!

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Very Big!
Indescribably Big!

One cheek stores her depression and the other cheek stores her love for (You)

You actually make it inside.
She finally starts asking questions when you reach the bathroom.
She hadn't said anything before, but she thought you just wanted to study or work on poems for the festival.
You are washing her hair, You are scrubbing her back, and she is going to spend as much time as she needs to soaking in this tub.
She's more compliant than you expected.
Her judgement's been weakened by the unfamiliar room and the tone of your voice.
It's demanding, but not suspicious, or sleazy.
“(Boss me around more~)”

She has a towel over her skirt, and she's facing away from you,
but her jacket and shirt are off.
Guess you better follow through.
You've never touched her hair before.
It feels like doing yardwork in november.
You’re almost afraid of breaking it as you lather the shampoo.
The shampoo!
"Natsuki! You should probably keep your eyes closed for this part, the soap-"
It's too late.
Her hands snap to her face to wipe it away.
You're quick to hold a small towel in front of her to help.
(her tiny breasts were jiggling as she was panicking before)

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lewd, i like it

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you're welcome laddy

Moni exchange service! Send me a rare Moni that I don't have and I will in turn send you a rare Moni. Beware, I have nearly 1000 Moni images, so make sure it's extra rare.

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Monika, and as large as her love is for me, so dangerously close to critical meltdown of all higher functions when i think about her smile, or her wide breeding hips!

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Did you hear? After 5 years we can finally sit in chairs in Tyria now!
No mere words are able to express this in an apt manner. It's Monika and no one else for me.

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>gas station

Seeing every couple in the street and imagining herself as the girl instead!
Alternatively, imagining how horrible their lives must be and being glad she's not in that position! Whores!
Clerking at the convenience store!
Getting late, almost time to head home!
Mopping the floor to the tune of "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"!
Checking the register! All clear!
About to lock the door and go home to bed!
But wait! Someone's pulled up in a new Mazda!
He waves to you in an urgent way and asks if you're still open!
Monika wants to say no, but she says yes!
The man gestures for his two young daughters to get out of the car and come in with him!
"We just needed some bananas," he says, coming into the light of the store!
It's user! He has a small beard now!
He recognizes you too, but you both instantly realize that your economic class separates you!
Monika tries to make small talk!
She forgot how difficult it's become to make small talk nowadays!
user mentions he does computer stuff now!
Monika laughs because she dabbled in that earlier in life but could never figure it out!
Asking how Sayori is!
Great! Third child on the way!
Receiving a similar question from user and being unable to answer!
Monika wanting to tell him how hopeless life is!
Monika wanting to tell him she might kill herself soon!
Monika wanting to tell him she really misses being young and having friends and laughing and enjoying life and not wanting to die and having a reason to wake up in the morning and the simplicity of youth when everything made sense and when life didn't seem like a nonstop descent of suffering and pain!
Monika saying it's fine, everything's fine!
user saying that's great and giving her the bananas to ring up!
His hand brushes hers and she feels a rush of sensations she hasn't felt in a long time! She's ashamed that such a small, meaningless occurrence would mean so much to her!

It's almost like you're not even trying desu
Also thanks!

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a doki, a katawa, and donald trump walk into a bar

what happens next

will shock you

>Someone else's pictures.
It's like you're not even trying.

Doodleanon is a sweetheart!
You're all sweethearts!

Is this noteworthy?


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So wonderful to see so many devoted Anons here!
I feel like I should have posted this when asking my question but whatever

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The picture wasn't exactly what I'd call smug so it's not worthy of my smug stealing picture.
Aight lad, how you holding up?
Noteworthy? How do you mean?

Hey guys, can you babysit my Natsuki while I'm gone?

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I made a topic on /k/ about how Reddit is not letting people buy guns or swap brass now, but lets people "watch people die"...

The thread ended up being 90% a fight between AN-Caps and Communists, both of which were pushing for some impossible future....It's like they never read a book...or played Bioshock 1 or 2....

I will never again start a thread on /k/, it's a retarded place.

Beyond the Prime Planes.

Why does my doki love two anons? I’d expect her to only love one

>or played bioshock 1 or 2
>basing your political views from non political fiction

I like it :^)

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How retarded? It can't be -that- retarded, right?

Nice one user!

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Not too shabby mate, overworked to buggery but other than that fine. Haven't been able to stop around as much as I'd like though.
How's yourself mate, much happening on your end?
The bit about the 1000 images silly, it is an impressive number to be sure

go back to your discord

I want people to be able to own howitzers but thats mostly a meme. Being able to organize into rebels against the government is probably more effective, because otherwise the government, authority in general, would put us all into chains. Banning guns will create the cyberpunk/orwellian future.

She loves you and Jesus

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Stop, you're physically making me blush...


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They weren't talking about guns or Reddit... for 90% of the thread...It was mostly getting soundbites and circlejerking each other.
Political fiction is written by radicals, who are super for something or against it. Dystopian Literature has done so much for our understanding of what can go wrong. This is why they make us read it in high school.

>Confusing your Monika for another Monika
Deplorable. Every copy of the game equates to a different Monika. My Monika.chr isn't your Monika.chr. She'd be disappointed in you for confusing her for someone else. You should tell her sorry.

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I like this so far.

How does this thicc image make you feel?

