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Pelagian Supremacy Edition

Dominions is a fantasy turn-based war game created by two dudes. One of them is a teacher.
The game combines a simple presentation with an extremely wide array of strategic options, including over 3000 units, 900 spells and 400 magic items. Turns are resolved simultaneously, with players planning battles rather than directly controlling them.
It has simplistic graphics but is easily moddable and extremely deep.
Basically, it's an autist’s wet dream of a war game.


>Group chatroom

>Our pastebin



>Where do I get it?
Currently only available on Steam.


>Mod inspector

>Multiplayer guide

>Debug mod

>How do I change the fonts?
Replace guifont.ttf, guifont_fancy.ttf and guifont_texty.ttf in the game's 'data' folder (C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dominions5\data usually).

>Is there an easier way to play multiplayer?
Works for Dominions 5 just as well.

>Completed games
Submit them here:

>OP pastebin
Just copypaste it and link the previous thread below.

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wtf why isn't anyone replying?

Ded thread ded game. Or they finally got their turns.

So is the meta in Doms 5 still to have 6-8 dominion candles on your pretender or is it different now that design points are scarcer?

take over in winning position, last call, hop in chat

someone in the last thread said that going 4 is the minimum and that it's actually kindof common

I felt like that was the case. Isn't that really easy to punish by going for a dominion-kill build?

I've never done pvp so i'm not the person to ask, but I've never heard of dominion kill builds being a thing.. ideally, someone who takes low dominion would be able to build temples/preach off such a tactic.

Its kind of a memey strategy. One thing you can do is have an awake titan of the underworld with dom 8+, build skeptics from your capital, park them all on or near your least-liked neighbor's capital and if he has a low dominion score, he'll be dead before he even realizes something is wrong. You can even make a skeptic your prophet, hillariously enough.

Should I host a EA or LA modnat slot game?

It really depends on your sacreds. If they're good a maximum of 4/turn per fort or even just in your cap can be really painful.

I've got a Cauldron of Broth that I'm willing to sell to anyone for any combination of 15 gems. Hit me up if you're interested.

The only people who really need super high dominion these days are freespawn nations and sacred tactic nations.

What can EA Ulm do in the late game?

why suddenly when you're owning somebody do they start being super slow with their turns goddamnit just play hard and die

in other news, turns never ever

Best case scenario: They're thinking hard about strategies to beat your dudes and rescripting mages

Worst case scenario: They only give a shit about games if they're winning and stop checking for new turns more than once a day

How does rain affect fire elementals, if at all?

Reduces their heat aura and helps put out dudes who got set on fire from their fire damage

Nice. Thanks.

Meant to quote this in regards to

>excited as hell to summon first iron angel
>kit him out fully as a thug raider, send against small army+pd vs agartha
>take chest wound within first 2 rounds from an umbral's life drain
>barely win despite that thanks to extra encumbrance from wound racking up the fatigue fast (7 reinvig wasn't even close to keeping up), it wouldn't have been much longer until he passed out

I thought these angels were supposed to be badass, what gives

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umbrals have very high strength and an armor piercing attack. They're good against even the heaviest of thugs.

Iron angels' lore will never not be funny.

i didnt expect this game to ever start and i have exams soon

Please find a sub for me or just restart the game when its still turn 1

Like user said, Umbrals are scary, and even then I think you got a bit unlucky

>hmm, i've never played as agartha so let's take a look-see in the manual
>conj 5, okay sure
>only 8 gems gives you 4 of them per casting
are you fucking shitting me

Where's the joke?

>physical monument to the collective autism of the Ulmish
>"never uses magic"
>Invariably gets decked out in magical gear

What's going on when the mages are researching? Are they reading forgotten tomes of past knowledge? Or are they "inventing" the spells/rituals as they go?

why isn't it chance based?

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MAgartha's summons are very gem efficient in general.

