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Surprise! :3

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why is ophelia such a slutty slut

Ophelia is fine as hell. Too bad I never played far enough in Conquest to get her.


Post /u/

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lel is canon straight

So now that it's abundantly clear that horsemeta is dying, what killed it?


Rape Ophelia

best ive got
hot female dragon on female dragon action

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>Same OP image

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Greil and Greil's nose when?

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>chapter 22 of Conquest
>still don't have a single kid

at what point is it not cheating to use the caste thing to grind supports?

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So get this

Two pairs of dragon tits smushed together

there's no content

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Horses are still cancer and without a doubt the best for clearing non PvP content. They've just fallen by the wayside slightly in arena because the name of the game is "score inflation" which is the one weakness cavs can't fully ignore without serious merging investment.

>same OP image as last thread
Fuck you man.

Imagine the sex

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You could have several by then without using the castle. Pick some you like and get them done.

Greil's nose is beautiful.

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>one weakness cavs can't fully ignore
And you know armors and dragons.

For people in the previous thread wondering about what emulators to use
This wiki has all your options and some recommendations

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Lazy motherfucker

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Dragons and armors, and incidentally both of them got superpowered by the end of last year.

Dragons got refined Lightning Breath+ and adaptive damage for ranged units. Suddenly Reinhardt and Brave Lyn, who normally defeated everything, would be destroyed in one shot. Dragons also bypass Sacae's Blessing, and usually have enough bulk to take a hit. As for melee cavalry, they're a joke. Their lower stat totals mean they can't break through the dragons.
Grima and Myrrh are the culmination of this, since their weapons are fantastic and come with the adaptive damage built in.

Armors on the other hand, got Bold and Vengeful Fighter by the end of last year, while they also got much, much, much stronger and beefier units like every Winter unit, Zelgius, Vector, Hardin, and Grima. Bold Fighter means Spd is simply irrelevant, Vengeful Fighter is similar. Specials get charged way too fast for comfort, and there aren't really any cavalry that can really fight them well outside of just using straight up armor slaying weapons.
Do you think Xander or Sigurd would be able to tank Winter Lissa or Chrom, especially if they have Bold Fighter? Think Camus can fight a Winter Tharja? It's just not possible.
And armors also have high bulk, so Brave Lyn, and even Reinhardt (if he's not fighting sword users) struggle.

I'd say these two were the biggest threats to cavalry and the final nail in the coffin was trench tiles. Since then, armors and dragons, who don't care about either, have reigned supreme. The meta shifted from
>oh fuck Rein and Blyn are destroying everything, I need a Gronnraven+ wielder
>oh fuck there are defense tiles and my opponent has Myrrh/Grima/Zelgius/Vector/Nowi/Tiki//Hardin/whoever, they're too bulky

And cavalry has been finally laid to rest. May they die in agony.

>crossover promotion
>Jeanne and Jalter in FEH
>LIke and BIke in FGO

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I need more cute Amelia pictures
Post cute Amelia! No lewd, just cute!

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when do you think they'll rerun the BK TT?

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An hour, you dumb burger


BST creep and Armors and Dragons getting shitloads of new toys to play with, bringing them to the forefront.

>no trailer

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What the fuck I just want Leo

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>no trailer


>Sitting at 60 orbs again
>Don want to roll until we know whats on the legbanner

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The scoring system

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>no trailer
>no content
>dead game

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They won't while they're selling him.

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wow enough to get you one thing on a legendary banner


>the unnamed continent of fatesland

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ISIS realized he's way too strong for an F2P unit, that's why they released Zelgius in the first place
Expect more shit like the BK starter pack at absolute best, I'm sure we'll be able to +10 losers like Joshua/Tobin/Clive before he ever gets reran

>Do you think Xander or Sigurd would be able to tank Winter Lissa or Chrom, especially if they have Bold Fighter?
In what universe can they not? You can kill those units with far weaker reds.

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>americans thinking the rest of the world changes hour with them
What a grand and intoxicating innocence.

>he actually thinks 60 orbs is enough to get anything on a B8% banner

Never. Pay up, goy.

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>still no legendary trailer
>still no new refines
The absolute fucking state of this game.
Glad I quit, FE16 when?

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Sigurd beats chrom and lissa while taking barely any damage

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wtf give me your Eirikas

>jewelry and lingerie are classy
>wonderfully smooth colors
>hint of nipple through the lace
Thanks user, and I wanted to sleep earlier today

>tfw want Clive and Tobin merges, but IS refuses to rerun any TT unit who's name isn't Lightning

It's not that difficult to stand units next to each other.

FEH Keeeper stats
Post em'

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Lily has a cute butt

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Be patient, /feg/. I assure you the trailer will be worth the wait and you're all gonna be happy about it!

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Never realized how different they look.

I really want to kiss Catria. I bet she is a good kisser.

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Here's a preview from E3

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Lyn has never been a TT unit, user. What are you talking about?

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I would let her fucking destroy me.

So much wasted potential with Fates, even in the fucking continent.
No fucking name, that wasted grouping of islands, that massive area of desert that could possibly be argued for being Tellis's Hatari, that open grassland on the top right, all that snow on the top left.
What the fuck.
>b-b-but no! we gotta add facetouching and baby microwave dimensions because fanservice!
I'll never not be mad at Fates.

>Fire Emblem: Marth and Ike are seen in The Distracted Globe and during the final battle. Corrin can be seen entering a PVP portal in the Oasis.

im not entering in every stupid unit i summon
also, last time i went to enter my 5 stars, the older banners were no longer selectable so my summon stats are permanently and totally fucked

This is the ass of Titania.

I think he's still living in 2016. At least Lucina earned her title.

>I assure you the trailer will be worth the wait

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this is reminding me I didn't care much for Awakening's manakete designs

Who loves cocks more Sharena or Sakura?

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YTiki is using her own (FE1) dragon, which is also used by NPC manaketes. ATiki uses a recolor of Nowi's Awakening dragon.

Please take that filth elsewhere.

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The trailer is tomorrow you mongs, heroes with miracle tonight

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I love Kagero!

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Soccera likes all kind of cocks, literally who only likes Wrys cock.

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Is Fire Emblem Heroes so popular that there will be no more mainline Fire Emblem games?

Also, what's the point of Heroes? There aren't supports and things in it, are there?

Happens when your development team is split between people actually wanting to make a game and people wanting to make nuSenran Kagura clone.

Damn that's cute

I hope it's trash, I rolled in the bunny banner just because I couldn't wait more and now I'm at 85 orbs. I did manage to get another Alfonse, Delthea and S.Kagero, though.

>he STILL thinks we're getting a trailer or even a banner
This is the end of Heroes, mate. They will give us the Miracle banner with 3 healers and then shutdown servers immediately on the reset time that the Legendary Banner is supposed to drop.