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First for "No Twilek Bullying!"

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Judaism at its finest.

Oh dear, too late.

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DO NOT give EA anymore of your hard earned shekels. Swtor will be in maintenance mode or closed permanently soon.

Twi'lek are for the Empire!

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It’s a shekel grab before everything gets flushed away. This game is deader than a vampires heart

>300 command
>248 gear with max augments bis
>completed every raid
>have every cosmetic I want
>loads of cartel coins
>billions of credits
what do


Why wont Valky love me?

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Well, you could make an anonymous donation to those in need

i swear this general and the dumb fetish for ayy lmaos

You want Brageta aka An’ras’mor to give you something?

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Now I’m paranoid about accepting a gift from anyone

I don't care. Free shit's free shit

Malgus literally did nothing wrong.

I want to bully you with my cock

Yes he did. Him and his love of the ayys has got to go

Twileks have always been my instant viagra

I'll just be over here... working...

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>when he wastes the in combat rez on a lowbie

Posted this in the last thread but people were already here.

/swgg/, I have no idea on what to do. I actually kinda did like Quinn and his romance. He is genuinely sorry for what he did.

But I also had my character romance Theron in KOTFE.

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I fucking hate this
Always use the combat rez on the highest lvl'd player
Or the healer. Dear fucking fuck revive the fucking healer you shitheaps

>combat rez on a trash mob

did they permanently shut down the servers yet?

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Malgus did everything wrong, you shitbaby

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>Killed his lover, cried about it, then fucked off to the edges of space while slowly plotting to usurp the Emperor
If he just recruited one of the player characters or Marr then he might of won.

>IZAX is such a ball-busting fight that combat rez only has a 30 second group cooldown

Your Imp Sith though, Theron can never love you like he would a pub Jedi.


If he had just taken over Military Offense after ousting Arho, he probably could have instituted all the changes he desired
he went full retard going for the seat of the Emperor

Someone needed to take charge. Valk made it clear that he doesn't give a shit about the Sith Empire.

>Not Togrutas

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>make bt4 femconsular
>give her Satele's set and saber
>romance Theron
>give him nursing handjobs every day

>this general
Boy I have some news for you. Sexy alien bitches have always been a thing

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wrong should be bt2

satele aint that thick

Marr proved you could take charge without being an enormous retard

Why did you have to bring in Marr? We are talking about Malgus, nobody else.

But look at what happened to Marr. He took being a greytard to its logical conclusion. Now he just follows his Jedi crush who never liked him around as a ghost. Malgus was pretty bad, but he never went that far.

bt2 doesn't have the tiddies though

god. damnit. so messing with outfits....Sion and Balanced combatant's like....hip?/crotch? armor bugs out and flings behind my character if they run for longer than 2 seconds like a cape.

I just. wanted. to be an unkillable assassin/juggernaut

are you so retarded you can't follow two replies up
>Someone needed to take charge
and Marr took charge after Malgus' failed coup

>hurr grey xd
the entire point of the Sith Code is personal freedom and Marr didn't want to give up his freedom to serve Valkorion
writers were on a greyshitter bent with KotFE though so anyone who follows the light/dark gets completely btfo

that's most chestpieces with dangly bits desu

They do, just some tops aren't made to show off the girls too well.

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may be dangly bits, but it still pisses me off to no end.

>the entire point of the Sith Code is personal freedom
More like being enslaved to your own emotions and drawing power from it. That's why Sith have such a fixation with slavery and bloodlines.

That has to be the dumbest thing I've read this week

if thats what you take from the sith code being about personal freedom, i think you might need to rejig that line of thinking.

>female agent has a decent voice, but can't romance girls
>male agent has a shitty voice, but can romance Kaliyo

Wat do

>Play a Jedi
>Most Republic commanders treat me as either an asset or a noted ally at best
>Play as a Sith
>Literally all Imperial commanders without a 'Darth' in front of their name treat me like a member of the ruling dark wizard aristocracy at worst and a walking god at best



Not an argument.

I mean, every Sith shown in the series is consumed by their own emotions that ends up leading to their downfall. Kind of the whole stitch with being a Sith.

>male agent has a shitty voice

You can start by fixing your shit taste.

Probably because the Imps know that if they don't treat you like your grand emperor of the galaxy then you'll randomly kill them in a toddler temper tantrum. Republic forces usually don't need to hold the same fears about their Jedi comrades.

I agree that it's better than the female voice, but I wish he talked in his "disguise" voice all of the time, it's way better than the awful british accent all of the Imp classes have.

To be fair, the Emperor had a damned good run. He got to all but annihilate the Jedi and rule the galaxy for two decades

Yeah it wasn't an argument, it was a statement.

>awful biritsh accent

The Male Warrior's accent is actually really solid, as is his voice acting in general.

The Bounty Hunter doesn't have a british accent.

Gonna be honest and say that I dislike every single female Imperial accent, because literally all of them just sound perpetually like smug basic bitches, with zero rise and fall of emotion.

>all of them just sound perpetually like smug basic bitches

It really fits the Inquisitor tho.

That's one of the major problems I have with Jennifer Hale and female Shepard, and hte reason I can never finish a Paragon Female Shephard run. She always sounds like a smug, self-confident bitch. Which is perfect for Renegade, but makes Paragon come off as annoying. Mark Meer's range is far better, and a Paragon Male Shepherd is my favourite run when I want to feel like a do-gooder.