They are divine beings summoned by magic that are supposed to mock the divine and magic. They are also supposed to make men believe in their own strength while being super combatants/thugs summoned to do the work the men would otherwise do. This also works.

Mages don't research spells, for one. They research schools of magic. The schools of magic are divided based on the principles by which they function. To study conjuration is to study the summoning of beings and forces from elsewhere, to study alteration is to study the use of magic to change the physical makeup of material things, to study evocation is to study the projection of raw energy and so on.

To go from one level of research in a school to the next represents an advancement of the nation's understanding of the underlying principles of that school and thus permits the translation of those theories into practice via the various Paths of magic.

The Paths/spheres provide the power source, the schools provide the theory for its use and the final spell is putting that into practice.

The act of research is a bit mixed and abstract. Some researchers study ancient tomes, such as the Iachassarite Sages. Some gaze in their navels all day and come up with weird shit, such as the Philosophers of Arcoscephale. Some probably have weird hallucinations after drinking the urine of a town drunk who's been fed a bunch of mushrooms growing around the cesspits of the local troll population.

Redpill me on false fetters. Worth using to hold someone down while magic'ing them? How many units does it typically effect?

i think it would be more mysterious and interesting if you didn't know when you were going to advance a level, and that you only got a handful of the spells in each level.

Have you guys ever worked out a master strategy in the nick of time to save your ass? I'd like to hear about it.

Ask me in 2 days

What game you in?

>one of the SteamedHam players is a write-fag


The amount of spells you get access to each level actually depends on your path diversity, which I think is pretty cool, if admittedly a little underwhelming sometimes when you just recruit your first indie mage or whatever and abracadabra you can now cast x. Also random chance for research in Master of Orion 2, while cool on paper, seemed a bit unnecessary as a game mechanic. Still, you're right that dominions way of doing magic research definitely doesn't feel very mysterious at all, it's more like science.

>Still, you're right that dominions way of doing magic research definitely doesn't feel very mysterious at all, it's more like science.
Magical research is the only kind of research in Dom though so in 4X game terms it literally is science. If there was a separate research track for forts and troops and economy things (like scales) then maybe magic research could be more random but right now it doesn't make much sense.

Does any nation in Dom5 build Dark Citadels?

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Does anyone know if dom5 has those detailed spell descriptions that dom4 had at the end of the manual? They were very helpful but I can't find the dom5 version of them.

It's AoE is low, its range is tiny, and more than half of anything worth casting it on at will resist the effects entirely. Assuming it still works the same as dom4, it's pretty easy to break out if your MR isn't bad. Given the low fatigue you can spam it for a lot of casts, but frontloaded spells and winning the fight early tends to work better.

I've never really seen it used heavily, but if you have cheap A1 researchers it might show some use when spammed under storm/stormpower?

Nations with cheap A1 and storm access usually come with cheap A2, though, and I have no doubt that A2 casting thunderstrike will far outshine anything you can do with false fetters.

>How many units does it typically effect?
It depends on what troops. You can and should do the math on it yourself if you're thinking about a specific situation. It hits 2 squares (at A2), so figure out how many troops will fit into that space. Find the fraction which will win a MR roll using the DRN tables and multiply the number of troops affected by that number.

You're probably not going to see more than 3 per cast unless you find very ideal targets.

when you finally kill their sc god

Game: MArginallyMoreBalanced
Turn number 39
Next turn due: 19:33 GMT on Wednesday March 28th

Agartha 2h file received
Atlantis 2h file received
C'tis 2h file received
Eriu 2h file received
Ermor 2h file received
Jotunheim 2h file received
Pangaea 2h file received
R'lyeh 2h file received
>T'ien Ch'i Waiting for 2h file
Ulm 2h file received
Ys 2h file received

Bullying time.

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>he can't deflect bullets with his sword

Share so I can be hype too

Will if he posts it publically, for sure. He just offered for us to email him to write with him or something like that.

