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who /dance/ here

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>Unironically those three are pretty high up in our social hierarchy.

Who is the very top of the /vrg/ pyramid?

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Don't ruin a clean slate please

It's funny that they moved it later for people who work on Friday, but a lot of us who missed the first one have Friday off anyway.
Should be a fun time.

l want to dance with Sekko!

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We're playing BAM still

Host is Two Nukes Weren't Enough, there is no pass

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Threadly reminder that VRThots™ are thirsting for virtual dick. If you want a 100% FREE virtual blowjob, simply post about it in this thread or the trash one, and mention whether you'd rather they drop their VRName or Discord (or you could drop your own, of course).


Even though I'm zucked I'll always dance.

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Calling out the absurdity of a "social hierarchy" in our meetups. It should be obvious there's nothing when even people accused of being the inner circle are surprised.

It's not a pyramid, it's a set of interlocking circles.
The people who look important and influential to you are dependent on your interests, time zone, availability, and when you started coming to the meetups. It's not the same for any two people.

Reminder that dot is out Savior my.mixtape.moe/rvtkcz.mp4

RanYakumo UwU obviously.

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What really matters is how many circles you are in

You mean like how everyone was "surprised" when there turned out to be like three active discord servers?

All that matters is finding a group of people you're comfortable with and enjoy spending your time around.

This corresponds almost 1:1 with the people who wanted to play Terraria that day Veeky Forums was broken.

I'm going to derail this conversation for a minute with a question: those of you who have prepared April Fools/Easter avatars, what day do you think we should start bringing them out on?

Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Sunday is both Easter and April 1, but Sunday meetups are usually on the slow side. It makes more sense for them to come out on Saturday, or perhaps even Friday, since it's the most active night of the week.

Does anyone have a recording of the night at Rave Robi featuring Scrambled DJ and Knightchase singing?

You would have to be pretty blind to not see that there is a social hierarchy. If you want a living example of this just watch kite and his pack of thirsty hoes. Even amongst his hoes there is a pecking order. It is downright disgusting to be honest.

I will bring out my Easter avatar as soon as it's finished, which will probably be Friday night or Saturday morning.



there may be some crossover between joke and easter themes.

>not having Kite blocked

Really makes ya think since it was a Terraria discord

Friendly reminder to everyone who wanted to wait for the complete vive pro package

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Its kind of like holiday decorations. You put them up days before and take them down whenever the fuck. Its a waste if you put in alot of work and only use it for a day.


When you block him you see a strange circle of /vrg/ers wanking off to some empty space in front of them. Pretty funny desu desu

>people keep posting cute loli
>head full of all the lewd things want to do to her
>track her down at meetup
>get caught up in how fucking cute and innocent they act that I forget my lewd plans
>log off and feel like human garbage for ever plotting such things
Why? I know it's not real so why do I feel guilty?

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VRchat newfag here, got a Vive. What default settings should I toggle on/off? Like personal space, etc

>two controllers and base stations cost $450
>yet the regular Vive pack which already has all those plus the headset is $500
Holy shit HTC.

>surprised that humans form pyramids
There are exceptions to the rule but those are damned hard to find and will always by ruined when they reach critical mass, id argue you can't have a large co-herent group without some form of hierarchy to keep the house of cards in place.

That's why I'm thinking it may not be a bad thing if people bring them out on Friday/Saturday night since those are the times we're most active.

Turn off personal space and all comfort options.
Get OpenVR Advanced Settings so you can adjust supersampling, chaperone visibility, and floor height and set up PTT if you want.
Tape a cut out piece of a sock over the Vive mic and turn off automatic gain control in the Windows mic settings.

I wonder if the regular Vive pack is just them dumping all their remaining 1.0 tracking gear.

you get what you deserve

jesus, a higher resolution you wont get a good frame rate on vrchat with or just get trackers
hard choice here

disagree on turning off all comfort options, if he's new to vr it's better to start safe (teleport movement and snap/comfort turning) and turn them off as he adjusts.

>join for a few minutes
>lets change the map

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VRChat isn't teleport though, it's that weird third-person thing. I found that more disorienting than the regular slide movement.

>a higher resolution you wont get a good frame rate on vrchat with

Obviously if you want to use the vive pro to its full potential you'll have to upgrade to a better computer too.

Let's settle the hierarchy at once. Let's make a blowjob contest. The person who best suck dick will be at the top of the hierarchy.

It doesn't let you know what's available in the demo, so the host just has to guess.

