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Snipe OJ edition

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>Newbie guide


>Complaints about BB's underperforming go here

>Captain Skill calculator

>Statistic tracker

>In-game chat channel:
NA Channel: Search for "Veeky Forums" (by antibullyranger)
EU Channel: "Official Veeky Forums channel" (by Varzov)
SEA Channel: "Veeky Forums"

[HOTEL] & [KUMA] on EU - post in the Veeky Forums ingame channel
[BOTES] on SEA - contact "Benlisquare"
[BOTES] & [HOTEL] on NA - contact "JakeNS"


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Which bote has the best stern?

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typeset more doujins you Korean

>opened all possible containers
>got nothing but a bretagne
>3 perma camos I can't even use
I wonder why I didn't skip this campaign, it was a total waste of time.
They probably wouldn't want to give out t9-10 camos too easily since it's the two tiers that people need to buy camo the most.
Actually I was surprised at how low key the HSF collection thing was considering it's the first free t10 camo.

My botefu Taihou

So anyone knows what happened to this thing?

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>NA let the thread die again

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Unpopular opinion:
Everyone talks about how good the top CV players are (i.e. Austia). But they're awful players at everything else. Look at their stats and they're nowhere close to a superunicum playing DD CA BB.

Tell me what makes more sense:
>They are amazingly capable players who get WRs above 70% because they're great at playing the most skill-demanding class
>They are mediocre players who get WRs above 70% because they've learned how to exploit a broken OP game mode.

>Everyone talks about how good the top CV players are
Not here.

Even that scottish guy admits cv's are stupid as fuck and that's all he plays.

>that scottish guy

>wake up
>can't play with morty because he got off to go toke up
how do we save him /wowsg/

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>They are mediocre players who get WRs above 70% because they've learned how to exploit a broken OP game mode.
The obvious answer is and has always been this.

Top-down clicky mode is broken, there is no effective counter to getting clicked (inb4 just stack up five USN BBs and CAs ecksdee), scouting with planes is better and faster and safer than scouting done by a DD, hittign enemies risk nothing (high tier CVs have more plane reserves than they can realistically lose in teh 12 minutes the average battle lasts) while any other ship risks taking hits as soon as it opens fire.

WG knows this, has know this since 2014 when tehy acknowledged the problem, and done nothing becuase solving it would require touching the basic CV mechanics. marketing decided 'fuck it, let's make shekels now', so we have a broekn mess of a system with band-aids slapped on in the form of aimless buffs and nerfs that all failed to focus on the problem and instead attempted to solve the symptoms.

I've posted this on the forums, and here, roughly every three months for years. It' sad and I should probably just give up.

inb4 assmad CVnts rush in and start shitposting. Again.

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>shooting at Midway who tries to flee
>all shells hit the deck and bounce off
>you're a Yamato

he is the one who needs to save us

Server just crashed in the middle of a great game AAAAAAAAAAH

I wish I played on the same server as umidoori
he probably doesn't even know who i am :feels:

How about this, you giant faggot: CVnts basically play a RTS when everyone else plays a shooter. They both need entirely different skills to be good at. A CVnt won't be super unicum in a CA just like CAsual won't be super unicum when suddenly being forced into a CV.
Meawhile the basics of what make someone good translate pretty well between DDs, CAs and BBs, so if you're good at one of them you won't suck ass at the other two. You're basically complaining that some korean starcraft zombie sucks at counterstrike.

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On top of
>2x CQE


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Threadly reminder that HOTEL pedos don't belong in the OP of a post on Veeky Forums.

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Please specify you are only talking about Europe's HOTEL. NA HOTEL is really chill and sweet dude

All the more reason that EU HOTEL should be left out of this thread. People in NA HOTEL don't deserve being associated with that reddit horsefucker circlejerk.

You increase a few points just by removing the learning curve so yeah, coupled with NA boomer playerbase you could end up at 58-60% wr easily.

>kumautists are still this desperate for members

>horsefucker still posting

>playing in a clan with powertripping faggots, redditors, non-vg and bronies

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>tries to forcibly overtake a clan

Pot, meet kettle.

>redditors and non-vg

Have you tried asking kuma members about their favourite website?

>350 CW battles in
>horsefuckers still can't stay in new EZmodo typhoon
>dropped back 6 times after staying in typhoon for 3 battles
>now dropped back to storm 2
>51% wr in CWs

top kek, why would anyone want to join that mess?
You sick dick at CWs, and that's how you want to attract Veeky Forums players, that have to endure your reddit censorship and circlejerking in return.

