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>he puts ALL HIS TROOPS on the castle
>Season 5 Info

>S5 March-April Roadmap

>For Honor v1.19 Patch Notes

>New players:
>If you plan on using a controller, it is highly recommended you go into your settings and shrink the dead zone

>Things that were changed since launch:

>Multiple hero video guides (outdated, ask your fellow sheep)

>Wikis: Gamepedia wiki removed since it hasn't been updated since February of last year

>Character values

>Gear modifier values

>Gear Stat Help

>Gear appearances

>Max Punish Guide

>Friends list sign up Doc:

>For those that have signed up:

>War of Factions:

>PVP Stat Tracker:

>Story mode collectables:

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Reminder that the knights and Sammy’s handed us another fucking season like the retards they are.

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>another season, another fucking coin ornament

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I made this for you guys, hope this helps out in the faction war.

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Some guy on reddit posted something the devs send to you.
>no Forhonor merch aside from shitty pins

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There is the unofficial Nobushi figure

>(((Shaman))) Mains

Why did they put so much effort into season 1 but not the others? What the fuck Ubi

It feels fucking bad, man.

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Haven't been playing for some time is this because of the vultcano reddit meme?


They decided after Season 1 that it was too many ornaments and they couldn't keep designing that many.

I made another yesterday. Also a George Constanza edit with Lawbringer on it.

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why dont we have a discord?


A bunch of trannies tried to take over the thread with a discord once.

First for swampfucker.

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That looks uncomfortable

Doesn't matter. It's coming off for the swampfucking.

You're going to fuck in the swamp?

That seems unsanitary.

first for warden and nobu ship

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I don't remember that

Orochi and Pk don’t have bashes

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We don't have a discord because in the beginning of this general people started one and it was fucking obnoxious. The biggest issue is that retards kept pushing literal erp shit in the general which made everyone fucking hate and report them until they got bans

Because there is no sense of brotherhood in this general, we all hate each other and don't play for the same side.

Mud and algae are good for you.

Who is the Tachanka of For Honor?

LB or conq id say

I prefer Warden x Orochi. There's a fapfic about them too. Even a knight gets seduced by a swamp girl.


what a shame. I havent been in a tight knit online community in years. figured this kinda game would have one

c-could you find it? asking for a friend.

>tfw when wanted to act like faction mattered and play with knight bros as a S1 Lawbro
>tfw they make faction war rigged and meaningless
>reddit hops on the knight bandwagon after we win the beta war
>my first main, Law bringer becomes a reddit low tier god
>they give him shove on block but don't fix anything effectively giving him a shitter killer tool that reddit likes and they forget about him for 5 seasons
>tfw beta knight that still rocks the beta winner outline

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No your faction is just too retarded to deploy any assets so the second largest faction steamrolls everyone.

I used to use the winner's outline but now I just stick with our cuck shield.

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The swamp delivers.

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>he thinks the faction war wasn't rigged
>every faction war winner has been in a cycle according to dlc release

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thank you

If it's rigged then the Samurai should be scheduled to win this Season.

>The faction war isn't rigged!
>So what if it just so happened that the factions that lost happened to have characters ready to release when they lost
>That was pure coincidence, all four times that it happened
>Those territories were won over with skill and coordination!
>So what if the last hour of every round sharply swings in the favor of one faction
>So what if the devs blatantly favor one faction over the others
>So what if the devs pet faction seems to keep winning the faction war, but got blown the fuck out when the faction rush order came around by the Knights
>So what if we got SIX fucking Fearless Warrior orders in a row after the Vikings lost the faction rush order

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Funny that you say that since the Vikings are ass raping

If we could get people to just leave games with shaman we could de factfacto remove her from the game.

thats what i do, i just unplug my ethernet cable and i dont get the penalty

Yeah, I'm sure that will make people like For Honor.

>wasn’t here for the PK blackout
>wasn’t here for the first centurion/season free game black out
Literally nothing happened both times

>(((shaman))) mains

Remember that you can't say you love you're waifu if you don't love her helmet.

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You’re literally re-creating the Pk blackout meme from reddit but in poor fashion. Nobody gives a shit anymore about this game user. We all know the devs decision to nerf will be this
>reduce bite damage to 40 damage
>doesn’t give full stam only 40 if you were near OOS
That’s all they can do and will do and you know it.

People only hate shaman on Console. Hating PC watlord is like hating pre nerf warlord.

Any way I can contact the devs and tell them exactly what I think of shaman? I have a lot of tips they might want to listen to.