Yeah, I agree. But to be fair Sheev played fast and hard with Sith ideology, I wouldn't really call him a purist in the same way Malgus or Marr, or really any of the Old Republic sith would be.

Not an argument.

I'll admit the Male Warrior is the least bad out of all of them, but he'd be a lot better if all of his lines pre-expansions weren't so cringy.

Not an argument

Hale does a way better job as Satele and Bastila, femtrooper (and other similar characters in other games) just sound like she doesn't give a fuck

Too bad she’s a fucking liar and the reason I’m quitting this game fuck you EA

How so?

Figures I’m stuck here at work trying to finish something. It’s hard to find a good twi’lek

Bad omen when you see your twin

Don’t want to spoil it for you but if you try to get Ashara back you’ll see what I mean. whoever wrote this obviously never played the game or has any idea what’s going on with lore.

If you Really want to know what was going on YouTube Ashara’s return. Just remember spoilers are involved

>you reappear on the galactic stage, waging war against a galactic superpower
>she meditates on bantha-poo planet, as she's afraid that if she goes back to you, she'll just be a follower again
>meanwhile you're getting shanked by Arcann, fighting tooth and nail to keep your very soul free of Vitiate and taking on Robotic Death Gods while close friends and allies betray you
>has the temerity to suggest her issues were just as bad

You knew what she was when you first saw her. You saw her pride and arrogance. You saw her complain to her Jedi master that she should’ve been the one chosen for a task because she was stronger than everyone else. You saw how easy it was for her to be corrupted. So you guys knew that she was a selfish bitch that had a very high opinion of herself. So it doesn’t surprise me that she thought of herself as your equal

I have no problem that she thought of herself as my equal. That was exactly the kind of mindset I wanted to cultivate in her.

My problem is that, when the Sith Inquisitor needed her most, she fucking sat and did nothing to help him or the galaxy. That's the exact behaviour she spent years raging against, but she indulged in it as soon as she could.

Reminds me of how the Inquisitor dicks around and ignores the rest of the Empire to collect Sith trading cards and turn himself into even more of a walking husk after Chapter 3.

>Sith trading cards

desu I could tolerate all of that as long as she kept calling me "Master" and "My Lord" once I reacquire her.

What are her dialogue and lines like afterwards? Does she start mouthing off like Anakin did to Obi-Wan?

Anyone else think the Dark Honor Guard Lightsaber is really nice? 5500 CC FYI.


Really cool, gonna buy it soon.

>walking husk after Chapter 3.
so...seeing as you are ignoring the part where their body is remade to be able to handle the power of the ghosts on belsavis, and their mind is healed on voss to do the same...What exactly is the problem?
>5500 for a kylo ren saber with proper unstable blade AND quillions.
I wouldnt have a problem with it, if it didnt cost that much.

You ready? This is what it is none. As in nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. No lines. EA dropped the ball


She doesn't even speak in combat anymore? Or have lines when you click on her on your ship?

Oh I think it’s beautiful. Is it worth about $45? I don’t think so

from what one of my guildy said she doesn’t say a word. And there are no new lines in the game.

Alright, looks like I'm literally never doing KOTFE content.

Gonna keep her pure.

Smart move

citation needed

Now you know who I am quitting the game. She was my waifu

Not that user but I was playing Warhammer online and they pulled the same shit. Soon as I saw it I said I have seen this before

This desu

b-b-but they were talking about 6.0
th-they wouldn't bother with that if it was shutting down, r-right?

>suddenly make all the time-dependent stfff available

They're draining everything they can as quick as they can. Honestly, I expect another year, maybe two, before the game goes down.

That, or they intend to wait to see if the next SW film has another easily marketable item like the vented saber.

Maximum rude.
That's right! And I really like your look! It gives out a very senior soldier / matronly vibe!
I dare you to find me on Fleet and say that to my face bucko!

Dont worry anons, I wouldnt worry about SWTOR dying. I believe it'll still go on for like 4, maybe 5 years more at least

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DESU, if they shut it down it might be for the best because a Private Server could finally do things that Bioware could do but never did, like making all of the aliens in the game playable.

I highly doubt Darth Mickey would allow that though.

They've been fine with all of the Galaxies servers so far, and I think whatever part of the government controls copyright disputes is considering allowing all private servers of games that have been taken offline, so I wouldn't be worried.

it's just EA being vulturous jews and wanting another cash injection for Anthem
they're not gonna throw this game under the bus if it still draws in profit

Just spotted a nice easter egg on the bridge of the Ziost Shadow

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Eh, EA's done things that don't make a whole lot of sense if they wanted pure profit, so I wouldn't doubt that they'd do something like pull the plug on TOR, especially if they're making a new MMO or MMO-esque Star Wars game, like they did to Galaxies when they made TOR.

I've always wanted Not-Dengar's armor set.

>Hun Duo and Greepo in Nemro's cantina
>Laura Crayft as the Treasure Hunting trainer on Rishi

It's like poetry, it rhymes.

Vette > Kira > Nadia > Ashara > Mako > Elara > Dark!Jaesa > Risha > Kaliyo

Galaxies was under Sony, they didn't want to compete with a different developer/publisher
developing another MMO would just be more money down the toilet in the short/medium term, easier to just do minimum effort stuff and reap the easy profits

remove vette and ashara from that list, its an ok list. both are the worst companions in the game.

>implying Mako isn't worse

Kira > Risha > Kaliyo > Elara > Nadia > Mako > Ashara > Vette