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Bloodborne discussion is welcome here, but you'll get more help in their general: >KING'S FIELD

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Second for praise [embed]

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>invade kill there gank squad

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I wonder why they decided to put a naked katana man in the first area

you know ive been thinking and i would fuck the dancer

Fire keeper is looking quite regal today.

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yeah but what if its a man under the armor


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alright so im at the lothric princes boss.

is this where the fun stops? i don't want to have to run through 2 dozen enemies to get to a faggot that teleports nonfuckingstop just to have to kill him twice. is this game even worth playing anymore at this point?

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>invade and kill their gank squad
>host pulls the plug
>feels even better than if i got to finish the forever rolling host
>he's fucking up his online play and dooming his way of white corona for me

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>>sunbro for twincest
>>Get summoned as I'm zoning in I'm staring at a purple waving hi and then attacking with his host butt buddy in the back.
>>Alt f4
So this is the absolute state of pvp'ers. Wow you fags are worse then the pve crowd you go elitist on.

this is a bait correct?

>he isnt enjoying the most kino boss in the game

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I may be retarded but this sounds like you think purps are friendly when there nuetrul

>run through 2 dozen enemies
you mean you don't kill them every time?

>need 5 concords for DMB
>17 disconnects or host deaths in a row
I'm going to actually pull my hair out

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>Obligatory Desert Slut for /dsg/

''Lil' Shit'' edition.

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>he doesn't Rapport them for shenanigans

>spend all day making my build
>too afraid to get into the arena and get humilliated in case it fails

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same. doing watch dogs. if it wasn't bad enough waiting for summon you have to hope your intruder isnt a little bitch and decides to F4 out

Did you save this from the previous thread and were eager to use it?

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>white sign down outside judicator argo
>spears of the church also equipped
>a-alright, one way or another this is gonna be fun!
>30 minutes later..

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>people still care about spears of the church

why though everyone goes with gank squad to get it over with

The "let's get it over with" gank squad mentality is exactly why I want to get in there and fuck them up. Just doesn't seem like it's gonna happen any time soon though.

Anyone want to farm this boss with me so we at least give other spears something to do? and is there a faster way to that monument than the 80 feet ladder?

just use the bosses bonfire it way quicker. and everyone summons on that boss because it basically a 99.99% of win and spending 20 mins rolling around because some guy is a 100 health and dosnt want to die is just not fun

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nice surprise no hit on a ng8 run

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>99.99% win
I'm not gonna claim I've won every fight when summoned as a spear of the church but over time it's sure been a majority

but thats the point for the average player whos only gonna do it once to even bother with the chance of getting some one who will win is not worth it. what im saying is the boss is not good enough to justify actually fighting another player and losing

Yeah well, that's just like, your opinion, man.
I have fun playing this boss from both sides, I only wish the summons didn't take a lifetime (I wonder if spears actually get priority over people who just drop signs or try to invade? it sometimes doesn't feel that way)

Which boss's bonfire? I assumed you meant the one after the boss but it doesn't have an option to revive. And killing someone who just wants to roll away isn't that hard if you position yourself and time your attacks properly.

no one saying its HARD thats the bloody point theres no fucking challenge. timing your attacks on Gael is fun because it feels rewarding to not get bitch slapped by his cape. killing a guy rolling around like a hamster in ball has no reward factor in comparison and dosnt help when the boss is between to of the best bosses in the game and in a dlc with 3 of the funnest and best bosses in the game

Don't care, it's fun for me

why even fucking start the conversation you literal 10 year old

I don't know, I guess you're just objectively right, it all sounds mathematically correct so can't argue with you. I must just be some sort of legend to be able to consistently defeat ganksquads when summoned as a spear, a born gamer, something like that

>bring sunlight spear to nameless king fight
>skip the first stage of the fight

Anyone else getting constant device driver hangs in DS3? Seems like it's the only game I have that consistently does this, even at toaster settings.

Bring Dorhys' Gnawing to skip the second stage of the fight too.


I have one extra if you want it

I'm on PC

I just play regular pvp with spears equipped and get a summon every 5-10 mins

>one extra
>on PC
>where you can just give something and then reload your save
give it but don't waste it

pls brah im just out side of church boss pass will be helm

That is literally a thing on PS4 as well.

booting up overwatch, wait for my summon lad

Hey. Brainlet here, please don't make fun of me.

I just want to know if you connect 2 xbox 360's together with an ethernet cable, can you and a buddy co-op and invade each other on your little LAN network? Would both of your boxes need to be connected to the internet anyway? Am I retarded, or could you just play ds1 together offline?

That is literally not how local area networks work. Dark Souls doesn't support LAN play anyways, you wouldn't be able to even see each other without first both connecting to the matchmaking server.

That's fucking gay. Sounds like it wouldn't even work if you were both online with silver live accounts.