What are the best strats for defending thrones in cataclysm?

t.about to fight doom horrors for the first time

What nation, what turn, what research levels?

Just a friendly post to say that it is in fact Phaecia and not I who has not taken their turn.

I'm fine with hearing about any strategy you've used which is at least somewhat efficient and practical (i.e. not a pretender wishing for power 10 times and decked out in artifacts).

I'm more aiming to get a sense of how much firepower you need to throw at a doom horror to get the thing to reliably die than nation specific advice.

Well MA Ulm don't consider crafting to be magic, that is why their only mages are smiths.

I think the idea is that they show people that a man (or something that looks likr a man) can win a battle through pure strength and fighting skill even in an age where mages are throwing fireballs around and giant dragons are claiming to be gods.

Though for their cost, iron angels are actually quite shit imo.

Though if you want to give nation specific advice, I'm playing Marverni. Assume 7 in every school for research.

Use it to stop elephants

Here's the really weird thing:

You can have a pretender with huge magical skills, but in a nation with no research, they can only cast shit spells like flying shards.

Why would anyone even bother studying magic past level 2 or 3 if the apex of known magic is to throw a rock at someone.

Doom Horrors are pretty fucking difficult to deal with in general. Masses upon masses of undead (or otherwise morale-less and unlikely to flee) chaff to keep it distracted while your mages spam the everloving shit out of any prec 100 single-target murderdeath thing you have access to is probably your best bet in general. Throw up Antimagic so they can bust through the damage reversal easily. MR resist shit will be a crapshoot, but CAN be done with sufficient pen and casters. I've Soul Slayed a Legion of Gods before, with the aid of a dozen mages spamming it while it snacked on a bunch of berserked maenads. That's not a doom horror, but it's a comparable weight class.

There's basically nothing that can go toe to toe with them for an extended period of time except MAYBE a regenerating immobile or similarly ridiculous bastard. And you definitely don't want to do that, because the fight will last long enough that your pretender will get horror marked enough to get a return visit every turn for the rest of the game, which'll end badly.

As Marverni, you could maybe get by spamming Rage Of The Cornered Rat on boars to keep them from routing. You've got big damage out of your druids, but you'll need a bunch.

How does Cataclysm work with Ascension points? Do you lose if the doom horrors eat enough thrones that someone doesn't have the points to win? Or does it just lower the amount of points needed?

It lowers the amount of points needed to win.


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Some interesting ideas there, thanks. Massed soul slay was definitely in my plan, but I didn't think I'd need that much chaff.

Having an SC go toe-to-toe with them is obviously not going to work, but I'm planning on disposable moon blade wielders. I'll report back after the cataclysm about how well that went.

The chaff is mostly to keep it eating chaff, rather than eating mages. The teleporting ones are dickheads. Like two thirds of the maenads I brought SURVIVED that Legion of Gods battle, but it did still eat a few of my casters while blipping around. The Maenads had the advantage that I could Growing Fury > Retreat with a Pan, which set them all off simultaneously and didn't risk my casters going rage mode, but you don't have the berserkers for that and you wouldn't wanna do it in a fort battle. In general you're looking for stuff with a large footprint that isn't going to run away when taking losses ('cause a single round of attacks from a doom horror will murder anything anyway).

You need a ton of shit because doom horrors generally have +20 or more fear, and all of them have either extremely dangerous irresistable attacks or just a lot of them. Titan pretenders with artifacts can sometimes fight them off, but that's pretty rare.

>10-20 skeletons or other chaff that doesn't care about morale
>2-3 Life For Life spammers
>4-6 blood slaves

Psshh... nothing personnel Doom Horror...

They sometimes show up in pairs. But yeah, blood's got an easier time dealing with them than most, since you only need to worry about (potentially) True Ethereal and Damage Reversal negating your Life For A Life.

