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only meowers can post in this thread

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>that edition
when the butthurt lasts 400 posts later about a single mention of another new MMO

IIIIIII am the cat that keeps the peace, get outta line... youll get somma these!!!!
IIIIIII am the cat that likes to preach, don’t face ya problems!!!!! resort to belief!
IIIII am the cat who loved to teach, work on ya minds, or you’ll work on the streets!!!
IIIII am the cat with the deceased, i make em look nice, before they go underneath!!!

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So what's Square Enix's obsession about putting confirmation dialogs on every fucking thing possible? Does taking a lift really need a confirmation? I'm not fucking marrying the elevator, just let me go already.


This is a good meower

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I hate when I have to click and drag items into a window to give it to an NPC and then confirm it. What the fuck else do you think im talking to this person for?


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Good one.

Good cat.

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>I'm not fucking marrying the elevator
Yes you are. You really should read the fine print on the elevator lever.

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ok who am i giving my kiss to

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I love loki

Redpill me on Poyo

loki kicks ass i love loki

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Literal psychotic teen girl who’s fucked up because she gets drunkraped every party she goes to

>Just resubbed
>go into Eureka with a friend who also resubbed
>nobody wants to do a group because exp is too shit apparently
>we're too low level to get to "trains"
so uh what the fuck do we do then? Just solo mobs until lvl10 or some shit?

baking fresh bread and enjoying it piping hot with your catboy husbando uwu

you aren't too low level to get the train, run behind monsters

You can get to the train at level 1 retard

I approve of this post

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You get a "fresh pump" to chauffeur you around.

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I think there should be a limit to the classes you can level with based on your race and body. you can't be a marauder if you are as tall as a night table..

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level 1 is fine for train
you can even get gold with a full group of level 1s


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Why is your cat on the ceiling?

tfw no qt elezen gf

Yeah well everyone thinks you smell like old bread but we keep it to ourselves.

Dont know the feel, sorry.

You should get out there and go on some RP dates.

Mistakes were made

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Post male characters

since you asked so nicely

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UM excuse u im not psychotic i only have symptoms of it sometimes AND im 19 thats not even a teenager anymore even if i do feel like i age regress..

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100% a dyde

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>not a teenager

wutevrr ill be 20 in a few months

Not with your dietary and cutting habits, you won't.

let us discuss mechanics

ive been like this for over 2 years now my friend ill be fine if anything itll be the bottles of vodka i chug

Merry Christmas you user-tachi

Have a sugoi day

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Cute puppy!

could it be...
the big daddy glitch in the matrix...?

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Why are groups so adverse to Trine up-time strat. It requires the least amount of movement and melee don't have to disengage the boss.

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nice cosplay!

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RIP my nigga

Cute and cute

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makes ketchup murals for sympathy on the internet

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Soon to be roadkill meowers.

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but those r so people are disgusted with me not sympathy

I don't know of this strat.

You're all the way over there though.

this boy

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Post Moon Cats

post rare cringers

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Fix ur posture.
Str8n up fren

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This game is→↓

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lei ari whore !
burn hell now

That priestess is lusting over that big black roe dong.

>Keep thinking about coming back to play
>Didnt even touch a raid or dungeon for almost two patches while subbed

Whats the draw?

Play 4 decoraten n frens n memposts

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ohi can't sleep

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I only have two of those.

Das is more than enuf

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begone fiend

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does lily live here?

I b bak
U habnt seen da last of MMMMMEMC@

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post cringe

i need to cringe

thnk u for the posture thing, i didnt realize i was sitting on the floor until you said that.

the classic

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wheres the pump poster when you need him

These Miqote look really good though.

No problem fren. Memc@ here 2 halp. Except nao. Memc@ must go escape from water bottles n baps

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Guys is it normal that my mouth starts watering everytime I see a shirtless catboys?
I can't be the only one, right?

catboys are not for eating!

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nyantural reaction!

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What about their legs? They don't need those.

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Yes we do!

i want to bury my face into those panties

Why do you EB?

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I don't