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Prey Slaughtered: >New players read this then finish the game without spoilers:

-Mar 6: Bloodborne is free for PS+ members for March
-Jan 11/2018: Dark Souls 1 Remaster announced for PC, XBONE, PS4 and Switch, releasing May 25
-Dec 26-29/2017: Unused bosses & test areas are now safe chalices that anyone can use - i.imgur.com/3nibNFD.png

-/bbg/ Resource Guide: docs.google.com/document/d/1TlAjZSvmE979gbayTvpioT72n5A7_bUjMNCLuOatJTQ
-Wiki: bloodborne-wiki.com/
-Build planner: mugenmonkey.com/bloodborne
-Multiplayer range calculator: mpql.net/tools/bloodborne/

-How to unlock FRCs for spelunks, fight clubs & gem farming: i.imgur.com/0AwN4Lo.jpg
-Gem farming chalices: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q9enxffA3dyKGu6IVg-P4IVgmKSUYSP9UOOiThHmPIU
-Lost/uncanny weapons, runes, and gems: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1syKnSKflHbFiGY4pXkfIeXoMa2Lp9X1aXyme2qaTen4
-How to summon/invade in a chalice: pastebin.com/mjRU01XK
-Edited chalices: i.imgur.com/3nibNFD.png (Unused bosses, test areas, early runes/weapons)

>PVE - Spelunking (anytime someone wants to host):
-Spelunks happen, join em, host em
-Set the chalice to Open and region to Worldwide
-Leave bell-ringing women alone for invaders

>PVP - Fight club (Every Saturday 6pmET/11pmUTC plus impromptus whenever):
-Rules: i.imgur.com/ihd176b.jpg
-Pthumeru: 7hjhf43b
-Loran: jjpkdcgd
-Isz: 9v8qndas
-Hintertombs: 5x3agiwe
-2v2 arena: i.imgur.com/71WOC0I.png

Q: Where do I get/put the best gems? A: bloodborne-wiki.com/2015/10/best-blood-gems-setups.html
Q: How do I setup arcane builds? A: i.imgur.com/73dnuUm.jpg
Q: How to access the DLC? A: i.imgur.com/XaRuxgF.png
Q: Did I miss a quest? A: i.imgur.com/Uzg8XI6.png
Q: Is this game active for coop and pvp? A: Yes

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1st for the one reborn being absolute shit


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get the fuck out of my cathedral

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3rd for red spiders

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Walk me down the stairs then why don't you :^)






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i ran out of blood vials the other day, and it made me realize just how fun coop is because i just helped a bunch of people and got like 200 vials worth of echos instead of grinding like a retard

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Layer 2
>can see Lauren's phantom running around
>cool preboss
>chest placed in the middle of the room
>some flowera inside
>furry hunter aggros from the upper layer and gives up to a door
>Rosella kills things through walls with based bloodletter
>treasure was a bastard of loran
>bloodstain in front of said treasure
>main area had two witches
>go past a bridge and pull the lever
>jump down from the bridge
>chest under the bridge has a red jelly, pretty useful
>one path leads to a dead end with some consumables
>the other leads back to the main area
>no preboss
>boss was keeper
Hopefully we get an invasion on Layer 3, and something already died so I'm guessing another bepis

Fucking clerics

fucking stop
1 reborn is a fantastic fight you niggers

t. Micolash

Fighting against it seems to be more like guerrilla warfare instead of a real battle. Go in, tap it a couple times, wait for it to do some form of aoe, rinse, repeat

Bruh you've never seen cooperators run in and Whirli L2 the thing to death. Also, you know you can take out the bell women around him, right? It's Tower Knight from DeS.

>he only has 20 insight

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I fucking hate all the fights like One Reborn. It's never really 'hard', but it's either annoying as fuck and dangerous or, if you choose to, it's braindead fucking easy and he's down in seconds. There's no way to make it a fun fight that is challenging and engaging. You're either melting his health away with no chance for him to defend himself or you're getting hit with a million limbs and shit falling on you from offscreen for half your health bar. It's just a shit fight.

