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How come we still crosslink to the dead aco thread
it's been gone for like 2 months

hi I play fallout 2

I don't make the rules buddy
I-its my first time as OP

That explains why you fucked up the link to the previous thread

Seriously how do you fuck that up

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I updated the op pastebin

there was a thread between the one that was on there and the one that is up now.

post your current charterer and name

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Harvey Grant, golden boy

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>tfw Bethesda works to minimise variation between male and female clothes
>raider leathers on men have a giant tear in the middle which baring their man nips and abs
>girl version is fully enclosed and has belts around the waist

That said, road leathers are the best clothes in the game

I want to remove Cait's fear of intimacy!

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Sam. Just Sam.

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I want to remove Cait's

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I have a question about NV.
Will getting an implant and intense training a stat will let me get a trait/perk which requires as much of the stat?

B-boy Sam or girl sam? it's too dark to tell

shed prob let you

The one with boobers

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>Best raiders
that's not Sudden-Death Overtime

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Are there any groups for FO4 that release just patches, instead of packing it with a fucking 30+ gigs worth of shit?

As far as I know there's no traits that require specific stats unless you're using some mod that does such a thing. But otherwise yes, perks will unlock if you meet the requirements via implants or intense training. By the way, you won't be able to get another implant if you use an implant to upgrade your endurance though.


Only using chems doesnt count for perk requirements.

New California release fucking WHEN??


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Thank you.

Fuck me, why wasn't this thread appearing when I was trying to refresh the catalog? I made a new thread way late. RIP whatever old threads died because of that.
You still have the old, bad /aco/ link. Mine was atleast current.
Your question is pretty confusing, but yeah Intense Training Perks converted into SPECIAL does count as "natural" SPECIAL values, and I believe Implants count for the purposes of getting Perks, but I'm not 100% on it. Implants can't let you get more implants though, like you can't implant extra END to get another implant I don't think. But in general they should work for Perks requirements.
A ton of perks have SPECIAL requirements though.
Would be better if they didn't base their gameworld off FO1's map. FO2's map is atleast someone contiguious with FONV, FO1's map doesn't work well.

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Fallout youtubers are a meme
>hey guys welcome back today we are gonna talk about what happened to australia
>tl;dr lol idk maybe they got bombed maybe they didn't

What's the fucking point?

What mods for NV from the Gunetwork rips on the mega link in the OP would you guys recommend for me to use in my next playthrough? There's so much shit in there that I don't know what to download. I was planning on using the fallout 4 power armor and commonwealth surplus which I know are good but I never heard of many of the other mods.

You can just say Oxhorn you know, it's not like anybody here actually likes him.

What I hate the most are videos like this. I swear sometimes I wonder what the fuck happened to the fallout. I even started with 3, playing 1, 2 and tactics afterwards, but it didn't used to be this bad then. What I mean is that the community became filled with waifufaggotry, children and normies of the lowest denomination.

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I want to remove Cait's large intestine!!

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oh, I see.

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>Waifufaggorty is a bad thing
And what's wrong with that? I prefer to have my game to be cool with explosions and waifus. Too bad the older series can't do that, move on dumbass.

Damn, fallout 3 looked like THAT?!

How long do chems work in Fallout 1 and 2?

Why so defensive m8?

probably buyers remorse-fueled anger from having paid money for fallout 4

It varies

>Negative effects after 6 hours

>Negative effects after 4 hours


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DAMN this general is dead as FUCK!
Look, this place is so empty there's ECHO.. *echo.. cho.. ho.. o... ...*
HELLO?!! IS ANYBODY THERE?! *there.. re..re ..e.. ..*
I'M ALL ALONE.. alone.. aLoNe.. AlOnE....

What can I do for you?

Sad thing is they're probably a more reputable source than Bethesda's Fallout lore department.

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How much weight can a person with a strength of six carry assuming he has the strong back perk?

Yes, but it also says
>after 18 hours

So that 18 hours one sounds like its a permanent effect

Didnt look much into it, I thought you were interested more on the positive effects, which last less than the withrawal, naturally.

Take a look at the addiction page, there it should say when the withrawal goes away.

It is already a midnight in Eurorich
And Euronobles run these threads

Well, yeah but lets take Buffout for example

>+2 Strength
>+2 Agility
>+3 Endurance
After 6 Hours:
>-4 Strength
>-4 Agility
>-4 Endurance
After 18 Hours:
>+2 Strength
>+2 Agility
>+1 Endurance

You get an immediate high, then a low and then a gain after 18 hours.

Is that second "gain" permanent now?
Or does it fade away after 6 more hours after intake?
'cuz taking pills and having a low for a few hours seems a thing that you could easily do for a permanent increase of 5 SPECIAL points.

Like the other user said, it isn't that hard to do. Neverclock's NIFs are pretty modular, it's easy to disable/remove the platinum chip necklace, the main thing is copying the bandana, I forgot what the source of it was (was another T6M). I'll look into posting the .nif though, any suggestions on sharing small non-media files like that?
One downside though, is not all NIFs are well suited to be edited; a lot of them wind up being all the same block for the entire outfit so you can't really edit it without Blender or something like that; and that can bring in the problems of re-weighting everything. Removing, copying, pasting, and warping Blocks in Nifskope is pretty easy and smooth to do though.