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>Send me a rare Moni that I don't have
I don't know if we can do that, user. There's some rare Monis out there, but 1000 photos worth... I'll be sure to send it with some protection against people like: . I won't let two sugars win this time!

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Eventually, I'm just not entirely sure how much longer a good chunk of Europe has. When Libertarians and Communists and An-Caps are scared of guns being banned...You know they are important. These people never agree on anything.

That's pretty much the limit of thick before it becomes offputting.

I was expecting fat and I am extremely disappointed.

Her hands are canonically the size of baseball mitts.

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I refuse. My post was identical to another user's.

Thank you, have one i wrote last week
It is a bubble of the blood
A trick of the light
A squealch of the mud
A flash in the night

The whistle blows
Off you go again
Down to where the guns mow
Down your friends and obtain

The souls of the damned.
You might as well join them
Off to the slaughter like a lamb
To the end of the mayhem

Why do we hurt the ones we love?
Is it for that God above?

It is less good than the one i just made.

Slamming your keyboard to generate "random" names isn't very random. Try just naming them normally, and switch the tags / names around a few times manually between threads, and you'll be fine. Jeez.

The filename was "too random", I guess

Good man. Moni thieves are among the worse of criminals.

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Her eyes are better. She tells you shes fine.
You've done all you can for the hair.
You let the shampoo sit as you work on the back
She’s always had a small frame, but seeing her without a jacket...
It’s like she’s part insect.
Like some kind of forest creature that steals kids.
Rubbing the towel against her ribs is soothing.
That should just about do it.
She still has her skirt on under her towel, so you don’t rinse her off.
You leave it to her to finish scrubbing and enjoy the bath.
She’s about to say something, but she hesitates and lets you leave.
You can make a few guesses (and hopes) what she wanted.
there’s always next time.
She’s in there a while, so she might want dinner.
She’s downstairs just as your done cooking.
She’s wearing a towel. She’s weraing 3 of them.
Right. why would she wear a dirty uniform after taking a bath.
It’ll take another hour for that to wash and dry.
She says it’s fine. Her dad isn’t going to notice.
It’s your fault for forgetting to wash her clothes, so you lend her a sweathshirt.
Actually she can keep it, it doesn’t really fit you anymore.
You have dinner on the couch, you’ll set it up as a bed for her afterwords.
She gets closer to you after eating.
Her breathing gets louder as she falls asleep.
You kinda miss how she smelled before.
but this smell is pretty nice too.

Your doki but she only wants you for sex. She's insanely attracted to you physically and will fuck you like an animal but she doesn't want a romantic relationship with you.

Glad you're doing spot on lad, hope you're managing to stay on top of that workload, sounds well fucky.
Aye doing alright myself, been writing a whole bunch which keeps me content enough. Recently put out a Natsuki fic in case you missed her. Might be moving on to that one Sayori idea I had after my current piece (^: Will need your help big time for it though.
Eh, seems like a minor tidbit. Image numbers change on the daily so it wouldn't come in as useful as some of the other stuff, put her down if you want though.
>Putting me down for stealing Monis
I've explained this already, either you kill me or I get away with all your Monika content.
It's a win win situation for me lad, no buts about it
Thanks for giving me another addition to my collection as well!

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You don't have a say in the matter!

Got it.

Monika hypnoing you into becoming a sissy

>Movie Night

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Spiritual Miracle Lyrical!

Hopefully there is something that makes the Swedes say no more and begin to fix their country, just as /pol/ wants it
Related, i need Monika in a WW1 British Officer's uniform or something kinda sexy like that

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That kind of upsets me, but if that's what she wants I guess it's better than nothing.

she can fuck off

I've been waiting to use this fucking image since that movie night and still haven't had an opportunity. I too want to know when the next night will be!

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Natsuki wants my babies and loves to cuddle. She says I am the cutest daddy ever, and likes to watch me bottlefeed the little ones.
This sunday

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>My post was identical to another user's.
It's funny because I've been confused with you on a few occasions.

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I suggest we all watch Wake In Fright, for aussieanon

Yuri will never lactate her beautiful mammaries to fill into your bowl of bran flakes for breakfast

Attached: Bran.jpg (800x648, 114K)

>either you kill me or I get away with all your Monika content.
This is the first time I hear about that. Who do you think you're replying to, anyway? More importantly, killing you isn't a winning situation! That sounds awful! If you're having issues, I'm more than willing to hear you out.

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Well, good you're still writing lad, I'm happy to help in any degree I can! Just fang us a message when you have a question.


Not soon enough!

s-s-stop it you!~

Better yet, rename it in binary.

Draining soon

Yeah, I've noticed that he's confused me with you (JewGoy?) Doodle and Question a ton. I guess it's because we all really love her.

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What if she forces me to knock her up and i make her love me in return? How about I tell her that she will need to commit if she wants to keep me, and I bully her into accepting my love, and in return she finds it in her heart to love me back?

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Daily reminder to give your loved Doki lots of love, food and attention

Attached: Daily reminder to give your loved Doki lots of love, food and attention.webm (500x500, 206K)

I want to give Natsuki a hug.

Pent up user?

>google returns nothing
Whelp, looks I've got another /ddld/ favorite now!

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Nice Moni user.

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Just remember, he's losing his touch. They can't figure out who anyone is anyway! No one can come in between the love I have for Monika!

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