>hating PC shaman is like hating pre nerf warlord*

Reddit or Twitter.
>he thinks his essay matters
Tell that to the big Orochi streamer who handed them fucking 3 pages of how to “fix” him and the game. Pic related is what happened to his pages

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pk blackout? didnt mlg say that they were banned from any competitive matches?

I just want shaman players to never be able to get a game in. I know the devs won't do anything, they're completely incompetent. It's obviously impossible but I can dream.

Well, I love her mask. That has to count.

>one tourney platform says she’s banned on console
>they never hold another console tourney for For Honor again
She’s still in 4v4 and the player tourneys for brawl. Her last appearance was in season 4 reveal tourney on PC and her getting dumpstered by a unlocking shugoki in season 3 tourney.

See, that line of logic doesn't work anymore now that they aren't releasing new characters this year. So, in essence, this is probably the first faction war that isn't being tampered with, and it shows. All three factions had periods of total map dominance, but it's all in flux. You know, as it should have been from the start?

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I just want to call them cunts actually.

By never, I mean MLG itself. They announce it and never really make Pc tourneys happen anyways
Then I’m sure they’ll take the mindless spam

It does. You're alright.

You mean ScottJund? Dude fucking whined day in and day out about Orochi not being as busted as he was in the beta, and his proposed balance changes consisted of turning everyone into the Warlord. Character identity be damned. I can see why they trashed his suggestions, not to mention that he came from Dark Souls pvp and thinks he has any idea how to balance anything.

tbf, he was right about them taking fucking ages to fix the balance issues.

>thread is so ded. That not even the Euros will save it

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I'm busy killing myself playing LB vs. 'experienced' Shamans and Kenseis.

the devs have already said they know LB is weak in 1v1, they've basically signaled their intent to rework him. why not just wait and play one of the more fun characters? maybe it's just me but since I've picked up other characters I've been having a lot more fun with the game

Tell me who's the most fun character out of Knights without mentioning Gladiator and Centurion. Conqueror doesn't count because you just spam and spam and spam and spam some more to win. LB at least gives you satisfaction when doing shit.


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well gladiator is for sure one of them, centurion not so much anymore because he's pretty weak now as well. gladiator and a bit of conq are the only knights I play that much anymore because the others are either boring, weak, or both.
I tried her and I don't know how you guys find it fun, she's such a basic character and only top tier because the few tools she has are so good

Centurion is literally a worse LB.

Her basic tools being so strong is what makes her fun, you have an answer to any situation, you can dictate the fight on your terms thanks to your dashes, your lights do enough damage to force your enemy to react to feints, and your zone is useful as a last ditch panic button.
She teaches absolutely terrible habits though so I only play her sparingly.

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>they've basically signaled their intent to rework him
Not to insult you or anything, but do you honestly fucking think that Ubisoft is going to even touch him this year? This fucking century? Are you delusional? They take more time to notice that Warden deserves a rework than the Queen Elizabeth walking to her place. They aren't going to do shit this month and I bet on it so fucking much.

That’s why next season was stated to have reworks user....
Everyone of the cast is being buffed, Roman states it takes time since they need to test everything before releasing.

they've made a huge deal of saying that year 2 is going to be about ironing out the existing roster and fixing the game at large before they add to it. they delivered 3 big reworks and 2 minor reworks to us in season 5, I think it's reasonable to expect more will follow next season.

I think I am fucking done with this game.

Why should I invest my time in learning to play this game competitively when there is so much fucking unavoidable shit? You can't avoid half of the fucking unblockable attacks in this god damn game if you're too close to the person doing the unblockable it seems. You can react PERFECTLY to it, mash the fuck out of that A button but LOL YOU DIDN'T DODGE, STOOPID.

At least in an ACTUAL FIGHTING GAME there are fucking rules, there's frame data and shit works for a god damn reason. Unlike this game where there are specific options that give you no fucking counter play.

And don't get me fucking started on the ledge shit. I don't mind someone guard breaking you and throwing you off a ledge, but I was trying to play tournaments, the fucking RANKED GAME MODE where ONLY SKILL SHOULD MATTER and the floor opened up under me in the GRAND FINALS and instantly killed me. If you're going to have party game shit like that in the RANKED TOURNAMENT MODE, you might as well just turn revenge, gear stats, and feats on, go all out with the party game bullshit.

I want to say I'm done, but I'll probably play it again eventually. My recommendation though, if ANY of you play this game more than casually and have invested time to learn the match ups and what works where, just invest that time into a better fucking game. When making the choice to "Play to Win" picking the game you're going to get good at is important and I wouldn't waste any fucking time on this one. It's horribly balanced, there are retarded comeback mechanics, completely unavoidable setups and dumb shit you can't account for, even in the fucking tournament ranked 1v1 mode.

