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first for Wind Waker Link is best Link

I really want the next Zelda to have the emphasis on the story and characters that SS had but also manage to not be a shitfest gameplay-wise unlike SS.

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If they drop all the tech stuff in the next game for boring ass magic i will be actually mad

I prefer the magic, but I wouldn't mind having both.

This, except make it nothing like the characters and story of SS.

This except make it identical to Skyward Sword and BotW at the same time

user, you just gave me diarrhea with that post. And not the good kind.

I remember when BoTW was announced, a friend of mine described how Rupees will have an actual use unlike in past games.
He told me that we would be buying outfits, many weapons and shields, equipment, and magic.
I really wish he was right about magic. I envisioned Link casting fire balls from a tome that he bought from a hooded man in the corner of a town. Spells of darkness like what Ganondorf would use. Rods are okay and I'm happy with how the game turned out, but I guess I've always wanted more of a swords and sorcery setting.

I've wanted the ability to play as a mage Link for some time.. or at least bring back sword mage Link from Zelda 2.

>Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

we got medieval/fantasy sword and shield shenanigans, tech from ancient sheikah (we got a fucking motorcycle), and magic in arrow/wand/champion spirit form.

and jumps. jumping IS magical.

I'm pretty happy with this game.

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Hebra is the best region in this game, right?

but it still pisses me off that there isnt ONE weapon/shield shop. and why the fuck are there arrow shops but no bow shops?

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Unfortunately sorcery is frowned upon in most LoZ games, excluding powers of the Goddesses. I doubt we'll ever see a hero who prioritizes spells over bows and weapons. BoTW seems like the perfect game to have stuff like that, but the champion abilities seem to be the closest we'll get.

No, Hebra is second best.
Best is Tabantha

I think auto correct fucked up your post. Surely you meant Gerudo Wasteland, but everyone knows that Gerudo territory is the best area in every game so that's a given.

Was so glad they brought back the ability to cause thunderstrikes like in Zelda II/AlttP.

With Link being able to push around big ass boulders and carry heavy stuff, he should be able to have at least minor hand to hand combat options. It doesn't have to be as effective as weapons, but now that we've finally gotten rid of waist high walls, I think we could give Link at least one more option to approach things.

I'm not saying the game should become a Captain Marvel simulator, but I would enjoy some options along those lines.

fuck, the next 3D Zelda should be a sequel to Spirit Tracks so we have a massive open world with train travel, that sounds hype

I'd like remakes of PH/ST in the BotW engine

Only the Gorons were able to fight Demise's army

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Link's Awakening in BotW engine

Face the facts, people. Link needs a gun already.
Give us a Shadow The Hedgehog type of spin-off.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Crime.
You want it. I want it. Shiggy deep down wants it, but he doesn't know it yet.

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The Stone Tower of Babel theory is either pure genius or pure autism


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the answer is autism

redpill me

I game overed to a silver lynel 3 times today trying to practice flurry rushing, a good portion of times it just didnt register as a clean dodge despite me jumping out of the way just before he hit me
Dubs decides how i kill myself

anything that requires timing in this game (perfect dodging, parrying, etc) is extremely inconsistent and honestly not worth bothering with

Dont get me wrong i can parry just fine
hell i can even parry his fireballs no problem
its just the dodging thats a bitch

when I say parrying I mostly mean guardian beams, it's not as bad on other enemies
but yeah dodging detection is disgusting especially on lynels, I remember there's that attack they do where they swing their weapon 3 times, you can jump back with perfect timing on all 3 swings yet the one that actually gives you the dodge is completely random, and sometimes it doesn't give it at all
just stick with parrying if you can do that

nice to know im not the only one havin prpblems
but somebody else in this thread is probably gonna call us scrubs anyways

There's always this pseudo-symmetry with zelda races that drives me bonkers.

Like there's almost a elemental or six-sages pattern in the dominant and recurring races, but they aren't always present, or they're sometimes just totally missing or sometimes they're duplicated.

Annoys the piss out of me.
I want Hylia to have like transformed the five tribes and the loftwings into a more divinely inspired humanoid form as thanks for fighting demise and protecting the hylians.
I want some sort of more formal coherent racial mythology.

I have the opposite problem. Perfect dodging comes really easy for me, but I can't parry anything.
If there's any advice to give, I'd say that you should initiate your dodge just a little bit earlier than you think you need to. For Lynels especially, flurry timings tend to be during the startup of an attack's animation rather than right before it hits you

If they drop magic for boring technology again I will be mad, magic=technology is a shit trope and its so overdone

I am going to marry Riju!


>icy shithole

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Funny way to spell Faron

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Would it 'feel wrong' to play Master Mode for my first complete playthrough of this game? I played 10-15ish hour last time and wanna start over, so I'd like for my experience to be pretty different this time through.
Are there any enemy placements that break the atmosphere or are just out of place?

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Not really. Go for it.
Keep in mind the early game is brutal though. Try to get the master sword as soon as possible.

Does the breaking gear balance itself out? Like, will I get higher level/more durable gear by beating the tougher enemies?

There's a Lynel right in the Plateau which if you kill will drop Savage Lynel Crushers and Bows

t. Yiga
Yeah have fun killing white mane with trash you get at the plateau

It's perfectly doable, git gud

>Triforce of Power
Near infinite physical and magical prowess
>Triforce of Courage
Near infinite physical and magical prowess
>Triforce of Wisdom
What the fuck does it do? Zelda is fucking useless in every game and has no expertise on anything

How insecure of a person does someone have to be about Midna and Mipha getting close to Link, to have to made this?

