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3DS: 11.3 (11.6 via magnethax or system transfer)
Switch: 3.0.0 (4.1.0 "eventually")
Wii U: 5.5.2
Vita: 3.60
PS4: 4.55
PS3: 3.55 (4.82 for 25xx models (minver 3.56) and below)

3DS: pastebin.com/TQwDsWh9
?CFW + b9s: hax.b4k.co/3ds/guide
Wii U: pastebin.com/DhfG6z7F
Switch: switch.hacks.guide/
Vita: pastebin.com/cApTaiN
PS3: pastebin.com/tOaDWh3n
[Mar 26] Firmware update 5.0.1 released. Do not update.
[Feb ??] SciresM is working on a custom firmware for Switch called Atmosphere: github.com/SciresM/Atmosphere-NX
[Feb 18] nx-hbmenu released. Homebrew Launcher for 3.0.0. It's happening. Instructions: switchbrew.github.io/nx-hbl/

[Mar 11] TheFlow released the exploit for 3.65, still requires 3.60. github.com/TheOfficialFloW/update365
[Feb 24] TheFlow has an exploit chain for 3.67, but is going to leave it until at least the end of the year before releasing. twitter.com/theflow0/status/965261365496696832

[Feb 28] "Holy Grail" PS4HEN released, allows running unsigned packages and much more. wololo.net/2018/02/28/ps4-4-55-holy-grail-ps4hen-released-enables-pkg-support-homebrew-backups/
[Feb 28] 4.55 kexploit released. wololo.net/2018/02/28/ps4-4-55-jailbreak-specterdev-releases-full-implementation-payloads-pending/
[Feb 27] 5.05 webkit exploit released. wololo.net/2018/02/27/ps4-exploit-5-05-webkit-exploit-released-4-55-functional-jailbreak-probably-matter-days/

[Mar 3] The PS3Xploit team is working on a userland exploit for Super Slims and certain Slim models which does not support homebrew but offers PS1/2/P emulation and backing up PS3 games. psx-place.com/threads/ps3xploit-3-0-preview-new-features-for-superslim-all-non-cfw-comp-ps3-models.16525/

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strange journey

So, question: I have an EZFLASHVi flashcart and I can't make it work on my hacked New 3DS. The icon for the cartridge does appear, and I can run it, but it just displays a white screen (it works on my other old hacked 3DS and DSi). Any idea what could be causing this?

>outdated "news"

>no discord link on the OP... AGAIN
Fuck off, why are you such a faggot?

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>wanting fake news

Alliance Alive (2018)






fite me

go and stay go

Fuck off discuck.
Also heads up. The bugged Alliance Alive save doesn't normally import to US. The browsing option is required. Just an fyi before stupid questions hit the thread.

5.05 when

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>fite me
*teleports behind u*

what anime is that oWo

A few months desu. Nintendo is pushing these updates pretty quickly.

you think you're fucking smart huh

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Of course I am. I didn't buy an overly expensive Bluray player.

global rule 11 newfag

>not having two switches

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>Need Software Update to play Spla2n online
>Need Hardware Update to download Software Update
...Is this the end of the line for me until "4.1.0 'eventually'"?

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>Need Hardware Update to download Software Update
What the fuck are you talking about?

I hope you didn't buy a switch either then.

I'm getting this when I try to download the Splatoon 2 update.

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If you have a switch on 5.0/5.1 or know someone with one you can locally sync the updates for the newest games.

>not having 3 switches

Got me confused for a second.
Buy a second switch, homebrew and cfw on switch is going to get you banned. Nintendo will have their ninjas working overtime as far as Switch is concerned.

he probably buys a new switch everytime a software update releases and just trashes the old one

*casts a defense spell*

No my gaming tablet sees use as a video games machine. I dropped watching movies and TV years ago.

I started to do that but it began to say "Updating System" so I called it off. Seems like a software update via local wireless also transfers system updates?

dude fucked up if true

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1. You need two switch consoles.
2. One Nintendo Switch on 4.1.0 and one on 5.0.0.
3. Hard copy of the game.
4. Updated game on updated Nintendo Switch
5. Go to game setting in homescreen/main menus of the switch on both systems.
6. Go to software update on both systems in the Game settings. NOT THE SYSTEM SETTINGS.
7. In Software update for the game choose Match Version with Local Users.
8. On the updated switch create group.
9. On outdated switch join the group created by the updated switch.
10. On the updated switch initialize communication for the update and all should go well.

This is the poorfag piracy general user. Most of /hbg/ can barely pony up for one.
This is exactly why you see so many posts begging for game links or piracy tech support and not actual releases for cfw. We cashed in our good boy points with mommy for the console already but didn't spare some to trade for INT.