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>changing the name
>overtaking the clan
lmao, you think about the evil "overtaking" because your clan is literally a powertripping delusion for you, cuck.
Prove me wrong; you can't, you tremble just thinking about resigning your so important deputy seat, you fuckboy.

>all Veeky Forums players are +70% WR megaunicums

Your kumautism shows, have you taken your ADHD medication today?

What hotel is this?

>nobody asked for it
>offenders are promptly kicked

Democracy in full effect friendo.

>kicks people for shitposting and hurting feefees
>has a dedicated bully-free discord
>HOTEL discord members in flames when they are called "ahmed"
H-hotel isn't reddit I-i swear :DDDDD

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>HOTEL has a sexually mature adult shipwoman as their mascot
>KUMA has a pubescent shipgirl as theirs
>HOTEL are the paedos

HOTEL NA sounds a lot like HOTEL EU. Hope we can play together if they ever implement cross-server Clan Battles.

>KUMA: 0 clan battles
Really makes me think...

Oh the irony
>HOTEL that has literally only CWs as the main reason to join their clan now deflects piss poor performance with "no one is a 70% unicum experienced player lel get a lyfe silly" antics while autistically spamming CWs battles every session with the same 5-6 unemployed cucks, still sucking at it

>kick people for trivial shitposting that has no consequences on anyone ability to play the game
hoteltard brony delusions

>being so new and retarded that you don't know the lore behind KUMA
>thinks that playing 400 battles and still being trash is a merit

Ok bro, dont forget to like my deviantart

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NA Hotel, always stuck at 6/7 players for clan battles.

What's up, why did you stop yiffing?

>trivial shitposting

>lol dude let me just ironically take over your clan and rename it to my bidding

>lel you don't like my sense of humour? you must be reddit you retard

>lol you're kicking me? it was just a prank bro

Kumautists as always trying to twist history to make themselves look less of an idiot than they are.

>all this asshurt for a name
>lust for power in a soviet botegame
>can't deal with shitposting
>needs to kick "toxic" people


When will you ban guns on your warships?
Dont you know that reddit banned firearms because they are scary and hurt people feelings?

>asshurt for a name
>kumautists were the ones lobbying for a name change from the get-go

Why do you keep coming up with an argument that makes you look bad?

Another day and another thread went to shit thanks to dramafags, discordfags, shitposters and falseflagers.

Report and hide, faggot. Stop whining.

Yeah, fucking non-Veeky Forums tards not knowing that discord drama is the true Veeky Forums spirit to discuss things.
Oh, wait...

If you're not in luger's discord, leave. We don't take kindly to your types in here

What a coincidence, people with common sense are not on luggys discord.

> Which bote has the best stern?

No idea dude.

Could you tell us?

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>makes you look bad
Wait who kicked people for a name?
Was it whiny redditors from hotel or was it former people from kuma?
I don't think it was the latter :^)
Do you really want to know why the name was changed?
The purpose was literally to see which lenghts you would go to defend your echo chamber, your circlejerk and your power in spite of the community.
You fell right for it and you proved an open secret that everybody knew.
You aren't /wowsg/ and you will never be, you're just a bunch of 9gag circlejerking horsefuckers in dire need of a safespace because you are triggered by the very existence of most people on here, and what happened is the cherry on top of the trail of clues pointing to that.
Your loss.

>If you're not in luger's discord, leave.
piss off, his discord (and all the other clan discords) is the reason this thread in this sorry state. How about you shitstains contain your drama and shitposting to your respective discords.

I'm good looking.

Look at my shoes.

Don't make fun of me, or I'll tell Haruna and he'll spread false rumors about you because he is my beloved sociopath!!!

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>its was a master plan, I swear!
>i am totally not buthurt for being btfo'ed, I swear!

This general has been shit before luger spammed shitty discord, you fucking autist newfag.

not being on luger's discord doesn't equal with being a hotel redditor .
please do not round me up with those retards, thanks.

Bisco of course

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>it was a ruse all along

Implying kumautists have such foresight and not just trying to save face after they shot themselves in the foot.

Look I'm so butthurt that I'm making fun of retards that still cling to that shitter circlejerk.
Please let me get back so I can upvote your posts and share Rex's ponies on deviantart; oh and fail my way to gale league xd

Look at this stern

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>This general has been shit before luger spammed shitty discord, you fucking autist newfag.
this meme again. It has been slightly shit before but at least we could keep the thread alive with decent discussions. But ever since you discord shits showed up these threads been mostly cancer. You faggots can't keep yourself from pointing fingers at each other and pretending that you are less of cancer than the other guy.

And this point I honestly don't care, I decided to check out the thread on a whim to see if anything changed from last time i was here, and just as expected you retards are still at it.

