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>How to Approach 3D Fighting Games
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>Button Buffering
>Options at the wall
>How to get off the ground
>Low parrying
>Oki/Tech Trap
>Throw Breaking
>Wavedash/Backdash on pad
>Combo video playlist for each character

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cry me a river retard
like i said, its working fine for me and i'm finding plenty of matches
i only have to restart it about once an hour

play jin

I got Genbu with Kazumi today!

nice df1s, my dude


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I can't get out of greens with her, but good job! Keep it up!

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How the fuck do I focus on one fighting game when I want to play them all?

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I just went against some vanguard ling nigger that just mashed and did all her retarded shit over and over
AoP, spin, whatever
so this is how you get to high ranks huh, just be a retard

congrats you're in yellow

That's literally not how the game works, but thanks for trying!

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>he didn't watch the stream where speedkicks LITERALLY just did this with kazumi and got to orange ranks

how many frames does it take to startup things like throws and sidestep?
i have trouble getting out of pressure on some characters but not sure when i have enough time for some of these options (e.g. on block/hit)

usually ~-4 and up you can sidestep relatively safely

we cant all be 200 IQ players like him though

Come on user, surely you've got something better to try to bait than this!

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any idea about frames for throws?

i wanna say it's like 12 frames to come out and 10 frames to break? not sure though

Is dragunov vs DJ 0 10 matchup?


I just got a stick today. Is lying down while playing a bad habit to have if I eventually want to play offline where I’ll presumingly have to sit up to play?

Sounds super awkward.

How is that even comfortable?

It’s cold and I want be be comfy under my blankets like I was playing pad

You sound super gay, the next thing you are gonna tell us is that you also wear skirts

just bring a bed to your locals

Bring the blanket to your chair you silly.

this, its not that weird
i see people bring beds to locals all the time
probably 25% of fighting game players play laying down

anyone lay up?


Then why JDCR, the best player in the world struggle so much

because he cheeses wins off every other character and when forced to play fair by DJ, loses

Give Lars Noctis' df2

How many people cam inside while she was in cryosleep?

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what did she mean by this

Wish one of them was me desu.

Man, i wish they would buff noctis, his rage drive is the most fun of the game. Also nothing beats memeing 2D scrubs with him

>check /fgg/
>"dbzf is replacing tekken"
oh that's right, that's why i don't go there anymore

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what happened bros...

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Matchmaking is slow. SLOWWWW

the LACK of presence of mind you need to wear your clothes in such a way that your ass crack just sticks out if you bend over...

kill tekken.exe from the taskmanager

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What about the presence of mind to zoom in and focus on said ass crack?

commendable job
kino cameraman

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*makes comeback with solo gorilla rage*
tough luck kid try not getting hit next time

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I have done that so many times already. There are just not enaught player online.

Get beat by Nina makes my peepee feel weird.

What is the absolute best song in the history of Tekken

That one song by Snoop Dogg





I fade em..

too simple for it's own good, at least it will make it to one evo. Damn shame, i was pretty hyped about it.


Well after 100 hours I'm quitting Lee. Who will get me more wins, Kazumi, Law or Claudio?I have pretty good execution assuming my opponent isn't a chink student using dorm wifi.

>Well after 100 hours I'm quitting Lee. Who will get me more wins, Kazumi, Law or Claudio?I have pretty good execution assuming my opponent isn't a chink student using dorm wifi.

Who do you love most?

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isn't this one in tekken 7 too or have i been using the jukebox mod for too long?

I don't know. Haven't really explored the playstyles. Kazumi I like but she seems pretty hard to play at low levels, plus doesn't have any lows. Law I'm not sure I'm fast enough to play, and I don't know much about Claudio at all.

It's late! You wanna watch my GIGAS VIDEO? youtu.be/BmSfdU-1il0

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Pick Leo

Don't be afraid I'd trying them all. And don't be afraid of falling in love with a character!

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The uninstall wizard

How does stage selection work in tournaments? Like what happens if a King and Kazumi get to the final round of a tournament and get a stage without walls? Isn't that unfair?

God Noctis is such a retarded character
why did they make him like this

this can't be a serious question

unfair for which character?

Oh gee sorry matey guess I should've magically known that huh.

