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First for Siege is gay.

friends i'm fairly new and have been doing very well with blitz and smoke, is it the ops that are carrying me or am i just not shit

In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight.

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There is nothing wrong with finka.

Why is he called Lion? Is it because he is yellow? Or because he hunts roamers?

Xth for cargo dad is best op.

because his drone roars
im not kidding ubjews said it in an interview

from ubisoft's unique lore:
"During a Yellow Fever outbreak in Sudan, while protecting a field investigation team, his loud voice scared a frightened mob back and he gained the nickname “Lion” from the locals."

How do you even get such bugs, the recoil one that is, how do you fuck up to get that shit as result?


He shouted at a bunch of africans and scared them.

They're fucking retarded at ubimontreal aren't they?

First for haunted Smoke chibis

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Considering Finka's called Finka because Kapkan knifed her face, I think they're just thinking up names first and can't think of good lore to go with them.

Considering they are hiring people based on gender and skin color to force the "variety" it's not really a surprise.

So retarded that they don't realize that only redditors give a shit about lore on a multyplayer focused game. Fuck me, what happened to the original team that pulled out the game? I find it hard to believe that the frauds that are running this shitshow could come up with such good core mechanics.

but the drone roars like a lion and lion in french sounds cool what's the big deal

Are the renown buyable uniforms for finka and lion piss yellow too?

Or you can get proper ones onky with maximum jew packs?

>can get proper ones onky with maximum jew packs
what does that even mean?

Yes. Lion has a blue GIGN skin and Finka has some Slav Olive drab kit.

No, the only renown ones are shitty red camos for Outbreak. What is talking about are the season pass outfits. The white outfits are Ourbreak packs only.

This reminds me: why the new operators don't get the themed camos of the previous operations? Are they just lazy or...?

>get headshotted anyway

lazy, lion with blood orchid would be cool but theyll probably just rehash certain uniform sets later on with slightly different changes


a fucking


>So retarded that they don't realize that only redditors give a shit about lore on a multyplayer focused game
While my autism makes me read lore for new ops, you have a good point. Look at the bios from launch Operators and compare them to DLC ones. They slowly get longer and longer. Shit they even started adding fancy art to the bios for Lion and Finka as well.

And yet they still don't make new Op videos to watch. Lazy fucks

Hey guys! I'll be downloading this baby tomorrow, I just had one question. How's the shitposting in-game?

>place claymore
>actually kills someone
>a second guy runs out and kills me anyway

bad. they just started banning people for racism and other ebin bigotry

so just keep it to flaming your own team over mic and should be ok

then they would actually make the old season uniforms for new ops and lock them behind rng alpha packs, theyre still greedy ubijew kikes but i think in this instance its lazyness

Well recently people started getting banned for toxicity so i'd recommend only shitposting when full pre. Also don't type obvious bannable phrases because they seem to have a filter (A guy joked about it and said something including faggot today and got instabanned).

Both, I think skins work based on gun zones, e.g zone stock, zone barrel etc and most skins can be applied automatically.. some maybe require manual adjusting but probably not that often.. so I don't really think it's lazyness but imagine you had access to all the old season skins and many more on each gun, why would you even buy the new skins?

>buy Second Shock Army for Fuze
>always help the team to the best of my ability
>since I have the skin they call me a wallet warrior and vote kick me

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>things that never happened

t. Fuze, Jäger, Mute skin owner

Hows the shotgun for Doka is it viable or is the rifle better


youre right but im talking about uniforms, im sure people would pay for blood orchid/white noise uniforms for new operators but i guess they release those in clancy buck bundles

Finally I have my trashbag charm and 2000 more renown. They made outbreak such a fucking chore. I'm glad it's over.

Is this on console? I play on PC with the Twitch elite and never get shit.

The game is fucking great though. As the other guy said, use voice if you want to say something, alternatively use childrens insults in chat. Either way don't forget to do some situations when you first start, grab a couple of operators and you good. Getting familiar with the maps and gadgets is key, don't be surprised when people headshot you through walls, information(call outs) and wallbanging is literally this game at its core.
Use your drones, take Rook armor, Fuze the hostage and you're one of us.

Or call the same skin with minor adjustment (insert new season name) and resell for renown

>played it a few times on test server
>skipped it entirely on live

i dont even give a fuck about the charms, im not playing outbreak.

>a long range shotgun with 2 shots
>a long range no recoil dmr with 20
gee wizz idk

it's such as disappointment, a map died for this shitty event

>Fuze the hostage and you're one of us
once again this general confirms that it is indeed reddit

Yeah I play PS4

And 2 probably less shitty operators with it...

considering the quality of the dlc maps, good riddance

two more apexes.... I think I'm gonna make it.....
God, outbreak made me realize how much I despise zombie shooters and wave shooters.