Layer 3
>mistime a roll towards a cleric, a pthu and a swinging axe
>bonus area tucked away under the bridge
>another bridge section
>bastard of loran as loot on the corpse on the bridge
>end of the bridge leads to a room with another bepis crying in the corner
>under it leads to more witches and mad ones
>one of the paths under it was the treasure room
>treasure was Lost Tonitris
>no preboss
>boss was amygdala
>layer 4 confirmed

I have to go so don't wait for me. Good luck!

Calling dibbs on that free slot if I'm not too late. Pass?

Alright, thanks for coming along, was fun
Pass: sleep


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>invading in cathedral ward
>hover between the 2 gate levers some invaders like to be mean and pull em, so i gotta guard
>have my own chime maiden rining just up the ladder
>tfw amassing blood dregs to a constant "Ring....ring...ring..."

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>another day and based janny deletes some retards avatarfagging

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>unironically being a ganksquad PvE fag

>unironically being a literal cuckold edgelord

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haha purge filth amirtie bros give me upvotes!!!

Layer 4
>start the layer with even more fps witches
>decide to take the alternative path
>leads to more witches
>once our frames recover we continue down a dark tunnel
>start hearing beasts attacking
>past the tunnel and up some stair we find a bepis fighting a scourge beast
>bepis wins but is still out for blood
>fail to parry him an he does his grab
>dies anyways
>room is filled with cocktails, pellets and great one coldbloods
>past that room are wooden bridge sections
>lower section was the treasure room
>keeper was guarding the treasure
>gow, 7 ritual blood, some flowers and another BoL
>head back and check the upper section
>a bellmaiden in a room with a bell
>some more consumable loot
>run back and continue to the main area which was boring in comparison
>no preboss like the last 3 layers
>boss was hotdog
Thanks for joining me, Rosella, Jordan and Funky, and thanks for invading Lauren. Really fun dungeon in the end, lots of Bastards of Loran, fps witches and bepis encounters with some interesting layouts. Hope you guys had fun.

haha sip dregs amirite bros give me upvotes!!!

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, lads.

>unironically being a shortsighted lifeguard cuck edgelord that assaults defenseless nobleWOMEN

You're leader is a dumb cuck, you're quest giver is dumb, and you're covenant is useless!

Pretty nice fourth layer. Thanks for hosting, best grill.

>le ironic shitposting boogeyman

Here you go pham.

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That's not what boogeyman means

Why does Miyazaki have such a boner for poison swamps?

Thanks for hosting, Chloe. Layer 4 was a nice surprise and it made everything the more fan.

Well spoken, my fellow noble knight. For the Blood Queen and the Honor of Cainhurst! *tips chikage*

>and thanks for invading Lauren
Only way to SRRC into the dungeon after it filled up.

No idea, he needs to fucking stop, atleast bloodbornes is the least shittiest.

5-2 is the ultimate gaming experience.

It's an easy archetype of a challenging / non-standard environment and sadly one of the few environment effects they play with aside from the snow / blizzard stuff from Dark Souls 2/3.

Also just want to let off my chest that this year so far has been quite possibly the best I've had this decade after year 2010 and a decent part of it has been Bloodborne and /bbg/ so just want to say I love you guys, girls[male] and girls[female].

>''Good Hunter, I hear Gehrman sleeping. On most of the nights he is restless, but today he sounds so very calm. Perhaps something has eased his suffering

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there's something very enbniggery about that post

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After I finish Great Isz, would any of you like to accompany me for Great Ihyll chalice?

>Also just want to let off my chest that this year so far has been quite possibly the best I've had this decade after year 2010 and a decent part of it has been Bloodborne and /bbg/ so just want to say I love you guys, girls[male] and girls[female].
This, but the exact opposite.

I agree but I think it's only because enbnigger always poorly tries to keep his post technically on-topic by replying to some old question that had already been answered or something that didn't need a reply at all.

>prefers 5-2 to impersonal chalice dungeon swamp x
>uses fun hyperbole common to /bbg/-/dsg/
>"welp, must be enbnigger"
And there it is, the literal >everything I don't like is a boogeyman" retardation an user was just accusing you all of yesterday.