>every new character but 2d faggots are just for mashers
>2d faggots are even worse to deal with
why does Harada want to kill Tekken?

I like the new characters.

tekken is already dead

Run it homie

I wish Kazumi would beat me up and call me scum

I think I only struggle with 2Dfags cause they come from a habitat I'm not used to and button-mashers are easy to beat cause they're easy to predict. Its how I got so high in Revolution at the start cause everyone was either a Law shitter who did the same counter-kick, or a Kazuya who only knew the devil transformation input and didn't know the laser could be ducked and side-stepped quite easily.

>impossible to punish cause nearly all his moves hit far
>db2 spam over and over, unreactable and unpunishable at far range, unparryable
>impossible to pressure since df2 apparently crushes all lows, mids and highs
>demoman/uf3 mixup at the wall
>2 all day

Ha ha!

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I was watching a Noctis breakdown and the guy said underneath all the flashy aesthetic shit he’s actually a pretty standard Tekken character. Is this true or is he a bunch of gimmicky bullshit, I just want to know what I’m getting into before I buy him.

Damn guys I really love Jin. It saddens me to *drop* him as I think he has excellent movement options and is really good for learning fundamentals.
Has anyone else had to drop a character they've played for years? I feel like I'm breaking up with myself.

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Why do you have to drop him?

I just don't feel the same amount of joy I used to have when I played him. I now feel obligated to learn EWHF and I just don't like the idea of flubbing my best punish online over and over again. I've had this urge to pick up the waifu (pic related long before I reached this decision, but now I'm thinking about straight up replacing the old boy with her.

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I think you're just talking like a shitter. If you really like your character, then practice the fuck out of him until you actually get somewhere like everyone else. You can still play xiaoxiao on the side man

you sound like a bitch lol

Play noctis, you can punish fireballs with f2 from fullscreen away

He just has really good range and that’s his gimmick otherwise he’s pretty average

Outside of amazing range, he plays like a tekken character, he has no meter and the only remarkable thing about him is the range and best whiff punisher on the game on f2 and df2. all the flashy shit it's unusable for the most part, so what you end up with it's a fairly straighforward honest character with great wall carry, best whiff punish, shit range on his 10f punish, worst hop kick in the game, no magic 4, no dick jab weak CH game, good df1 and average lows ( they are ok on online though).
He is amazing against 2D, and the roll being safe if you cancel it would be the only gimmicky thing he has ( it's crushes a lot of shit.)

Oh he also has a 3f parry that works on punches and kicks, it's probably only second to jin. he is also good against Asuka as she cant parry noctis sword attacks

Y'know man, you aren't even far off in that assumption. I *feel* like I'm on some bitch ass shit right now. I think I'll just take a break and learn some Xiaoyu just because I've always been curious.
100% correct. I need to EARN this fucking character.

Thanks for the constructive (and not so constructive but hopefully well intentioned) criticisms. /Tekgen/ may have it's ups, downs and shitposts, but you fags are cool.

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My follow up question would be how is he to work on my fundamentals? I have a good amount of prior experience in other fighting games and I’ve hit low greens without cheesing in around 30ish wins. I want to keep getting better but I don’t want to learn Noctis if it means not learning Tekken.

why are his fists dripping with blood and shes all like 'bruh I want that dick though'. Thirsty bitches man I swear

I think he is fine, you'll get better at movement, whiff punishing, using his df1 and ws4 but he is also fairly unorthodox as you will not learn how to use a magic 4, a dick jab, a hop kick or a good fast mid ch launcher, he has also no fast safe mid launcher either. I feel like unless your defense and knowledge of the game is solid (cant duck highs and sidestep shit like DJ string) you'll get memed to death on greens.

this is the most fun I've ever had playing a videogame

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Oh i forgot to say, he has no easy frame traps, and both wr 1+2 jump delayed 1+2 are very linear so you'll be working with the plus frames on your df1 when it hits most of the time. (his df1 is +7 on hit)

Don't listen to that guy
All you need to do to hit Destroyer is backpedal at every occasion and throw out f3 if the other player tries to chase you

>PC Jukebox isn't fixed yet
>I still have to listen to the Tekken 7 soundtrack

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