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Thread #8: tavern edition
Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows (10 only) and Xbox One.

Sea of Thieves is cross-play compatible with Windows 10 and Xbox One, so you can play with people on both.


Old thread: Looking to join a crew?

Want to try the game free for 14 days(PC and Xbox)?

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first for fuck gaypass

map for stuff

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>no key

Been here for about40 mins & they still haven't found me

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second for [tentacles]

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>ledditor's constantly parrot that the amount of content in this game is perfectly fine
>that the point of this game is to make your own fun, find your own adventures, and have social interactions which are going to be unique each and every time

>ledditor's also like to whine about how little gold the missions are worth
>point out to them that the game isn't about gold, it's about "making your own fun, find your own adventures, and have social interactions which are going to be unique each and every time"
>ledditor's have an absolute tantrum and a mod bans me from the sub.

I wonder what it's like living in a world of lies held together by happy thoughts?

>being this obsessed with plebbit
Open a window

>no key

>whatever could these pig icons mean?
>Chicken icons, the fuck does that even mean? are they shipwrecks?
>supply crate icons make literally zero sense, do they have skeletons in them? kraken? cutlasses? Nobody fucking knows because there's no key

This is you. You are also retarded.

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As shit as site can be sometimes, at least were a lot less of a hugbox then them. We might be almost a total opposite, but were much better then there

sounds like you would have a ton of fun at the reddit discord!

i got you senpai let me increase the pixels so you can see

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just turn one of the cannons on it you mongoloid, the japanese rape finger is right next to them.

Those two thoughts don't contradict each other. You can hold the belief that the game is about making your own fun, and that time spent with chests should yield more rewards.

Also, you have to go back. reddit scum

had no ammo cause i was too busy shooting at the galleon that got caught in it.

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How ironic that the sea of thieves kraken has no body. It is literally nothing but tentacles spawning absurdly out of the ocean as if the kraken is somewhere else using a portal gun.

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Post pirate thots

The discord is even worse, it's all people refusing to talk about the game at all and just the game pass.

its full of DUDE WEED BROs

the owner is a total fag too. Attempts to figure out game data either through testing or just straight datamining is apparently a ban-worth offense to him.
Nevermind that he's evidently aware of a few game secrets, meaning he's datamined it himself and is just trying to keep the knowledge to himself.

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Rate my retard

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what do we do about all those PC crackas?

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Looks like he has stolen many chests, if you know what I mean

generic african/10
At least he looks properly african and not like a generic american nigger

Anyone else not able to fire?

>wanted quest at plunder valley
>hear the ominous music
>can't find any skellybones
Is there an underwater cave I don't know about?

retrigger the island name by leaving and coming back, its a common bug

>Heading to chicken isle
>This guy actually appears on my ship

Literally rolling on deck laughing

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Holy shit, shave that shit off your head, buy some reading specs, slap on a toga, and you'd basically be playing Ghandi

love it when sloops think they can lose you in coves and channels

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>breaking your dick to chase down some no-loot minnow
what a bunch of shitters
never post in my general again please

Ironic. I spent a solid three hours attempting to roll the Sea's Skinniest Man, and then some nigger puts all my efforts to shame.
Truly the Continent of Thieves must be a terrible place.

>get to port on the edge of a storm
>unload all my chests
>climb into the crows nest to unload my gunpowder barrels
>get to the top and just about to pick one up
>lightning strikes and detonates all 3 of them killing me instantly

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Sounds like an awesome way to go

oh no several planks to fix a few holes!
totally not worth the 4k of loot we got from them.

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why are you posting in my general

>Playstation being for niggers goes from a stereotype to a racial crisis
>More news at 11

>only niggers and weebs use playstation
>only numales and nips use nintendo
>only dudebros and lisping spics use xbox
>only whites and white hispanics can afford pcs

sure is racist in here

How's that progress lookin guys?

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I walked up to a sloop at port and started playing my Hurdy Gurdy. He decided to shoot me and try to stab me, so I kilt' his ass and went to go fuck around with his ship a little. He respawned, I blasted him off the ship, and then went into town to take pot shots at him with my sniper rifle from the roof tops.

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>shoot a cannonball into the ground
>it explodes

I had a man dance at me and then he shot me when I was talking to a shopkeeper
54,473 dead sailors
seas are a fuck
kill 'em all MCMLXXXIII

>shells explode
>don't set ships on fire

wow lame
SoT ships use crazy powerful supercannons.

doesn't high velocity mean flat trajectory?

>A snake (in its basket) can spit at you through the hull of your ship

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I was tooling around a Galleon that was throwin' shit at me and this red motherfucker came out of nowhere and rammed him. Almost thought it was an AI because it was so unexpected.

