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Lia > every other girl

Attached: [X] Rape the Princess.jpg (1920x1080, 363K)

How much did Rance sex her during the RA era?

>A poppin, fatty leftovers, an angel
That's not that much. Rangi gets 3 sluts after him in the Toushin Toshi arc alone.

Arms is like a mentor/idol figure for El who he fights and beats during TT after she initially looked down on him. Her opinion of him starts to shift after the children group destroys the Horus monster from the prologue that she was struggling with.
Also El just takes Nikkou from her, you can also express sexual interest in her if you want

Striking the earth is the thinking man's romance.

Why no harem interface?

>start of Rance's adventure was when he got kicked out of his hometown
is this headcanon? where is it from?

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His backstory

Supplementary materials

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>this backstory is from his backstory

>Using Ludo's infographs

Stop posting these.

>some random infographic, probably put together by a large mammal known for its deceptive practices
but which supplementary materials? it seems needlessly vague to say something like that.

He would be pretty gay to not fuck all of the female DLs at least once a day.

Probably some blog post or something in their website like their most recent supplementary materials

During the first five years willpower and a lot of sex were the main things preventing him from giving in to the DK bloodlust. Considering the demon girls were part of his inner circle it's safe to say that he fucked them all a lot.

Can't say for all of the games but IX had plenty of this stuff in the manual.

Attached: Scan0009.jpg (4122x2705, 1.8M)

I can't see Kamilla fucking him.

They don't have a choice, user

Why did Leazas and Zeth rebel against Helman?

She's just tsundere.

She was rebellious so she might have been an exception. If Rance orders her then she doesn't have a choice in the matter though, and I doubt he wouldn't.

Leazas and Zeth didn't exist at that point. Read the wiki if you want to know about the continent's history.

She's just tsundere and wants to be dominated

Shizuka is a good neesan

Best poppin character to be honest.

Attached: ランス10_20180328_111448.jpg (1920x1080, 361K)

Gross Leazas just rebels once Zanageth kicks the bucket, Parsley rises up with her mage friends to drive back Leazas, Helman and the Demon Army from ravaging the South, she has some Tousho to help her, Kalars backed her from the shadows, Lucy also helps.

Her rebellion was just being tsundere.

Kamilla isn't part of his official inner circle. She's still an elite four member but Hawzel says it's rare for her to leave her castle grounds and that it had been some years since Hawzel herself had seen Kamilla. She still was present at his castle after he's brought back to his senses at the end of Arc 2 though.
Meaning that if Rance fucked her he made the trip to go see her rather than her being on hand like Hornet, Satella, Silky, Hawzel, Seizel, Warg and Rizna.
Nimitz/Lexington isn't present so she either separated from the blood soul and stayed human after arc 1 ended or she got one of her bad ends. Kesselring isn't present either or mentioned so they probably died canonically.

Pretty sure the ones you mentioned plus Lei are all the surviving demons. Robo Pi-R is probably around in some form too.

Kayblis and DD too

Which Rance spin-off game would you want to see?

Attached: serious consideration.jpg (186x212, 21K)

It's probably from hanihon or Rance the Complete, never found scans of these though.

>Robo Pi-R is probably around in some form too.
I hope so.

I've been away for over a week
any new stuff? part 3? vaswald? TADA patch?

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Reset Party.

Dark Rance 01.
Set in early RA.

DK Rance
Ludo created an 8.9 MB fanfic

>Randomly wonder why is Rance so closely associated with green in general
>Look up what green symbolizes
>It actually is one representation of ambition

Huh, makes a lot of sense

The Missing Year for me, seeing Rance's first confrontation with Arios would be nice

Some threads ago, a most mysterious tripfag holding connections with moogy had gone through the extracted script and posted tidbits of CUT CONTENT.

It's one of the Rance sections on RWN. I remember seeing it there. It was also there where TADA commented he wanted to do the 14 years old Rance as a game but it was impossible.

How do you envision this? As a Rance 03-style RPG? As a VN? As a conquest game where the mechanic is baseball games?

I kind of wonder what kind of reaction Rance might have if he ever saw people of his initial village again

Though its probably safe to say that they were likely a collateral in all the bad events that goes on in the world

Rance took six trips to fuck her between Rance VI and X.
Realisticly they were all after Sengoku

Rance: Origins.

