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old: green father edition

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it's ok to be gay!

Burn in hell, Kledfag!

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Daily fucking reminder.

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why don't you worry about the game and not your sexuality homosexual

Wukong is fun, I love making ADCs cry

i'm bi!

I want to BRUSH Ahri's TAILS!

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Can't decide if I want to spam jungle or top as primary in ranked.

I hope you fucking get murdered. Kill yourself nigger. You know who you are

same dude

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/ourgirl/ is streaming!

twitch tv/idolmariya

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based reminderanon

>this guy got camped by j4, he can't kill m-
kys j4 players

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Morde is hard

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Should I be taking Press the Attack or Conqueror on Kled?

Is it me or is veigar scaling REALLY hard compared to before?

Archangels gives essntially unlimited mana, which is Veigar's scaling valve.

she got fat


What would Jinx do if I tripped and accidentally KISSED her on the LIPS

>me and my gf
>my gf
wait what

>banned unjustly
Okay I'm really going to be toxic now since I get banned either fucking way. Kill yourselves faggot cunts

Anger gives motivation without purpose.

She's got fat something

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Thanks Confucius you fucking chink nigger

What kind of collar do you think LeBlanc makes her toys wear?

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Didn't realize there was a new thread.

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>tfw calling people Nigerians and not getting banned for it

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hold on a fucking second
am i dense or is this Remilia?


probably gets pegged everyday

Sweaty sitting-on-hot-mech-all-day yordle vagina. Smelling said vagina.

not bad... at least on bra

but she's indeed fat now compared to before

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depends how many tanks they have

it's likely someone else.

Is this what my donation money goes towards?

How big can i make them ?

>tfw nearly throw up every time I read that
>keep reading it every time anyway

Jesus christ...
Progress, am I right?

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ADC has no impact on the game.

who /tilted/ here?

>play 1st game of the day
>play Trundle JG
>go 9/0 and win the game, S
>next game, play Xerath Supp
>go 3/0
>end game 3/3 because top is shit. lose
>play Ornn
>play Xerath again
>Quinn ADC shitter

Fuck me man.

>programing socks

I just had to go see. Holy flying fuck he got fat as hell

No its what (s)hims cash from his pro play went through the donos now are probably going to go to pain killers and depression meds ontop of therapy.

>i will cosplay whatever you guys want
thank you, no.

Just had this treasure in my ARAM game.

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Poor bug

honestly fake tits on a male chest/shoulders don’t look that bad

I mean it wouldnt be something you’d want permanently but like, if you could have those for a few hours it would be pretty hot. too bad the only way to get them is permanent body mutilation though

>see this
im not hungry anymore.

I want to ____ LeBlanc!!!

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It's too bad she got rid of her feminine penis

Why can't my team fight a Kai'Sai?

Who is a worse personality: Hashinshin or Trick? Hash may be a brainlet, but I think trick is worse simply because of the legions of retards he spawns

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>that beginning of male pattern baldness

How old is he again?

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do you flirt with him (female_(male))

Never cut off your benis, anons.
Your little guy did nothing wrong as is a treasure you should cherish.

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Reminder less than 2% of self identified transexuals go through with gender reassignment surgery

This is the real reason you don't fall for the /r9k/ tranny meme, because once you hit 26 you age with the worst traits of both genders

>tfw this is happening to me
>tfw i already shave my head
>tfw no one will ever know

one is your typical spic and one is an autistic commie who does nothing but whine

i think i'll take the spic

Hashinshin banned me from chat for saying LUL when he died. Guy can't take the bants.

hey post these and rate

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>Lose because of a one trick abusing kat


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Handling it correctly, user

I knew a guy at Uni who was 18, always wore a baseball cap backwards. One day we saw him take it off, then we understood why. Always shave it off, never try to make it work.

hash is the top lane tyler1 and is a complete brainlet. while trick may be a toxic faggot, he actually has good insight into the game and genuinely wants to help people improve, even if it means berating them all the way to diamond

>olaf is somehow in the meta now
>pick cho every game
>he gets to 50% health
>thinks he can fight

Thanks for the free promos, shitters.

>posts reasonable, somewhat self-aware sob story about how transitioning was a mistake and they regret doing it
Understandable and has my sympathy.

>starts streaming a day later while the news and drama is hot
And there goes whatever sympathy I had for her situation. Doing that is just despicable and low.

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actual 3rd is ekko
t.tankko/brand/fizz/kong jungle player when they were better

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here's your (You) i guess

that's a good edit


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I yearn for a day where Jungle is either a carry or a support role and not some kind of weird hybrid in-between.



approved good poster

trolled epic style, how can trannies ever recover?

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>losing 3 to 24
>enemy meme surrenders

>ahead 21 kills
>dumbass 4-man premade decides to surrender for teh lulz

>last pick
>hovering aatrox
>jungler is fp
>he's hovering aatrox
>practically int feeds a varus
>varus ends 16/2
>but i picked illaoi
>and made varus die twice
>and ended 27/0
>aatrox ends 2/11
>most honorable


>Get in a really bad mentality for weeks
>Lose shit ton of games
>Have a 9 game lose streak
>Drop to gold 4
>Win one game

Why even try at this point? No matter what I do I'll never climb again because my MMR is fucked.

>Be faggot
>Greentext my silver adventures

shut the FUCK up and post waifus

user, it's a tick. They're pests much like cockroaches and they are fucking disgusting and they are the only thing i would willingly kill.


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>play aram
>get tristana who ints 12 times
>get taliyah who picks up zilean bombs on purpose and flashes into teammates to help them feed too
why are these fags allowed on servers that aren't OCE

Today I learned never to go near a fed enemy ADC; not because they have more stats and will always win, but because if you're the latest death of the fed ADC whoever was feeding him previously will try and shift all the blame to you.

I'll take the greasy spic that came in on a boat any day of the fucking year over a, I'd call him retarded or a brainlet but he's a commie, so that goes without saying.

Is there a point in picking PTA now that conq is literally better in every aspect?

Compelling arguments, I'm no fan of Hash, guy's a fucking moron. Yet I can't bring myself to hate him, I more pity him than anything.

>Walk up to minion wave
>Take 175 damage at Level 1

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>tfw "fox hair" that silver hair whatever u wanna fuckin call it, runs in my family
>tfw no male pattern baldness
>tfw packed full of testosterone
>no hair loss
>only thing that's happened is that i developed testicle cancer and I'm a factory down now.

ones a black cleaver, the other is a ghost blade

they serve different purposes

>shit i'm becoming irrelevant
>what's that thing that Cosmo/Narcissa did again? Oh right, they had a meltdown on stream, instead, i'll fake a meltdown on twitter
>then i'll stream while people feel sorry for me
>even though it's exactly the same thing Cosmo/Narcissa did, just went about it different ways


Conq sucks dick in teamfights but is godly if you're a bruiser pushing against a tank.
They're vastly different runes, you can't really compare them.

Conqueror is strictly better than PtA, it's not a comparison between BC and GB

>actually falling for that sob story
yuno is just mad that his replacement, hakuho, actually accomplished more than he did

tfw id love to be a girl but with a dick

fuck chopping off the best part of the human body

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nowhere does it look like a breakdown or like it's supposed to look like a breakdown. Literally just explaining the events from her perspective, answering a few questions about it and then, going back to what she was doing.

>you are a fighter 1v1ing another fighter or assassin
>fight is over in 3 seconds
>conqueror does literally nothing