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I love my wife!

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I love Ouma!

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I'm going to KILL MIKAN

Me too!

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Stuffing bread in Kiyo's ass!

I love gundham!

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I really like all this love Kaede is getting

How can one woman be so perfect, lads?

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>It’s Sunday and Korekiyo is out to do some grocery shopping
>He enters a supermarket and immediately the smell of freshly baked bread stunts him
>The strong, entrancing smell violates his nostrils and makes his muscles all tense up in anticipation
>Korekiyo is already half hard when he pulls his cart up to the bread section
>The smell intensifies and Korekiyo has to pull himself together so that he won’t lose his composure completely
>The shelf before him is full of freshly baked delicious baguettes that are tempting Korekiyo with their warmth and softness
>Cautiously, as if handling something precious, he picks one of them up and lifts if up to his face
>The smell of bread becomes unbearably strong and Korekiyo lets out an uncontrollable lewd moan that he quickly suppresses
>He looks around to make sure no one has heard him and then looks back at the baguette he’s holding
>Korekiyo feels his nipples rubbing impatiently against the cloth of his shirt, willing to escape his uniform to touch the warm texture of this baguette
>Unable to resist his desires any further Korekiyo presses the bread to his lips and gives it a tender warm kiss
>The crust of the baguette tickles Korekiyo’s face pleasantly and he opens his lips a little further
>This passionate kiss quickly becomes sloppy as Korekiyo sticks his tongue out to lick the baguette
>Suddenly he hears a squeak of someone else’s cart nearby and quickly breaks the kiss as if snapping out of his trance immediately
>Korekiyo quickly tosses the baguette into his cart and hurries to the cashier stand
>As he leaves the supermarket with a mellow smile on his face Korekiyo knows he’s going to have a good time today

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>ywn cuddle with your favorite danggang

How am I supposed to go on in life after knowing this?

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Take your bath, /drg/!

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Ryoko is a cute!? She is!

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A reminder that Kyoko is the best girl

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How's everybody doing today?

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I love my beautiful wife Maki so much! I want to shower her with love, affection, and all the minecraft plushies and legos she wants!

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Saihara and his Ouma!

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Best mage Himiko! I hope you all have a wonderful day! For those of you posting about how much you love your waifu or husbando I have a message for you They love you too

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Why is cuddling such a powerful experience?

Reminder that I love every single one of you and I want to have your babies.

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Flipping up Ryoko-chan's skirt. What do we are?

Alright, so any card requests today?

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Kaede and Shuichi starts cuddling
It ends up with sex
kaede and Shuichi big family

I've only ever cuddled my pillow but 90% of what I think about is cuddling with Maki.

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What do we are!? Don't you mean what do we see!? We see a cute pair of panties!

If you find a good picture from Gonta's execution with the cowboy Monokuma could you make a "Gagaga Cowboy" card?

I'm going to KILL MIKAN

I'm going to FUCK the WinterDRs.

Yess the bestest!

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Kaede's tits looks like a softest things ever i want to grab them!

tokopo obese

Physical intimacy is a big part of the human experience.

Would Saihara be a good dad?

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Yeah, what do we see. Typo.

What kind of panties does Ryoko-chan love to wear.


He would be!

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Canonically, soiled ones, though sometimes she remembers she's supposed to wear clean ones

>"shuichi, I am pregnant."

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I would like to think that Ryoko wears WHITE panties! I don't think she would wear black panties...or pink panties oor RED panties! So yes, I think they are WHITE panties!

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Tokoposter is absolutely fucking obese and has completely forgotten the first rule in life: keep your hands to yourself.

This isn't the type of guy Fukawa Touko would love nor would Genocider Syo even think of killing him. Why? He's ugly, balding, and obese!

Imagine seeing him waltzing into your classroom. What would you do, anons? I would defend my friends from his undying thirst and teach him a lesson!

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Hmm, with or without the gun? With the gun is a little stretched out but still alright, if we assume I can't find a better resolution of him with the gun as well.

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And it's mine!

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please watch this i'm b eggging you

Amami wishes

I'll post the gun version first at least, in any case.

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Whichever you think would make the better looking card


Fat fuck.

Anyways, other version is here as well, pick your poison. Any other requests?

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Cool, thanks man

Today's killing game participants (waifufag edition):

1. Tokoposter
2. Kirianon
3. Chiakichad
4. Aussie Celes
5. Nip Mikanfag
6. Moroccan Mikanfag
7. That one single Akanefag
8. Kaedeanon
9. Junkofag
10. Mukurofag
11. Aoiboy
12. "I love Kirumi!"
13. Angiebros
14. Mugifags
15. Makifags
16. Mahirufags

>Implying there's more than one

Good, now I can go grab my popcorn and watch these fuckers kill each other in the safety of my own home

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There's at least two, if you count the bitchy one.


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All me

Not an actual Mahirufag, just uses the character to shitpost

how many even are there?

What about the black Mikanfag?

I hate Tenko!

there's at least two because I'm a Mahirufag but one of us already replied to you

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Me too Saihara

Yes. But would Ouma be a good mother?

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all black people are Mikanfags, she's the big booty girl that would have sex with anybody

Post doujins that make you cry

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I hate everyone of you.

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no way am I looking at a doujin with only a man on the cover, that's red flag city

The best mother.

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This, only doujins worth your time have girls on the cover.

Would kaede be a good mom?

tears of joy

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The best

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I'm not crying and my peepee isn't hard, bad doujin.

I've never cried over a doujin, I just wanted to post this page.

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I want to know what happens to Shuichi, Maki, and Himiko after V3.

I'm super interested in the idea of their entire personalities and memories being fabricated, especially just for the sake of entertainment.

Like 90% of DR doujins, they're shit.

Why must Komaeda suffer so?

Most doujins with Mukuro are good. The one where she fucks Naegi in the closet, or that one where she and Junko fuck him right before the killing game

Because he's a BAD boy

Mukuro's 10%

Oh eGADS! My Fiction is ruined! But what if...I were to present it as meta and disguise that as my original intentions?

Hohoho, Delightfully Despairful, Shirogane!

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That one at least has a happy ending for him and Hinata. Just like canon.

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I hate you all.

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We all hate you too!

And we all hate you too, Saihara!

This but unironically. I'm leaving /drg/ after this post. Fuck each and everyone of you.

So are we just going to ignore the blatant sexual tension between Tsumugi and Monokuma?

>this kills the mahirufag

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I thought they already fucked

Good, reject /drg/!


bye bye :-(
Hajime's gonna build a robot waifu Chiaki to fuck when Komaeda's taking care of their kids though.


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That doujin pisses me off, it'd be one thing if he left Hajime because he was dying or because he thought his luck would get in the way, but instead he left because "we're both men so you'll never be able to be happy and have children." The fuck? Since when did Hajime indicate his life's ambition was to be a dad? Bad doujin.


I love Kiyo!

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It's a bad doujin but it still made me sad. I also hate how he ended up with Mahiru because it wouldn't have been nearly as bad if he ended up with Chiaki or Komaeda who ya know, within the doujin he actually loves. The whole thing came off as mildly homophobic not gonna lie.