Part 3 is actual cut content

El 01

I really want to see that too, sounds like it was really large scale stuff and the turning point on Feb's development. Thought it'd probably be pretty depressing since he just wasn't able to deal with the stress of it and lost in the end anyway.
Though I'd love to see more of him post-X too, mostly because there's a fairly decent chance of Nook raping him to get her point across and I want to see it.

Miracle Tou's Dimension Hopping Adventures, set somewhere between RA1 and RA14

Isn't that literally Arc 2?

>large scale stuff
The whole 神異変, Demon King Subjugation Expedition, Kichikuou War, Hero Gelmark.
So much interesting stuff that we only got to hear about.

What happened there?

More incest adventures but this time explicit.

W-well, t-this was unexpected.

Attached: ランス10_20180328_114745.jpg (1920x1080, 420K)

This would be great as well.

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>Stumble on Shade's remix of Rebirth the Edge for Rance X
>End up listening to it a bunch of times already

I now feel a bit disappointed that there was not even more metal guitar music in Rance X

Arrange Track was pure metal guitar though.

Does someone has Alefgard pic being menacing? I really want that pic.
Thanks in advance!

I genuinely have no idea what Alefgard you're refering to. He's always cute.

Well, i mean in the game proper

X soundtrack surprised me with how good it is but I still think it's a huge waste for Shade to not be involved in the final game.

Rance date Simulator with El (You can choose male or female) and date any character,But Rance want to cuck you

But Rance is not into incest

The one with ゴゴゴゴ

>There's a rare chest in Anasel's path but not in Kenshin's
Shit, wish I had remembered that.

I think it's just this one. Not quite as menacing without the background though.

Attached: 立ち/アレフガルド/基本/うむむ.png (839x1077, 431K)

I see, so I'll add them manually and post it in the future, thanks for the pic, user!

Is there another way to disable silky's 50% resist other than kibako, whose attack doesn't hit the damage requirement and thus doesn't actually take off the buff

Poron, but he might not hit the damage requirement either.

Pretty sure Poron doesn't work.

>Hawzel and Seizel don't even acknowledge they swapped places and Rance is fucking the other one in their H-scene as they're so engrossed into making out with each other
Damn, this is hot

What am I doing wrong?

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Not learning moon

Delete it from VNR and use Game Wizard again, you need it to detect System43

Holy shit, that was it. Thanks, user

Do you happen to also know why it's saying "MessageWindow02" instead of translating specific parts? I figure it's something obvious but I've never done this before

There's four or five characters who have that ability, including one of Kesselring's maids.

Make sure you're using the shared dictionary to delete those.

By opening up the shared dictionary from the context menu in VNR?

You ever wonder what Kamilla's Dragon form looks like? I doodled up an idea as to what it might be.

Attached: Loli Kamilla.png (671x583, 102K)

Well, never mind. I may be too stupid to figure out a machine translator

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>Using current FF instead of the old one
Yep, retarded.

I can see why kay has a thing for her

I hear the bleeding edge FF is actually really good but personally prefer Opera 12

isn't there a PDF guide? Which VNR are you using?

Attached: file.png (599x501, 264K)

Not my main PC if the non-widescreen didn't give it away. I just grabbed this one because my main one runs Linux and I didn't want to add a virtual machine to the possible things that could go wrong

Yeah, I tried to follow it to the letter. 8bc000 doesn't even show up in my text strings

She was cute and small before Avel changed her to fit his fetishes more.

Oh, and VNR reader

It's too bad I can't just download VNR with all the settings I already need

I have EmbedSystem43 on mine.

You could always give up and learn japanese

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Imagine all of the possibilities.

El/Zance/Sushinu threesome
Zance/Rangi/El rival sex threesome
El and Mouri guro sex
El and Lelikov corrupting Hero

El vs Rance final boss for the right to romance Reset.

Weird, mine looks the same, but I get nonsense that looks like code instead of a translation. And learning a language for a porn game seems like a bad reason

>using VNR ahead of ITHVNR

That is her future son

>No shark teeth

If there's a better way, I'd love to know it. I'm not used to any of this, though

is there any reason to use this at all?

Not if I can help it

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>Right to romance Reset

I thought their relation was purely brotherly/sisterly?

Will the Hornlet and Satellet be sons or daughters?

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