>he doesn't know

Attached: list of known redditors.jpg (444x259, 51K)

The only thing that is a meme is your autistic whining about Luger's Discord killing the general. The general has been shit before the fucking autist German made his shitty Discord server and shilled it on /wowsg/, this is not something you can "deny" when there are fucking archived threads of this general from 2015 to 2018.

>And this point I honestly don't care
You care enough to delude yourself and others with false misinformation.

>But ever since you discord shits showed up these threads been mostly cancer.
Nice misinformation, or maybe you're an autist newfag. I'm partial to the latter.

>space battles
fucking what?

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>be hotel innercircle member
>suck azerbaijani brony redditor dick but that's completely fine and doesn't make me his enabler
>accept outsiders and cater to whiny snowflakes but it's ok cause anyone is Veeky Forums even those that dont browse
>care about feefees because that's the 4chin spirit
>im intellectually superior because i do not shitpost, i do not believe in god nor joke about minorities and im very very serious about everything concerning my alleged 4chinz clan
>need to shelter in my private discord circlejerk because people are mean to me, but it's their fault if im an easily baited insufferable redditor
>so bad at CWs that can't stay in typhoon at the end of the season but it's shitposters fault
>nothing going for us or our circlejerk, but we can boast about "BTFOing" someone from our sinking boat

This is what deluded redditors actually believe.

April fools day special operation.
and bunch of space camos only 8k gold each

but it's the 28th, not the first

The patch day is today.
Also, no. Space Hotel is not included

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also, im new to World of warships, but wtf is all this clan drama shit ITT.
it's absolutely cancer

so no space battles right now?

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>deluded redditors
oh the irony

This, I remember the whole Wave Anusmati affair and the OJ shitposting from raptor and his friends.
Coincidentally this place was flooded with redditors, whiny faggots and dramaqueens egotists shortly after raptor streamed that, hence the meta bitching about all of the above.
It only went downhill from that point but shitposting and unrelated content has been a constant thourough /wowsg/ life.
Discord is cancer for the threads, but this one and /wotg/ were always cesspools, regardlessly.

>no u

Nah, i think it will be available from the start.
>The new mode will be available for all players with at least Account Level 12 in their Service Record.
Hope you are old enough for it.

Fug, better get too it
i only started on saturday on NA servers
are they dead around this time?

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idk, I am from EU server, but I presume they should be ded

Redditors from HOTEL trying to trick people to join their circlejerk.
Steer clear and ignore that.

Serious question

Is zao Any good

The more I compare it with any other ship like Minnies or memes I see a utterly frail ship that fires 2 slow to abuse fire mechanics, dosent have torpedoes for anything other that a suicide run and doesn't have any real benefit but fast shells wich now are also avaliable on other ships without these issues

>dosent have torpedoes for anything other that a suicide run
nigga what

You have better HE fire chance than every other t10 CA except the Henry which has less guns and worse dispersion than you. I also don't know how the hell you think Zao is more frail than Minotaur considering it can tank BB shells somewhat while the Minotaur gets dev striked every time the thing pokes out of its smoke. You also have a crap ton of torps.

>smoke mino
off yourself

The answer is, not very.
Stealth fire is no longer possible so Zao has not much going for it.
Low concealment is decent for flanking but the ship has very low staying power so there's that.

>8km torps

Go tell that to everybody playing random.

Space Hotel should be wearing a skintight spacesuit!

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>not being hit due to vaping
>maybe bouncing 420~460mm shells
i duno man, id take the smoke over repair.

teamwork is magic and discord is a fucking dungeon. radar mino is unusable outside a div.

If you want the clan bonuses and are interested in CW, join HOTEL. Most players from both clans hang out in the Veeky Forums channel, so it doesn't matter much which clan you join from a divving perspective.

TIME: 1 minute 22 seconds
You fucking weebs manage to impress me sometimes.

Is the gaym up?

>ship that fires 2 slow to abuse fire mechanics
eh? Most BBs have a DCP active time that lasts 15 s. Zao's reload is easily short enough to land shots immediately afterwards.

>You have better HE fire chance than every other t10 CA
Per individual shell, sure. The problem is her reload time is much longer, so other CAs will spit more fire/min.

this is what i mean with the fire chances and ROF

i know its a poor fixup to have good fire chances on a slow ROF cruiser. if i have multiple targets to set on fire for instance i wont do it like how a des memes would.

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If you want to win a match in CW you should join KUMA. Once we get enough people we play regulary again.
If you want part of autistic furries dumping their oc pony porn in a sekrit discord while failing to stay more then 2 days in typhoon while harvesting their members good feelings in exchange for cronie cummies than HOTEL might be just the clan for you.