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need more in galleons no gays

Let's see if some google can tell us how heavy these cannonballs are.
The cannonball explosion looks like it would be just right for destroying a small vehicle, which conveniently is what 1 kilogram of TNT can do. So let's say the cannonball releases as much kinetic energy as the chemical energy from 1 kg of detonated TNT, which wikipedia says is about 4.18 megajoules. As for speed, we don't have exact measurements for how fast they fly but eyeballing it, they could be going anywhere from 50 to 100 meters per second. Let's say 75.

Plugging the velocity and energy into the equation for kinetic energy gives us a mass of about 1486 kg. These are some pretty fucking heavy cannonballs and they're made of a material that's hundreds of times more dense than anything on Earth. Furthermore, your pirate can carry ten of these in his pockets at a time, weighing in at 14860 kg or 32760 lbs on top of whatever the rest of his gear weighs.

Eat your bananas, /sotg/.

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Shanties me trumps!ƔnDagher-Topic

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>when you lose all the loot in the storm but git a siqq frag video

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I want to do this kind of thing but I don't want to be hit on by gays, or have people assume I'm some sort of fag.

Lad Once me and my lads all have the game i will sing sea shanties during our voyages and and during battle show no fear! and sing a shanty you landlubber!

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Just wanted to add these to the list

>racial slurs using discord reactions
wut? What discord reactions are racist???

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They're offensive if people decide to be offended by them.

Monkey one is racist to autistic people, apparently.

Source us on that girl sauce boss.

bitch get off my wheel

this is her only set, there's only one other picture.

God damn boys I wish I was a pirate. This modern life is not for me. I want to seek glory on the high seas with my brothers until I die.

>I want to seek glory on the high seas with my brothers until I die.
Are you over 18?

If so, then you'd probably be dead already. Mortality rates were excessively high for sailors during this time period.

Haha wow thanks history major I had no idea whew guess I'll never wish for a romanticized life of adventure again you really saved me from myself there Haha

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Reddit's two blocks down, bub.

Are you retarded? I've been here longer than you, Jimmy.

go live in somalia then you fucking larper. you aren't different for wanting to live a simple life of adventure, that's practically a human instinct.

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Fucking REEEEEE!!

Virgin was down all day yesterday, when it came back online SoT was shitting itself because of gamepass..

After waiting God knows how long to play I finally get online about 3am. Be lootin' n skeleton shootin' for the best part of three hours returning to outpost once in between.

Virgin goes down again at 6am! We had a gallion full of plunder!!


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>sloop attacked by kraken
I didnt think this was possible and now i'm going to be spooked forever when playing solo.

>me and a friend use a sloop to attack skullfort
>he sinks a galleon with a crate somehow
>they come back and get sunk again by crashing into land while i lay 10 or more cannon fire shots into them
>also fend off a sloop
>progress through to the captain and have issues since every fucking skeleton had a pistol
>get the key but only manage to get the two stronghold items since another galleon and sloop came by
>friend hides some of the loot while i keep an eye out on the stronghold loot on our ship
>take off and get chased for a half hour by another sloop
>out of planks with a hole so i fire myself at a nearby island to collect and respawn
>Another sloop came by and secured our escape unbeknownst to him
>mfw we turned in the stronghold loot, came back and got the rest of the loot that wasn't touched somehow

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iirc that user said the kraken spawned for a galleon and he sailed over to it

Post you're piratres

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how many rerolls did it take

Fuck that noise I just rage quit after getting fucked up by all the snakes in my sloop while trying to repair a hole.

Just got my Led Zeppelin gear, I love the hat.

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Only about 10 or so, got lucky.

What's the best weapon skin to buy?

10,0000 hours

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Those skeletons are hitting longshots with their cannons they have no business hitting.

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Which sword should I buy, sotg?


the one you like most

skeletons are trained in 100 forms of warfare

totally not a woman, just a fellow dude pirate

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People like to spell out nigger and stuff with the letters. They were probably doing that.

is the admiral hull the shitters choice of hull?

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>sail towards a skullfort under attack
>4 man galleon all in almost identical shitter outfits sitting outside
>another sloop was following me flashing his lights, I assume hes friendly and ignore him
>he ends up anchoring behind the island after I pepper the galleon with shots and starts firing at me
>sink him and one of the crew attempts to board me, but gets eaten by a shark
>start harassing the galleon
>climb up skele towers and shoot them, jump off my sloop and let it crash against them so they think im there
>crab a explosive barrel and blow it up in front of their ship
>repeat this again, die to a barrel so I have to sail back
>run inside the fort to find more explodey barrels, killing one of their waterbrained crew along the way
>swim back towards their ship with a fresh bomb
>see this

It really seems unfair to be able to just harrass and piss off badly communicative crews with literally nothing to lose, but shit its fun. Weirdly though, while I was swimming with a barrel while my ship was under fire from skeleton cannons, it randomly teleported me back to the helm. Is that normal or a bug? I've never encountered it once, but I thought it might have done that since my ship was in distress

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