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would i lie to u

>I dropped watching movies and TV years ago

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>This is exactly why you see so many posts begging for game links or piracy tech support
And that's the reason gbatemp and the tranny ruled discord are better than the hbg, they dont allow you to talk about piracy
Hirohito moot should make a bannable offense to talk about illegal shit in here, that way all the reddit boys would leave

I did this through the Splatoon 2 options menu, so I know I was kosher there. Only difference is that I had my 4.1.0 Switch make the room and my friend's 5.0.1 Switch join. However, the terminology during the sync leads me to believe that wouldn't change anything. I'm guessing the software update sync now also copies the system update first.

How particular does a the filename of a rap file need to be? And if I grab the PSN version of a game is it automatically the latest patched and updated version? Because I am not seeing patch downloads on nopaystation.

I wouldn't trade this extreme for that.

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This still means you need a software update to install another software update.
Do you even know what hardware is? Fucking kids.

Sorry, I should have said "system update" instead of "hardware".

>Not being up to 6 Switches to make that money later on

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My gamestop kicked me out.

PS3 pkgs aren't region-free, correct?

they are


Shit, corrupted download is it then.

Mate can I please have permission to save this gal?

I may have found what the issue is on my ps3 in the end.

After i plugged the atx psu i still had problems meaning the worst possible thing, it's the capacitator chip, fug me i'll have to bring it to a shop

>fug me i'll have to bring it to a shop

>tumblr filename

if you removed the warranty sticker they'll rape you with the repair cost so better prepare the lube user


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Strange Journey?

How can i upgrade my ps3 with a broken bluray drive? Or how can i do the exploit from a lower firmware (4.43)

Got my r4i from nds-card but it didnt come with a magnet? Only came with the card and microsd reader

>the other thread is still alive

Buy a ps4.

I have one. And 4 ps3s

I grabbed a 5 dollar pack of magnet buttons from Walmart and they worked just fine. Mine didn't have a magnet either. They're shit but you only need to have sleep mode triggered for a literal second.

not decrypted

It just annoys me that they dont shit what they advertise. Ive got strong magnets so i dont really care (and im not even using my r4i for flashing).

>having any switches at all
>not waiting for the new™ switch™ mini™ pro™ to come out and be hacked

The al li an ce will always stay al iv e.

>waiting 4 years

Just like the 20 Wii minis for my 50 wife's sons.

Is there a decrypted version of the US version of Alliance Alive up yet?

>makes thread early
>doesn’t fix a single thing


Why is psndl.net downloads so slow?

PS3 guide is dead update that shit.

New thread please

Do those Wii U GameCube controllers work with nintendont, pressure sensitive and all?

it's not worth it.

the games are hosted on PSN which is decently fast if you have good internet, though i heard they randomly throttle people sometimes

If not now then when will the news get updated?


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Cool. Majoras Mask GameCube edition with a pro controller is fucking hell

Next time OP's not a faggot.

I have the iso for Drakengard 3 but all the patches and fixes for the game on downloadgameps3 are not compatible with the iso version of the game. Is there another way to get the game patched and updated?



Why do you need the iso version? download it off psn server

PSN version keeps asking for the licence and reactPSN isn't activating with the rap file.

>still falling for the 4.1.0 meme
enjoy your forever dusty Switch. *goes back to playing Splatoon*

So what else is needed to run say retroarch on switch now that pegaswitch is coming to 4.1.0?

*and cries

And to be more specific reactPSN reboots like usually but when comes back the aa profile remains and the game still asks for license.

ok hold on let me update
*kills myself months later because everyone who stuck with 4.1.0 gets to have emulation custom themes and free vidya*
at least i can play splatoon r-right

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Is there any sign hackers will even be able to join multiplayer? That’s kind of make or break for me.

you'll be fine as long as you don't cheat



is there a premade undub of space invaders get even

Has detective pikachu leaked yet?

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days ago

You niggers said /vitahacks was OK. It's pure autism. Stick with the pastebin everyone.

what did you expect? after all we're mostly talking about a community of faggots who play sissy anigaymes and cry the second there isn't an undub version of their gayme

yep, still no undub though

nigga you serious

bottom right of the title screen

In other words we can actually expect emuNAND updates or similar?

>Hack switch
>Have to deal with keeping up with its maintence
>Just update
>Have to deal with nintendos kikery.
Fuck i hate both so much.


You wish they had autism, it's mostly illiterate ESLs asking why their plugins don't work

>come home today and found that my faggot roommate updated my switch to 5.0
I let the cunt play fucking xenoblade one goddamn time and he fucks everything up. reeeeeee

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