Post your unity project right now i dare you.

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disorientating is one thing but slide movement is high risk of inner-ear disagreeing with your eyes and that's nausea for hours if he is susceptible. And he's new so play it safe and try it out later.

I would agree with you in almost any other setting, but it doesn't make any sense to me in a FTP social game. There is no reasonable purpose for social hierarchy in vrc. The only purposes that one may discern from /vrg/s social hierarchies are that they serve as a massive entry barrier for newcomers or as an embarrassing display of how truly infantile humans can be, stuck within their own animalistic impulses. Surely I am not the only one that wishes that things could be more like they where, equals among equals.

If only Blue were still with us we could just elect him Supreme Leader and be done with it.

how fucking big is that model

workshop assets tend to be massive for some reason

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I cant believe blue is fucking dead

someone I know here has a 1080 and a 8th gen i7 and he will typically get 30fps at peak weekend meet ups
you are not playing vrchat at a decent framerate higher than 1080p

i havn't been on the harbl map yet but it looks great dude

>taking monkey out of the jungle
>can't take jungle out of the monkey
I wouldn't overestimate humanitys progress, we are still long way from breaking out of our primal nature.

>tfw didn't get to lewd blue before she(he) died

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thanks! I hope you enjoy it when you do get to visit it.

Can we just go back to onward?

Is tts worth it as a mutetopper? Will everyone hate my robot voice?

The reason VR headsets are not having big improvements of resolution and framerate is that GPUs have fallen behind. As there is no real competition, each generation of graphic cards is very similar, and there are no big improvements.

>tfw was gonna give blue my VRginity but now he's gone

I don't see anybody giving our other TTS people much shit for it, especially not to their face.

Yea I'm hosting onward again on Thursday I'm bam'd out although hearing orbs rage is the best $15 I've ever spent

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I'll go with whatever

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You can get TTS voices that are cute and sexy, and as a desktopper we won't be put off by your weird velociraptor hands while you type.

If you're a mute, TTS is welcome because you're still able to get your personality out there. Especially if you're a desktopper. If you're a mute desktopper you'll get the odd headpat then most will just carry on, unless you master the art like trousers, coffee maker, or beako

Pool needs an afroduck

good idea

Just talk

for two days, users in that discord already admitted it. 3 weeks it was up.


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TTS isn't mutetopping.

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this is the beginning of you becoming a real person
dont be afraid
there is so much room to grow

uhh k

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I like it more than just being a mutetopper.
Esp if you play up TTS as part of your character, like if your avatar is a robot or something.

A real person would still have lewd thoughts though

Thanks you all for your advice.

I need to clean this up one day

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Jesus christ what the fuck ville

That's awfully messy for a maid.

Am I the only one who organizes my unity projects?

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It kinda snowballed on me there.

Does anyone know why Dynamic Plane Colliders are disabled by the SDK? Or a way I can use an alternative?

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is it weird that i prefer to make everything a separate project?

mainly because when it comes to dynamic bones and shit, you start having doubles and triples of everything and its easy to lose track of which bone belongs to what model.

also it just feels more organized

disable by default and enable with an override, same way you do other things

you can't copy-paste component values out of a project and into another. The clipboard is limited to the project. Dynamic bones and particles and stuff often use curves as party of their values and you can't exactly jot those down in notepad if you want to bring them into a new project.

>there are anons in this thread RIGHT NOW who don't have a separate scene for each avatar

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I just drag and drop in those cases, all my starting avatars were fucked up tests, and the original version of my main avatar ended up in the same project/scene. I was too lazy to edit the settings on the components so I just copied and pasted. Rinse and repeat and now we have this pigsty

But I want to have it active at all times. It looks like you can only use the Dynamic Bone Colliders.

Turn your volume up this time, you guys are too quiet

>can't export models in demo mode in cinema 4d
Anyone got a torrent or something?

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Gaze into the void and it will gaze back into you

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Wasn't even up for 2 weeks. It definitely overstayed its purpose still

You fuckers need to organize and clean up.

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anyone have Oculus and get audio problem with oculus hub?
i literally have no audio coming out of it anymore and any game i start via oculus have no sounds either,
juggling with audio using the oculus is so godamn flawed i forgot what i might have done to fuck up the audio for it to turn permanently mute.

I also literally can't download any games at all because it just keep on failing even thought i have enough space on my HD, Oculus software is so damn flawed and counter-intuitive.

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