I think you have those mixed up
physical and mystical abilities beyond mortal ken

Magical abilities and prophetic visions. Sometimes includes telepathy

Standard game abilities of instant recovery, survivability, stamina, magical ability and the ilk

Show that king will return safely in a month

Zelda a cute.

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>bunch of feathers and straps can protect you from the cold even if you wear absolutely nothing else

Riju is cuter if we're talking in a protect way than a ticket to bone town way

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>ywn bone Riju in a protecting position
Shoot me in the fucking face

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Is there actually no teleporting in OoT so you have to go everywhere by foot?

ocarina songs my man

>5 years have passed since the events of BotW
>the roads are safe and well maintained and commerce and tourism between the races has never been better in post-Calamity times
>Lady Riju paces her private quarters contemplating all the money that’s flowed into Gerudo coffers and how this has improved their lives with increased security in the castle, expanding the town into a city and Kara Kara expansion from a bazaar into a proper town where Vai and Voe can live together
>It is with thoughts of voe that her mind gets brought back to her current problem. The unexpected, the once in a millennia event that nobody could have foreseen happening during her rule. A Gerudo voe has been born and time is running out for her to make a decision on how to proceed.

Can't they just start sacrificing them already

Did you miss the huge evil-smiting arrows and magic bolts she shoots in like every 3d ganon battle

>A servant coughs respectfully at the entrance and on Riju’s command parts the curtains to convey the message that the council is gathered
>The Council one of her more clever ideas. Despite proving herself in the retrieval of the Thunderhelm and the calming of Vah Nabooris, Riju still felt dissatisfied in her rule. Buliara was a great help but she had other things to occupy her time like improving the defence of the city and the combat effectiveness of the guard. As a result Riju created a council of influential, knowledgeable and skilled Gerudo to advise her on the needs and wants of the city and the will of her people. As Chief her voice would be the only voice that mattered but their input had been a great aid in getting Gerudo City to where it was today.
>Isha, one of the wealthiest Gerudo and along with Cara one of the few and most skilful proponents of Gerudo gem magic. Ashai, whose teachings had allowed a generation of Gerudo to successfully navigate the choppy waters of voe/vai relations. The increased number of children on the streets could be chalked down to her. Rotana, who had seemed to all to just be an unusually curious Gerudo but who year upon year made great archaeological discoveries increases the breadth and depth of Gerudo history. Buliara, of course and rounding them up a set of twin Gerudo who seemed to be well versed in the construction of elemental weaponry and were studying the secrets of Urbosa’s command of lightning and making grand progress

The arrows are from the Bow of Light though, not Zelda herself.

pretty sure there aren't enough weapons on the whole of the plateau to kill him, friend.

>People STILL don't know mounting Lynels doesn't consume weapon durability

Guess I'm not as 1337 as you, user.

What? You don't know the most famous Zelda theory? Look here


In a nutshell, the statues licking the Triforce is blasphemy against the goddesses. That's because the Terminians reject female divine figure and hail males (the four giants) as the only possible gods. That explains the phallic looking towers of the Stone Tower: it's sexism against Din, Nayru and Farore.

That made the Godesses angry and they doomed Termina.

Wew lad now this is autism

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The Goddesses give zero shits and when they do help it leaves everybody worse off

Hebra is the best

Best town, best divine beast, most interesting location.

but all of that applies to Gerudo more than Hebra

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Nice one for posting this, It's been next to impossible to find a high definition version of this map.

>Best town, most interesting location.
Literally wrong
Even more wrong


>the Dark Temple in Kakariko Village's graveyard. In the past, the Seeker (Sheikah), under the King's orders, it was the location where they assassinated and tortured enemies who targeted the Royal Family or rebels, and it is a symbol of Hyrule's blood-stained dark history. This temple is an unpleasant memory for the Royal Family and such speaking about it is a taboo for them

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woah...the youtubers were right...

>3 months left
>no announce
yeah sure

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Not really a theory as much as just confirming what OoT already says in dialog.

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>Publication Date:June 19, 2018

Oh it's the book, i thought it's another game hype

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I think she has a different definition than what it actually means.

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she has to phrase it in a way her fellow Gerudo can understand

True fans are more excited for books than actual games anyway

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>pushes Riju off the building

>Zelda goes Halo and publishes canon novels every year
Pls yes

With a story that tightly constrained you could look forward to some terrible games. Nintendo and deep story/lore don't go together. It's why there's so much headcanon

wait more new lore for old games? sign me the fuck up

I ask this in every general, but there's always hope.
Anybody as a link to download the "Master Works" artbook? the only one i found has a watermark that makes it imbossible to read / appreciate (pic related)

also i'll dump some hi-res wallpaper i made and/or found

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the best tapestry i found

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well i figured that it would take me an eternity.
so here's some botw images i found or made.


Can you post the watermarked scans/download

I have a question.

I've beaten Ganon, yet the main quest still has it as not beaten. Plus it says 13/15. What are the two other quests?

sure. i'm uploading it to mega

>Thats Kass's original concept

Its a little too fabulous for my taste. I like the one they went with

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Did they ever say what the Fierce Deity was apart from spoopy and dark?

Huh, so Kass IS wearing pants, just made out of rito feathers. That seems a little redundant.

second page for kass.

~10 minutes and it'll finish upload the whole book (watermarked sadly)

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here it is

please someone find the un-watermarked book!

>tfw Revali's old concept he was Decidueye but less owl-like

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