So is Phlegra actually any good? They seem much better than Mekone but I haven’t had the chance to play them in MP

rip abductor ;_;
pls stop kill self on ermor now jotuns

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statues > horses

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Pan might've fared better if he ordered more numerous and varied magic casters to partake in that battle.

If that's MArginally, then he does seem to have been recruiting the hell out of Pans basically everywhere.

Pan might've fared better if he didn't script his mages to spam Destruction and try to wreck the armor of units that don't actually use armor.

Dat Herse tho

There is a separate pdf for spells. Idk why they did it, but they did.

GG mama just killed a man.

Ulmish steel wins again. So a short history of what happened. This is the game where Ermor casted BoT on turn 13, and it was still up until the last turn of 75. As expected most nations ganged up on Ermor asap. With Hinnom in the lead in Ermor kills. But Hinnom decided to lay off Ermor because he realized that BoT was actually in his favor as other nations' mages were more direly weakened by it than his own. For some reason Man went AI not long after BoT was cast (coincidence?) which then I ate him. Shortly after most nations started going AI. The remaining players tried to deal with Ermor, but failed in doing so. Ermor was a much better player than everyone and was able to fend off poor attempts at invasion. It was pretty much a stalemate WW1 style for like 20 turns until I reached const8. That's when the game changed. Seeing as how I was lacking a UW prov for H3 access I needed some way to win the game, which cons8 enabled. I think that's when Oceania realized I had access to all the thrones needed in order to win the game (or by mere chance) he took the sole throne I needed to win. It was a short battle, but I won through Ulmish earthen mastery and took the last throne and ascended to pankodom.

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>fights anti-SC units
>with SC
>still actually manages to win
Well they are indeed shit and that unit is over equiped. I count like 80gems? + 20 for the cast so a 100 gem unit barely won against a few 8/gem units.

Do mindless units not get any XP or something?

I think his larger problem was putting quickness boots on an enc10 SC.

T'ien Ch'i, you are really a commendable player. You are not only subbed for a guy who start to stale after loosing his expansion party (what a fag) and made your nation strong enough to invade your neighbour (me), but the most impressive thing is that you haven't started to sit inside your cap when the things start to go South, waiting for me or R'lyeh to capture it, you fearlessly went out to fight me in open battle. That is very commendable, I am impressed. Zero irony, you are really a player it's interesting to play against.

Let's have an enjoyable, fullfilling battle next turn. It will be my victory, though, despite 1:3 disadvantage.

t. "I am on my 1000th turn now" person

I'm on a non cataclysm game with retarded settings and I unironically wish cataclysm was enabled now

Hey Atlantis. You stay down there, and I'll stay up here, and noone gets Empoisoned or infected with lizard pox. That cool?


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Nothing unclear in that beyond a couple of missing vowels. What're you failing to understand?

It just looks unprofessional, is all.

What actually happened to the Abductor? The replay just shows him vaporizing.

Report it on Steam.

EA and MA Agartha are about switching to a nearly pure summon army as soon as possible.

no idea must have been decayed or failed to retreat or something ;_;

Especially the EA summons are really, really good. While playing around with the country to see what breaking the seal actually does, around 20 of the fire summons killed both a god vessel and the legions of gods. I wish the description would just flat out state the actual effects of the spell. I thought the vessels would be under my control.


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I love sirens!

Post exploding blesses.

I wanted to try a meme bless on LA Abysian assassins but when I tried it out the explosion didnt even indies half the time.

Maybe nazca or laxibalba with explosion and bloodbond
The reasoning is to field flying sacreds that you can replace, scatter them behind enemy lines and watch the chain reaction
Bonus for LAxib that actually want a BF pretender
I don't play MP so YMMV

With both charged body and explosion?

Charged body on its own seemed more reliable and cheaper.

Marignon, give your flagellents explosion. Name your pretender Osama Bin Laden



>watching a youtuber to see if I can glean any tricks for sauromatia
>he says oiorpatas look shitty and that he would like to use hydras
fucking dropped

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what bless?