>And yet they still don't make new Op videos to watch. Lazy fucks
We already got one. Plus you're forgetting they made videos for Ela, Zofia, Dokkaebi, and Vigil

There's been 2 good DLC maps in 3 years
Don't give me that.

How do I get better at aiming on PS4? For the past 5 years, I haven't played a single 1st person game. I have had this game for 2 months, and it doesn't seem to be getting better.

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No wonder, it's got the worst playerbase because it has the most players and more kids than Xbone and PC.

there have only been 3 maps in year 3
so 2 thirds where good

Never happens on PC

>quick peek 30 times in the exact same spot
>miss every shot and get head shotted

you don't siege wasnt designed for controller

you buy a XIM adapter and laugh uncontrollably as you win all your gunfights

3 years, not year 3

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Play more

Yo user would you be a dear and tell me what the fuck that is

Border, Tower, Favela, Yacht, Skyscraper, Themepark, Barlet. Coastline.
Only two of those maps were good.

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Only fire in short bursts unless you're using a secondary SMG. Default controls are good enough since you don't need high sensitivity to be at least gold in Siege. Just play more and use the easiest guns.

it is an adapter that lets you use mouse and keyboard on console.

I actually enjoyed Favela and Yacht.
Now for those i think fits for ranked that would have to go in favour of Border and Coastline, Themepark i thought had potential but its hella boring now.

>won 2 rounds as GIGN
>won 2 defense
>got one headshot
>no challenge updated
>they're all still to 0
Ubishit please, for fucks sake

I've never played keyboard games besides CS:GO. I wasn't very good though. Thanks user, I'll give it some thought.

there has been a like three good ones, granted barley any of them are actually good but there was a chance of it being alright

I should have phrased it better. I meant accessible in-game on the operators character screen

I like all of them and at least 3 are widely considered to be good (Border, Skyscraper, Coastline). What now dumb cat poster

You can either fix shit taste or low elo, but not both.

meant year 2

>S tier
Border, Coastline, Skyscraper
>ok tier
tower, bartlet, yacht
>shit tier
favela, theme park

6 out of 8 maps are good
so far theyve only made 2 shit maps

Border and Coastline?

a very low chance that im not willing to risk

Are you new?

>ok tier
>tower, bartlet, yacht
Is that why 2/3 got removed from the ranked pool and were actually slated to be removed from the game in general until big spergouts? And why is tower and bartlet ok but themepark isn't? you like 2 heavily defender sided maps but dislike another defender sided one?

>not shit tier

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No, this never happened before year 3.

>aim at enemy head
>miss first shot
>all other shots fly above his head

Anything for Siege for playing Far Cry 5 yet?

its not about them aprks siding
>its bad lighting and visibility
>shit layout
>retared pixel spot anlges
>bullshit spawnpeeks across half the map

>peek and prefire where guy was
>hes no longer there
>continue shooting anyway hoping he'll magically appear

>its bad lighting and visibility
So Yacht.
>shit layout
Bartlet and also Yacht.
>retared pixel spot anlges
Game in general.
>bullshit spawnpeeks across half the map
Every map bar Tower.

>nerfed his gadget in 3 huge ways
I feel like thats a little heavy handed. He needed something but the cool down and charge nerfs were probably enough

>drone room
>enter room
>suddenly enemy in the corner

>3 huge ways
They touched him in non meaningful ways. He's still very strong.

the charge nerf is absolute bullshit

kys disgusting lion mains

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>He needed something but the cool down and charge nerfs were probably enough

Oh yeah not being able to see outlines after someone has stopped while they can't move and you already know exactly where they are is too much of a nerf?

You're saying the least meaningful nerf is too much while the 2 that actually effect him are fine? Not only are you a Lion MAIN but you are a dumb one too.

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I actually feel like the "no longer see's outline if you stop moving" a bit overboard. Does it instantly stop as well or do you get a second? Should have just removed outlines and made the tracker like Caveira's

>try to rappel from balcony
>option doesn't appear so toon jumps and dies

spawnpeeks on theme park are unfixable and acroos half the map
its layout is probably the wors dlc map layout yet
>retared pixel spot anlges
>Game in general
kinda throu thoe

>its bad lighting and visibility
comapre yachts lighting and visibility with temples lightless halways and inside greenery

nothing disgusting about cute boy lion

>Guy dies on first round
I see this a lot. Is it because they didn't "own" first round so go into another game to try their luck there? They'll never git gud if that's the case

>I actually feel like the "no longer see's outline if you stop moving" a bit overboard.

Fucking why. The entire point of his gadget is that it detects movement, the way to avoid it has always been to stop moving. This should've been implemented from the start. It's the most minor nerf out of them all.

>want to jump quickly through window to finish off spotted enemy
>press space too long and rappel instead

>want to jump a railing on some stairs
>it's finnicky and end up taking 5 seconds spamming space when I could have just walked the normal way in that time

Remove ACOG