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>Groojos are fucking gay
>And that's okay!

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I love Anne!

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Missonary with Makoto!

>a social link with a dog

Claiming this lively, lovely, lusty little devil.
Best model.
Most compassionate.
I'm so proud of Ann. I love her.

Happy Takamaki Tuesday! Enjoy your special day, sweetie.

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Its funny that a lot of people never noticed this the first playthrough, I wonder what other things people missed out on?

>Buying soda at school is way more expensive than near LeBlanc.
>accepting a text invitation lets you not pay train fare
>if you actually have no money, morgana pays for you
>you don't have to pay late fees on videos, even when they get really high
>you can switch futaba off navi and put morgana back on in the party menu
>you can equip accessories to futaba, I'm not sure if luck affects her buffs

Ren is from Sumaru City!

I can't wait for Persona 5 Akechi Goro of the Resurrection!

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Beep boop ammirite?

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>You can change
i don't think that's an appropriate translation either

but i don't know why she gets mad if you say that being a honor student is tough. it makes no sense

Beep boop

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Goro is the best boy!

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We'll just pretend it is. It's more amusing that way.

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I just checked if the robot meme was only an AtlusUSA thing and guess what? It fucking is. There is no Robot meme in the Japanese version.




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Even without context it sounds sarcastic.

>i don't think that's an appropriate translation either
Why do you think that?
>she gets mad if you say that being a honor student is tough
Makoto hates being called that. In the last day she says "you made me stop being the honor student" and something along those lines.

Who cares, it's funnier this way.

You are not me.

Her name is 変わればいい.

Well that’s not fun at all

Is that MC's ring?!

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this is all your fault you fucking no fun having faggot

t. assmad weeb

>the line that tries to be funny is funnier than the one that doesn't
wow who knew
doesn't mean it's a good translation if it's trying something totally different to the original

t. anally ravaged Makotoshitter

Well shit, well at least you got the idea that the translation on AtlusUSA's part is wrong.

if that is Naoto I always thought it was Kanji's bullet on his neckless.

That's Mitsuru, fool

She's mine /pg/

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Not really, keep posing a meme that doesn't exist though if that'll make you happy.

It’s Kanji’s

Kawawriter here.

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Kanji's ring is on Rise

And it's still objectively better and more entertaining.


That's clearly kanjis bullet

but it exists right here on my hard drive

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pgpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Grammer-kun good enough?

It's not Kanji's

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best boys
best ship

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I didn't mean for this to happen. Also I swear to YHVH, this better not turn into a dub/sub thing again.

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what's the point? The only one autistic enough to actually care about this wiki is the shipper retard.


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I miss fuukafag

>objectively better
Fuck off idiot.
It's literally a rewrite, and it's a rewrite that makes a dumb joke that they had to rewrite Makoto's original line to remove half the detail just so their joke would work and all that this line has contributed is starting a shitty meme that retards parrot, so no I certainly wouldn't say it's better in the slightest.

Truly the best!

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It's a secret decoder ring.

perhaps all that ovaltine is to thank for my prodigious mammary development

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Beep boop

Dub >>>>>>>> shit >>>>>> Ann >>> Sub

By being something that evokes enough emotion to remember it after the fact rather than some bland canned response in the blandest link in the game you dumb sperg

here we go again.

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>Still going with this beep boop shit
I don't get it, why did the shitposting train turn to Makoto all of the sudden?

please stop fighting, I only have a short time to come here each day before bed and if you're all arguing over nonsense I might as well have a wank.

How could MC give Naoto a ring if he’s dead?

Best pair!

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>blandest link
t. didn't do the confidant

Annfags banding together.

I like the theory she drinks lots of milk hoping to get taller.

>remove almost all personality from spoken dialogue
>remove absolutely all personality from texts
>remove all humor from almost every dialogue choice
>but lol add a joke to that one makoto line
good translation

The best thing about this is that there was this autistic /v/tard who said he can't wait to see this line animated so he can shitpost and now I'm glad this line doesn't really exist.
Fucking AtlusUSA.

I was going to do that because it'd be funny, but I won't now, just because you asked.
Have a Sae.

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Time travel

>remove almost all personality from spoken dialogue
>remove absolutely all personality from texts
>remove all humor from almost every dialogue choice

>/pg/ is now defending AtlusUSA just so they can shitpost about a dead meme.
Truly the shittiest general out there.


Summer is soon

>getting this triggered over two words

hurr durr she's a robot because she's cold and bland and emotionless etc XD XD XD


This. Nothing can top that bitch slap.

Annefags had enough.

>anti-makotos BTFO
truly a great day

Didn't you know? It's still summer. It's always summer and will always be summer. We're experiencing a second eternal september.

okay that is definitely grammer, even has the typos because he's so assmad.

Fixed how? I don't know if it's translated correctly but there's text there in the original.

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Just stop is there really nothing else to talk about...

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>Dub Labrys
Wasn't expecting that accent.
I like it.

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There are no makotofags, no annfags, or any fags. Everyone here is just someone bored and don't have anything else to do so they shit up /pg/. Actual waifuafgs are busy doing other things with their time than sitting in an obscure thread false flagging as all kinds of people. I'm actually a waifufag though I'm just here to write this post.

My waifu > your waifu

danbooru.donmai.us/posts/536280?tags=shirogane_naoto milk

>saying things that don't exist
I mean this meme is as good as dead now. You can shitpost about it but keep in mind no matter how hard you kick and scream it doesn't exist.

What if we have the same waifu?

I know. It's fixed by removing it.

fuck off atlus usa go defend inserting your shitty jokes or something

AtlusUSA probably did it for the same reason they used "bad to the bone": to accentuate Joker's intention behind that answer. Now can you all shut up about it?

That's only because, unless your waifu is nanako or the kindergartner from 3, your waifu is physically larger than mine.


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wtf are you Pixiefag?

So long as someone is laughing at it, the meme lives on.

Pixie is smaller than nanako is she not? I've see her portrayed for like 6 inches tall to 3 feet but she's still smaller than nanako.

ooooooohhhhhhhh fuuuddddggggeeeee

When you think about it the reason Adachi wasn't caught at the beginning was probably because Dojima was a lazy detective, otherwise the Amagi Inn people would have told him that Adachi went to the inn the night Yamano disappeared and was supposed to guard her.

I really don't think the Annfags would be the ones spreading this forced beep boop meme.
Stop trying to further start shit.