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Middle Mouth Edition*

I hope-- more so than ANYTHING that this faggot gets cut from smash 5.

Bruh how did you fix the number but forgot the edition?

You tried

Only if he is put in.

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Which Sonic game used all of the side characters correctly. Meaning not portraying them as useless.

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delete this

That looks kinda cute

Last game to do it, or one that did it at all?

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One that did it at all.


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Sonic Adventure 1, 2, 06, Advance 1-3
Rush Adventure
Technically Sonic 2 + 3K + Mania
Sonic Riders

Probably more.
You could argue Boom, but then you'd have to include like the townspeople.

I don't like this

I like this. A lot

Great, Sonic is Tails now...
I honestly miss middle mouth. Side ones 24/7 looks retarded.

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Forces had them all doing very important things; they just weren't shown in the game itself. What was shown, however, was their fight against an army of replicas, featuring Vector punching a Chaos replica and Amy slamming a Metal Sonic replica with her hammer. Keep in mind that the replicas are just as formidable as the originals.

Also Mania, since Tails flew Sonic around and helped him destroy Eggman's robots throughout the whole game (barring the Super Sonic boss fight), and Knuckles did the same (minus Mirage Saloon Act 1 and Lava Reef Act 2's boss) and defended the Master Emerald from Heavy King.

For real though, it's not that bad, kinda cute.

It's just a lazy edit that makes it look odd. Anothee issue which I'm now noticing is how flat the Adventure artstyle looks, like a sticker. Makes me think of UbiArt Rayman

Someone should tell Sonic Team "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Seriously just make the next 3D Sonic game have one gameplay feature, Modern Sonic that's it. Is that so hard?

It really depends. I like side mouths better, but that's just me.

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I heard that Ian Flynn ships Sonamy? Funny, I thought he shipped Sonally.

"Too time costly" - SEGA
>Spends 4 years on Lighting Engine

He made a post on the Bumbleking forums years ago about the pros & cons of both ships, but truth be told, he wants nothing to do with shipping these days.

I think they're scared Modern Sonic isn't popular enough to sell games on his own now.

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Doesn't knuckles have a regular mouth now like sonic?

Its a popular opinon to prefer side mouths. I think it was the the nike smile influence back then.

He only said that after the Super Genesis Wave when his pure Sonally universe got wiped from existence.

tails shoudnt get 2 milestones thats cheating

It works best in 2D for side mouths. In 3D it looks like shit because it just pops from side to side, and when it's animated from any other angle than side view, it looks derpy.

>next 3D Sonic game have one gameplay feature, Modern Sonic that's it.

Sonic Team: No people don't want that, people want 4 underdeveloped/forced gameplay styles like in Forces.

meant for

>pure Sonally universe
Didn't he say around the time of Mecha Sally that he put the two back together just so it'd be a bigger deal when Sally got roboticized?

I hate this. Imagine a boost game, but with four years of dev time.
>inb4 it's shit
With Gens' levels.

Literally the only reason why Ian wrote Sonally getting back together was for the melodramatic gutpunch when Sally got roboticized, and he knew Sega wouldn't let the same scenario happen with Amy. Once the reboot happened there was no need to continue that pairing, so Sally started making out with her computer and Sonally was pushed as much as possible without making it official.

He said that when the Mecha Sally arc had just gotten started actually.

I want Buddy's cummy in my tummy.

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But middle mouths are happenin'!

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That's it mane

That was damage control after the cuck cover.

most of gen's levels weren't that great. Modern Seaside Hill was good but nothing else stands out.

>With Gens' levels.
its shit

That's not what the rest of the fanbase says.

Okay then, with Adventure levels.

most of the fanbase thinks Colors is amazing. It doesn't mean they're right

>The staff still claimed that had nothing to do with shipping.

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But he has two tails

It's like Mickey mouse (ears) or a Sonic X sonic (spines) thing.

A good feature that is on model for all angles.

Lost world tried to do it the cheap way, but didnt code the camera that great for positioning the mouth.

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>Keep in mind that the replicas are just as formidable as the originals.

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Why is there so much 2D in some 3D Sonic games? When sparsely used like in Super Mario Odyssey parts that they can be good. When the become a significant part of the game and they aren't even done all that well compared to fully 2D Sonic games they become grating.

Side mouths work better in 2D illustrations, but don't look that good in 3D.

What's wrong with Amy's model in Sonic Unleashed and later games

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It's better than Generations and Forces.

Goth Amy is good for your soul.

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>damage control
Do you have proof?

People said the same with Classic. It's called hindsight bias. People have shit standards now from Sonic Team made games.

Too itty bitty

it's because boost levels take too much time to design and it's easier to make 2D portions. Those are also typically slower than the 3D portions and are a a convenient way to pad the game. It's basically Sonic Team being lazy.

Can you please speak normally, because the way your post is currently worded it is referring to nothing that exists.

Because Kishimoto is such a brainlet he can only think in two dimensions, and even then not very well.

Sonic Team got butt fucked by 06 and only had nostalgia pandering left.

>Boost levels take too much time to design
Then why the fuck don't they go back to Adventure levels when the a good chunk of the fanbase prefers them over boost even to this day?

Because Boost received critical acclaim in Unleashed, Colors, and Generations.

Unleashes Models were perfect from a polished view. But Amy's SA1DX model was kissably perfect face wise and fuggable body wise in SA2.

They tried with Lost World, which resulted in the lowest selling non-spinoff Sonic game ever.

Here's a screenshot from the next Sonic title!

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Amy Fortress

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Sonic is cute.

I thought criticism of Lost World had more to do with the parkour mechanic, controls, and level design than lack of boost.

???? but this is Sonic Forces I am confused?

parkour was a good idea, although it's not like the adventure style.

Sonic Team board meeting for the next Sonic game.

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Of course it did, but with all those problems what would make you think an attempt at a fully 3D Adventure game would fare any better?

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>not saying TROO FAR

How does it make you feel to know that classic is back and here to stay?
And replace modern?

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Was Tails never good?

Which one of you Sonadowfags made this?

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It was me

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I don't know. Sonic Team is one of the strangest dev teams in gaming. I've heard plenty of people complain about boost yet when someone recommends they try something different someone points out all their other failed gimmicks which may result in someone else pointing out those gimmicks were bad only because Sonic team made no attempt to refine them leaving them to die or run them into the ground like wisps.

Post more pics of amy getting cucked

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Does it matter now what happens?

For the love of god, Montresor!

No, because we will never give up the fight.

Imagine Tails saying that if it was Fleetway Sonic.

>"Yes, pixel brain! The whole city is flooded and most of the population is taking nice nap down under after a giant, Water Godzilla, that I had to stop, paid it a visit. Everyone lives happily ever after!"

If we are talking an artist who can write there are several in this fandom.
If we are talking officially then Tyson Hesse has better art than her and has proven that he can write some damn fine stories with Diesel and Boxer Hockey.

I haven't seen too much of her stuff, but I wouldn't be shocked if she turned out to be better than ABT, Stanley, Yardley, etc. This isn't a huge accomplishment their writing is subpar and several other members of the fandom like Chauvels have shown similar competence.

I miss the fleetway bantz.

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Wasn't the SA1 adaptation where they had Sonic become nicer and stop the bantz once Johnny died?

fleetway sonic was mean though

Why? He's a Top-Tier character in the last game!

There is LITERALLY no reason for Bandana Dee to join in the roster.

Not after all the push for him since Return to Dreamland

Hopefully the new writers being brought in will mean we will no longer have to slog through issues written by artists who should stay artists.