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Dynasty Warriors 9 Playlist (Japanese):

Warriors Orochi 4 Teaser:

-In April, hideaway customization with new exteriors, furniture, and repeatable missions.
-In May, weapon pack with three new movesets and three new high-level weapons.
-In Summer 2018, additional scenario pack with Dong Bai, Xiahou Ji, Hua Xiong, and Yuan Shu becoming playable characters with their own scenarios.

-Dynasty Warriors 9 has a roster of 90 playable characters and 4 DLC characters.
-Zhou Cang, Cheng Pu, Man Chong, Xu Sheng, Xun You, Cao Xiu and Xin Xianying are newcomers.
-Dong Bai, Xiahou Ji, Hua Xiong and Yuan Shu are DLCs.
-Warriors Orochi 4 is coming out in 2018.
-Samurai Warriors 5 is in development.
-English version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms The Legend of Cao Cao has been released for Android and iOS.
-You can discuss ANY musou game here. Ignore the shitposters.

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I miss Saner

Have to state Wu>Wei>Shu.


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You're not wrong.

no clones allowed

Too late.

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So were you guys interested in Veeky ForumsL at all? We had a potential roster from a few months ago:
All it would take at this point is a good amount of interest and a couple interested people to help.
If you are curious what this is:
And the Veeky Forums League specifically:
implyingrigged.info/wiki/Veeky Forums_League

Why is Xiahou Dun wearing his DW7 but everyone else is wearing their DW9 outfits?

What's he thinking about?

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His 1 mission in DW9

The slicked back hair in 9 was basically no-claws tier controversy. Everyone hated it, including the artist.

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what's wrong with it, is it because he looks like a yakuza?

He looks better than way desu

Sorry if I'm super fucking late to the train for this but I'm just playing Samurai Warriors 4 for the first time (and SW period) but isn't it weird that Kagetora Uesugi isn't a full character? He's a big part of the Uesugi story and a decently noteworthy part of the Hojo story so he shows up in a lot of cutscenes but is just a CAW model?

Trump musou when?

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Nah. Not enough characters. I like my big rosters.

Why is she so perfect?

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>turtle wants you to kill cats for their tails

That's autistic, the slicked back hair is way better.

I know, right? SW4 was my first, too, and I thought the same thing.
There are a bunch of battles in that game that you can choose one of two sides for, so it really makes no sense that Kagetora wasn't playable.

Yo Zhongmou, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Cao Cao had one of the best kingdoms of all time…one of the best kingdoms of all time!

How do you deal with a clone army of Zhuge Liangs?

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with a clone army of Sima Yi

What about the thousands and thousands lefties for the left faction you can cut down with the right hand of justice.

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You cough up blood

position myself north of them

Lefty special attack is called Mass Hysteria


It's literally DW9 news season again. Are you new?


Looks like they are changing a few of the character models around for WO4, Li Dian looks the most different from the leaked batch of characters. I spoiled it so you can prepare yourself.

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i think yukimura is going to be in it

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will sima shi be in it?


they arrived


if my gay husbando sima shi is not in it i will riot.

well i wouldn't buy the pitchforks and torches yet but i'd definitely save some money away just in case

Just use signs and megaphones and do it peacefully. It's cheaper that way.

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that's a protest
it's not a riot unless something catches fire and/or a car gets flipped over

Flipping cars isn't peaceful now? Well fuck me then.

it's only peaceful if it's your own car

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literally who? if you guys like koeiwarriors and reddit so much than stay there

what the fuck even is koeiwarriors? thats probably a guy as well.

A google search is good enough for you to find out what it is.

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>two sets of ears

eat this

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He ate more than enough.

Keep showing Wei dogs that Wu is better

>page 10

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>Gilles de Rais and Lancelot
well then

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I heard that Liu Bei had a massive cock and could go for hours in the sack.

Well you know what they say about guys with big ears.

Why the fuck does Wang Yi have a unique hailing call for Ma Chao? Unless it's in free mode you'd never see them in the same goddamn faction. I do like some vengeful woman shit but this is just ridiculous.

Less work when they make Empires

Go for it.


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Caster Gilles or Saber? I want the GREATEST COOL

What the fuck was his problem?

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>dual MP5A3
muh dick
Not sure why they want you to play as a canon paedophile serial killer though.

He died of illness

One Sima Yi is enough for 100000 Zhuge Liangs.

The mind of Orochi is Shuten Doji now right?
Hope they're not killing him off or retconning him out of existence in 4.

I want this.

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Does anyone here play that Legend of Cao Cao remake on mobile? It plays like a Fire Emblem game, only with pseudo-gacha shit.

There aren't even any options to change the exterior of our shacks in the base game though.

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Welcome to what DLC is. Pieces of the game cut out, and resold to you.

A-at least we're guaranteed at least one more patch to put in the feature.

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Leave it to /eagg/ to make shit up again.

Why does it say Cao Cao if that's Liu Bei?

More pointless aesthetic customizations for hideaways is literally the last thing the game needed.

They better not rob him of his jet.

>rob him of his jet
He was the one hijacking it though?

Did anyone actually had any problem with his DW6 hairstyle?
And when can he get his DW4 cloth back?

Did you expect Koei to release a game without pointless aesthetic DLC?

Finders keepers; losers weepers

I'm going to assume that this is going to be 9's Xtreme Legends.

>Did anyone actually had any problem with his DW6 hairstyle?

Doesn't seem like much new content for an XL...

she looks really good here but I'm still not sure why she was chosen

Did anyone have any other suggestions for players, music, or anything else? This roster was made before DW9 released, so while it is still relevant there might be other things people want.

Is DW8E better than DW7E? I liked DW8E a better, but I want to know if I am a pleb or not.

Does anyone know where the fuck the RotTK13 soundtrack is at? Google is giving me nothing.
I have every other game's soundtrack except this and 12's.
The Normal Battle theme is so good.

>haha get it the guy who previously played liu bei also had an acting gig as cao cao

this is the second webm where he loses his shit
is he short-tempered

>I can't be fucking Lu Bu working for the Nanman in free mode any more
Well what the fuck is the point then

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>couldn't buy Dynasty Warriors 9 because Walmart was sold out
They probably just had a small shipment, anyways.

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does DW9 have splitscreen?

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Nope. Blame open world.


musou without splitscreen is like singleplayer mario kart

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