/co/ Hunter is a girl? REEEEEEE

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I don't actually think it's enbnigger dumbass, I'm explaining why that post reminded user of him

Why does she looks so ugly?

love you too faggot

tfw can get orphan to stage 2 on bl4 fairly easily but then I don't know how to fight phase 2 and I die instantly

help me out bros. what webm maker do you all use?

Looks like one of Lucy's creations

Webm for Baka

>that island of fucking giant goblins
Imagine being a pure melee character and running into that

Based Rat Ring... or Thief's Ring...? Shit it's been so long I can't remember.

1v1 anyway at least those guys are cake, even if you can't roll -- you can Beyonce them just like BSB, even in the swamp itself.

Fuck, just ate too much pizza and can't play bloodborne

new meme?

Not too much that you can't make retarded pointless posts, though!

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is dork souls 3 + dlc harder than bloodborne + dlc? I wanna play but scared I can't beat it.

>mfw people think they can parry Kos Parasite

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I leave Thief's Ring on for pretty much every game, it's so useful.

I didn't know you could go left of them like that, damn. I'll remember that.

DaS3 has much more insane flailing bosses believe it for not, and about a dozen Artorias clones. It can be difficult but just run the reliable ol' straight sword and shield and you'll be able to beat basically everything. Dunno about the DLCs, havne't bought them because I dunno if they're worth it for a pure caster.

I'm my opinion, no.
But if too much into BB mobile and aggressive combat you might be in for a hard time.
Also if you hate bosses with huge hitboxes or that just feel like they're cheating, you are going to suffer.

Hard to say objectively.

It certainly can be. In BB you get 20 Vials that heals ~40% of your HP, while in DaS3 you have to actually go out of way and acquire all the mats to eventually have 'only' 15 Estus that heal ~60% of your HP, meaning doing DLC rushes is substantially more difficult if you can't make bossfights zero-sum encounters.

Looking at it from say meta v. meta., I think I would definitely say DLC2, at least, at SL100 is much, much more difficult than ToH at BL98.

if you're too much into

spelunk in Ihyll?

If you are referring to my earlier post, user. I am at layer 1's boss. I can ring at lamp if you like, pass bbgihyll

I was gonna host a separate spelunk but if nobody is interested I'll join you

Does any of you supreme gentlemen have a link to a map of the Fishing Hamlet?

>being global banned for 3 days + having posts purged for avatar posting

gee thanks daytime bbg, I thought this place was a cool place for a female user to hang out but the day time underage kids ruined it. ill make my return late night, when the autists are asleep.

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>female user
Fake and gay.

>avoiding a ban
hahaha bye

anyone else just enter orphan's boss and just sit down/pray at the entrance?


good luck proving it was me! im behind 7 proxies. maybe this is banting :P


>try to parry
>get HMPH'd
alright bad idea

People last night were saying you CAN parry that fag, although I've never tried it.

Sounds to me like you should stop avatarfagging. Nobody likes a namefag or avatarfag.

holy shit this boss is fast
my bad lmao

I enter and listen to the music and appreciate the view.

>Breaking rules has consequences
Wow, how about that shit.

sorry teague, havent fought him in a while, not used to how well that combo can track

Society teaches kids nowadays that rules are sexist/racist/ablist. user can't help that he's retarded, so why should the rules punish him for it?

This is the dumbest post I've seen so far today tbqhwy.

Still on L1?

We just killed HMPH, im ringing at layer 2 lamp if anyone wants to come


You coming, tinhead?

Where is seagalt?

Inside a penis probably

The seagull is flying across the sea. The albatross is with him.

He woke up.

What happens when we wake up?
Do we forget everything?

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Anyone awake to help me fight Rom?

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Yeah, pass? Fog or lamp?

Sure, I'm invading there anyway

>all the shitposts, all the pain, all the assmad fc losers
>wake up and forget all of this terrible shitposters thread, and awake under the NEET sun