Whats the best class and why is it pyro?

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>inb4 midgets reeeeee

That alright? They're easy to farm since ringed knights are very weak to dark.

lmao have fun getting one shot while some one dodges all your shit and and does a rolling attack on your

If you're within range of each other, then you should be able to co-op and invade regardless once you both go online.

what? why do people seem to need to reply to a post about some one giving another player a item like it matters

>being a fucktard and not using the glorious environment
oh wow looky here midget roller only thinks in 2 dimension kek

Bloodborne is garbage tbhq

*rollcatch you with demon scar r1 into black flame*
Heh I hope you won't miss those 800 HP, bub.

>place down white soapstone in ringed city
>don't have anything spear of the church related equipped
>don't have the spear of the church covenant item equiped
>get summoned as a spear of the church against a guy and his two phantoms anyway
The fuck?

It's my first time giving someone an item in these threads so I just wanted to make sure he got it.

i mean i seem to kill almost every caster because there retards who fall for the wasting mana bait and then fall over when they need mana
why would i fall for such shitty bait. i know Veeky Forums is full of the best people at doing anything so im sure your both able to beat everything that twitches at you

Damn, you seem pretty angry. You okay?

ah sorry i did get it thanks!

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he just got creampie'd cut him some slack

Killed the second firekeeper but I accidentally sat at a bonfire while grabbing a drop, so the run is over.
I'm not gonna redo everything again, so any ideas for a new challenge?

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>"Reddit, during this entire event, has basically just been hand-holding these new players."

And people say that /bbg/ and /dsg/ are bad.

Ya but who wants to pay for a gold memebership?

are people really this bad at these games that they have to look up every little thing they do. i mean yeah i missed the cut scene for the swamp area in 3 but i wondered about for a bit and instantly knew what to do

>>he's fucking up his online play and dooming his way of white corona for me
Oh user...

Alright, the Dark Lord died, character deleted. So... How good is a no drop run for a challenge? Not being able to get items from chests, corpses or drops from enemies. You're just allowed to use items that go directly to your inventory without you having to grab them.

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But destroying gank squads is the best part of pvp

I guess I'm gonna do that, since the general seems kinda dead at the moment.

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Anyone's got a Sunless Talisman?

I'm on PC. I'll be at the first bonfire in High Wall, password is sunless. Use a red sign.

Please and thanks!

I need 1 concord NG+/++ cucks please way of blue for my sanity I beg you please just 1 so o can stop farming plaase

Is there a DLC enemy that drops loads of crystal gems like the Millwood Knights drop heavy gems?

One of the frozen crabs drops it but only once.

anyone need help in blgihtown? im trying to farm sunligh medals

Fucking shit the hard leather set looks so fucking good on DS1

It makes me look like fucking Smough in DS3 and it pisses me off

I think the PARTAKE crickets drop it, same with the shitter Corvian mages. The frost crabs in AoA have a chance to drop them, but if you aggro one then the other two also come at you.

How come everyone sunmons at high wall?

Read the OP.

dragonslayer armour bonfire; other elevator.
neck yourself if you didn't think of this.

Ok so, I got the demon great hammer, obviously, but it's almost impossible to level up fast without being able to grab any drops, so I tried my luck and threw myself off with a black knight, getting his sword. I need 5 more dex to wield it, any idea how I can farm souls quickly without having to punch hollows for 10 hours?

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Nevermind, backstabs do a bit of damage as long as I have enough str. Finally can start this run.

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The dragon bridge on top of the undead burg bonfire is a nice early game farming spot. Climb the ladder, trigger the dragon's fire, and get those sweet sweet souls from the bunch of roasted hollows there.

>tfw can't watch Riot's streams because his girlfriend is always in the background
>tfw don't want to watch his Bloodborne videos because I don't want to spoil myself at all
>every other person producing invasion videos bugs me
mildly peeved

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fuck why is anri dead as hell?

londor is full of hollows

>shield up
>permanently running
>rapier or katana
how do you deal with these shitters

How can you sit here and eat mossfruit?


"2 factor hit confirmation" is a lie

>being this innocent

How dead is DS2 SOFTS on PS4? Is it possible for me to get Wrath of the Gods spell still? Thinken of doing a Faith build rerun

Nvm a friend got it for me. I'm still missing a PChain but I guess I'll make do

Parry it, use a shotel, man serpent hatchet, whip, or a scythe, buff your weapon with an element, use the kick and make sure you have patches' horse ring when you do

The closer it gets to its required stats the more normal the damage is. That makes this way faster for me. Just 1 more level and I can move on.

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parry = backstab

>entire weapon classes have literally useless weapon arts
>DLC meme weapons all have unique 4 hit wombo combo WAs with hyper armor

you can get it offline if you need to, it would probably take just as long though