Play just go play a real fighting game, my recommendations are: Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Rev2 or Tekken 7. Please, just go play an actual fighting game. At least in those games every character gets the tools to deal with every situation, there's counter play, and there isn't party game mechanics.

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You were right until the recommendations.

You tried. That’s what counts

So how do you dodge the Warden shoulder bash? When ever I try to dodge it always seems to track me through the dodge, but when ever I play Warden myself and use it against someone else they can seemingly just back dodge it all they want. Am I missing something? Is there a timing aspect to avoiding it I'm missing?

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>test everything before releasing
So entirely unlike all of Year 1 and the start of season 5?

It depends on distance, you need to be right up next to them for the best results.
Assassin back dodges are fucked though so there's a good chance you're just going to whiff on those. It's also a lot easier to dodge from neutral than after a hit.

user. DLC heroes are OP to sell passes

I would tell you to dodge sideways or roll but as of this moment, I couldn't get a single game tonight when everyone sees a split second ahead of me. Maybe I'm just tired from work so my reflexes are shot to shit or the servers are fucking with me.
>parrying my lights
>people zooming towards me for a guardbreak

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>they need to test everything before releasing.
I bet they say that to save face. They would rather spend money on codemonkeys making memes than play testers to test their half baked ideas

Oh yeah, that's another thing.

At least in a real fighting game there is a replay feature that allows you to look back at what messed you up. Because seriously, EVERY FUCKING TIME I SEE THAT GOD DAMN UNBLOCKABLE I DODGE AND IT NEVER WORKS.
I am not going to recommend some old dead ass fighting games. The best fighting games to get into as a new player are ones that are recent, that way there is more information online for new players and MANY more players for you to fight.
I am 100% serious in what I say. Prove me wrong. How many times have you dodge in an attempt to avoid highlanders kick, then he canceled it into a grab that got you while you were in middle of the dodge? How many fucking times have you dodged to avoid Warden's Shoulder Bash only to have it hit you anyway because your back is against a wall or you're too close to him to begin with? Seriously, I want to speak personally to some HIGH LEVEL For Honor players who can give me insight on how to deal with this bullshit.

>the need to test everything
>Conq literally had an infinite bash that they didn't catch at all
They're delaying them to release in big "updates" they can hype up, no other reason.

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Did any kensei mains use his old zone to trade for a guardbreak?

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Literally a minute and 13 seconds after you posted, another person posted asking how to avoid Warden's Shoulder bash. Choke on that, asshole.

shitter here
how do I counter a high rank cent spamming the grab/jump attack

Yes. But 90% of the time, you lose a trade regardless or get parried gb and hope you have a sliver of health after the beatdown.

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You’re taking a shitty concept game with barely any premise of a fighting game too seriously is what your doing.
This is what highlevel season 1 was
This was season 3
This is season 5 “high level”

Games never going to be a good fighter. Stop bursting a fucking blood vessel over ranked and hoping this shit turns around.

You press GB after his quick grab gets you so the grab doesn’t get you. It’s so easy to counter a fucking chimp mashing GB can counter it.

I'm not even on about dlc heroes being OP.
>raid boss WL
>zone flicker
>launch HL can't gb off a parry
>Aramusha can only throw four directions
>Warden can drop attack anywhere
>endless connectivity issues
>certain launch maps cause crashes, get removed for weeks
>revenge gain gear meta (pre nerf)
>warlord infinite throw range
>terrain gradients fuck up GBs
And more!
Anyone else remember fuck ups I don't?

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Huh, I just thought about it and seemed like a good way to use it.

So, you're just supposed to accept that there's bullshit free damage unblockable shit that characters can get away with and that you're gonna lose to random bullshit and skill doesn't matter in the slightest?

Instakill Warden attacks after GB was a blessed time

>throwing an enemy into yourself

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This is literally not a problem in Street Fighter V. Every DLC character in that game gets released to be like mid tier or has so much complexity in their execution and game plan that their entire tool set isn't discovered until much later in that seasons cycle.
Sometimes the characters get buffed the next season, but that's about it.

Yes you fucking moron. This game was built by the same fucktards who thought making AC games every year was a good idea. This the same company that can’t create decent IPs without severe content drout or fuck ups at launch.
It’s not going to be a fair “fighting” and it’s never going to be fined tuned for 1v1 or 4v4.

>enemy has attacks that can completely fuck your camera

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