It's not a net gain though, it's a return to normalcy after the crash.

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Here we go again, I said say I liked playing an actual fun game with waifus, didn't I? You NVfucks are pathetic, holding to a old and terrible came
game that has shit tier shooting

>implying Cait wears underwear

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Why didn't Eden's FEV vile kill everyone in the Capital Wasteland?

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>It's not a net gain though, it's a return to normalcy after the crash.
To clarify, the 6 hour mark you're essentially at -2 STR, -2 AGI, -1 END net; the 18 hour cooldown recovers this and sets your SPECIAL to where it was before you used the chems.
Why you taking the bait, or assuming any hate for FO4 is by NV fags exclusively? I personally dislike FO4 for a lot of reasons but think NV is overrated as shit too. This bullshit console-war tier shit is stupid across the board (and literally every Fallout game has reasons to be the hated and loved).

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It will kill the player character if you drink like 4 bottles of it. Doesn't really matter since using the FEV is non-canon anyway.

Fun fact the item for FEV Aqua Pura is bugged. If NPC's drink it, you suffer the debuffs and eventual death that happens from drinking it. Bethesda, everybody!

For someone who likes waifus, you sure do whine like one.

But the game environment doesn't change at all. Judging by what Eden tells you, literally everyone besides the Enclave should be dead.

It's possible maybe the effect is diluted if its deployed through water. The Enclave in FO2 was planning to use an airborne version. I suspect the fact of the matter is Bethesda didn't care to bother with it because a) it being canon wasn't even remotely a possibility and b) the whole point of Broken Steel was to continue the game and it would have been pointless to go "and then everyone died lol" anyway

>piper rated higher than curie
Now I'm not a Curiefag but in terms of value you'd think the virginal and almost definitely squeaky clean synthetic booty that can never really lose its shape no matter how much abuse it suffers as long as we're not talking SEVERE trauma (source: synths can eat or diet as much as they want and always stay the same size) would fetch a higher price than some busted Diamond City used goods that gorges itself on junk food

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Read again nigga. Curie is priced higher for everything but oral, because Curie would have absolutely zero skill at oral.

I guess that's a fair point then. Consider adding ADA to the board.

They could have done an alternate quest route for Broken Steel where you wake up at Raven Rock and hunt down the Brotherhood alongside the Enclave.

We'll be here all night if you want to talk about what they COULD have done

I'm not sure Ada has one hole let alone three

Hey guys, user on the bus here again. Just would like to let you all know the bus got into a horrible accident any everyone died. My last thoughts were of /fog/, or what /fog/ used to be.


are you serious?

>you have cancer and the make a wish foundation and todd Howard lets you design a raider gang
Wat do?

>Hey Todd? There's this kid with cancer you see, an-

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Is there a good (as in non-broken) killable children mod for New Vegas that doesn't require installing Children of the Wasteland?

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This never stops being relevant

Do NPCs in 3 and NV even use consumables that are in their inventory?

Yeah fuck off

Are you talking about piracy, user? You do know piracy is wrong, right user?

Well someone's touchy.

look how triggered they get

Kill yourself, you fucking faggot.


But WHY didn't they? Why do they null the choices in their own game?

what if new vegas was a girl?

>get banned for "off-topic" posting
>Instead of shitposting all day start playing New Vegas for the first time ever, level 15 at the moment
>borrow a Wacom from a friend, start doing e-draw lessons
>pass my navy test
>thread it's a little bit more active now
What did mods mean with this?

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>get banned for "off-topic" posting

what post was it?

The one with the niggernonymous trip

I'm on a quest to kill all the people who dress like me.

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3 & 4 spin-off games dont count

>2 being this high


Hi, 3 and new vegas are my most played bethesda fallouts.

on my old ps3 and then i got a PC and never touched them again

I want to excise Piper's colon!!!

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So how do you make FO4 fun.

Make it a zombie survival stalker-like game

Use an automatic weapon

>on my old ps3

isnt that version of NV bugged to hell?



I played it on release for the 360, albeit not as much as 3. I didn't experience too many bugs that I didn't already in 3.

It is fun for roleplaying purposes. What would make it more fun is a decent story. Bethesda done themselves a solid by going to the East Coast, what they didn't do right was copy and pasting everything from the West.

Nigga, 3 better than 2? McFucking kill yourself.

2 isn't very good at all tbph, in fact it might be terrible

How is it fun for roleplaying purposes if you're forced to:
>being a father/mother
>being a soldier/lawyer
>playing as a voiced character with a fixed voice that can't be modified in anyway
>being worried for Shaun all the time
That's just some of the limitations I can think of right now.

I love how many quests (unmarked quests too) it has and the many ways you can complete them, 3 pales in comparison, just for that reason alone I'd rate it above 3. I don't really love how wacky it got though, but other than it's solid.

>forced to be a vault dweller who has to go and find a water chip and inadvertently creates NCR on the way
>forced to be a tribal grandson of the first guy you played as who inadvertently makes NCR the superior force in California becdiause you wanted revenge
>forced to be a mailman who was apparently a swell individual who traveled all over the West coast delivering mail

user, are you purposely being this stupid?