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non tranny/anime/farm edition

>Latest news

-More qol polled
-Raids || rewards
-DMM community is pissed
-Ardy Knights getting nerfed soon
-Anti-dragon shields/dragonfire shields will require dragon slayer
-Upvote system in logout menu

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>I'm new, what should I do

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got this earlier - need more gz's

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Dead game

I take my gz back now.

>75 construction

improve the scythe

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GZ me please!

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gz only if ironman

They should give the Seers ring a 5% magic damage boost...

i have 900 seers rings in the bank btw

They should give the Archers ring a 5+ range strength boost...

Stop deflecting valid grievances with memes. Magic not being a competitive style DPS-wise is a huge problem.

>thinking that mage is non competitive style when melee is the worst style in the triangle

>at most consumes charges on a weapon

>have way to get ammunition back

>no way to get runes back, each cast is hundreds of GP down the shitter

what is zulrah

>the skill that can one shot any pure with a fire wave/Iban's blast at their respective level brackets should have items with no Defense requirements that make it stronger

You guys got Ancestral and kodai for late level. Good luck getting them welfare boy.

You mean fire surge*

I don't think vorkaths drop table is very balanced. Im making around 150k per kill which takes me like 2-3 mins

i made 83 mill in one kill. completely unbalanced and needs a massive nerf

im serious user. How are all the items in the drop table that aren't alchables going to retain value if vorkath drops everything in massive quantities?

>ITT: bosses with a balanced drop table
I'll start

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3rd gf

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The trannies are so annoying, god. ''Farming this'' and ''farming that''

just post cute selfies and know how to suck dick okay??

please share

Currently farming toadflax to get to 70 farming (59 currently). Should I be planting other things too? Not really sure how to train this skill

fucking try it

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how to find qt girls to form relationships with?

just throw yourself out there and hope its not a man

What's your favorite quest?

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nomads requiem

While Guthix Sleeps

ritual of the mahjarrat

underground pass

my mouse has left and right scroll (by pressing the wheel to the left or right). Sometimes i accidentally press it and give a walk command when i move my screen with the scroll wheel. how do i disable it and make it only a left click thing? xubuntu 16.04 with osbuddy

>mfw autoclicking knights

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Dont worry, they will nerf it in two years when the next big boss/quest comes out just like with Zulrah.

Y-you don't know my account name though!!

It's not and yet there's still people who unironically think Zulrah is better gp/h

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>Just booted up OSRS!

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>meme mouse

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These are my stats right now

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Here's mine

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Nice Magic level

Hey thanks I splash every night while I sleep

stop doing that

I'll stop at 55 when I can get the smithing gloves and cast high alch.

Get chaos gauntlets and do slayer tasks with fire bolt

how can I make friends in this game?

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2011 was the peak of RuneScape.

But I'd rather train ranged while doing slayer. Magic is cooler but it takes up too much inventory.

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pm me


Stay High

I mean I know which has more inventory space

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You can be my friend if you give me free stuff.

that looks like rs3 shit


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best gear for vorkath?


Icthlarin's Little Helper

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Ghosts Ahoy
Mainly because The Other Side is a damn amazing soundtrack

Defend this.

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Slow flipping is so comfy!

You are wrong

Defend this.

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every thread until you like it

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Can someone explain to me why in OSRS we still have that stupid fucking ditch to wild?

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because there needed to be a barricade between safe area and dangerous wilderness area

>Load up OSBuddy for the first time today
>Agility lap text has moved to the right for no reason that I can discern
>Can't find any option to move it back
Anyone have an idea on how to fix this? It's making my autism tingle

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When is jagex going to poll another skill?
I really miss the 99 skill race.

Reddit cried about the only reason to removing it was for lurers to lure more easily. Then they made a fucking meme about the ditch so now it most likely will never be removed.

The Feud

click the xp circle

>We will never get sailing as an actual skill

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fuck off moh tranny

Not allowed, everything new is bad and everything old is good. They should just replace Firemaking II instead. I'll vote no to anything else with my 90,000 bot accounts.

Why can't the sailing meme just die?

That just shifts it down a little to make room for the total xp bar

>hurrrr wat dis skool men?????
They had a warning box before the ditch, if you still walk into it and die you're too brainlet to be playing this game

Lol do you guys have any funny runescape memes :o I heard Veeky Forums is like the meme factory and i want some to show my friends

bring back summonin and dungeonering then

would anyone from reddit actually come here? there's more shit talk and spite than actual discussion, let alone memes

>buy dhcb for 91m
>within 24 hours it dropped over 20m
>suicide had suddenly became an option again
>keep on pushing through the hard times and wait for the price to rise
>last night I noticed it had reached 85m
>there was no other time but now to act
>offer my bow for 85m
>go to sleep with death on my mind
>wake up
>it sold
>check what dhcb is going for now
>it dropped back down to 75m
I'm so happy I don't really want to die anymore I want to live!

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dont dump your entire bank into one item

Sheep Shearer 2 when?

Mournings End Pt 2 II when?

Comp cape WHEN???

Nice I love this shit...


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right after max guild

but we already have that?

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What do I upgrade first primordial boots or torture