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I only read moege

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Is learning Japanese worth it just to read visual novels?

Are you doing anything better with your time?

I only read kinoge.

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We're blowing through these threads way too fast and I like it

Rusalka deserves better.

i like lolis!

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I want to fuck lolis. Obviously can't do it in real life (yet) so I fap to loliges all day long


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I love Suzu

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Any VNs where I can start seeing other girls just to make the gf jealous?

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Uta2 had a scene like that

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me getting succ

What's a VN with good art? And by good art I mean Rusalka's route.

I actually really liked Chisato, just found her chara design to be most attractive so I can forgive her being a bit of a bitch sometimes

Do it for her.

Then what is there to lose?

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Aahh... Maitetsu...

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>Ashe's VA in the post sex/afterglow scene

Holy fuck, this is next level hot

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Me and you bruh

Is it good?


Dies Irae.
Be warned though, her route has this shitty white-haired route invader that won't fuck off.

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Do you like clingy childhood friends who feel entitled to the MC?

I want to rub sunscreen on them

>Rusalka will never look at you like this

Yes but

imoutos first>childfriends>>>>>>everyone else

To be fair it was kinda her fault for leading him on for hears

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>No option to side with the nazi's
Honestly makes Dies Irae kusoge desu

There's no imouto she's competing with however, that good or bad for you?

Go back to your containment board please _donald

That's great, I hate imoutos

Let's pay that one user to hire artists and write a script so he can make our Rusalka route a reality.

>Renna's masturbation scene

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Kumi route when?

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Ai a cute!

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She doesn't deserve one

Technically, some nazis do side with you in the end, so it's kinda okay.

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In the second fandisc, along with Hana.

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>Cuter than all the main girls
>Stuck as routeless comic relief
you take that back.

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I think you just have "want to fuck girls you can't have" syndrome.

your trying too hard sweetie...

This. The Nazis were able to get all the Soviet penis they wanted post WWII. They so the cock they wanted. Look at pic related and tell me that any Aryan can resist.

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I don't mind protagonists with sexual experiences or anything, but fuck, girls being happy about being the protagonist's first are cute as fuck.

Oh, all of them?

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>tfw that was what he used to look like
That’s a legit point though. Any WWII era girl would fall head over heels for that. It wouldn’t been be rape.

man EroAppli user hasn't posted in a while, i know he is busy TLing the CGs but i miss him

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Casual boob grabs are the best.

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Well my bad for being mad that in a game about delinquents the only real delinquent in the whole game doesn't have a route

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>MySpace angle

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you kids don't even remember myspace, it was before your time

someones translating EroAppli???

I want to squeeze those boobs and rub my dick on her thighs

>not posting the lewd halloween

She was really cute. Can't wait to read Miagete Goran again in 5 years when the 18+ TL comes out and I don't have to put up with MTL.

You could have learned Japanese 5 times over in 5 years

I want to gently massage her boobs and ask for paizuri


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No, I couldn't. You know why, user? I'm a fucking idiot. I'm only halfway decent at English and that's 'cause I read a lot of books as a kid. I tried learning JP back in high school and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't topple the kanji wall.

>One of the most revealing passages in Lieutenant Gelfand’s diary is when he came across a group of German women fleeing on the outskirts of Berlin.
>“With horror on their faces”, he writes, “they told me what had happened on the first night of the Red Army’s arrival. ‘They poked here’, explained the German girl, lifting up her skirt. ‘No less than twenty men,’ she burst into tears.
>‘Stay here,’ the girl suddenly threw herself at me, ‘sleep with me! You can do whatever you want with me, but only you!’”
>As she and her neighbours are hiding in the basement of their apartment block, they joke “better a Russky on top than a Yank overhead” – rape is preferable to being pulverised by bombs. When the soldiers reach the basement and try to haul the women out she uses her Russian language skills to dissuade them – but minutes later she is ambushed and brutally raped.
Jesus Christ, German women actually sought Russian men to fuck? I thought this nazi rape meme was just a joke but you guys were right all along.

Finished never ever

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he TLed a bit of the prologue and was TLing the CGs on his last post

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I wish I had a cute childhood friend who's pissed at me for not giving her more attention

wtf is this

you guys wanna see my VNs?

Why do CGs need TL?

How does one 'translate' cgs?

No one can topple the kanji wall, user. Not even native Japanese people. That why some the harder/more obscure kanji that appear in VNs have furigana above them; not even native speakers recognize all of them.

Sure why not.

why does she wear the collar?

>I tried learning JP back in high school and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't topple the kanji wall.
I bet you didn't even use anki. People always give up on something easily because they're approaching it the wrong way.

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yes, show me your finest moege.

>that glorious design and great art ruined by cowtits

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I doubt that there are things like this to TL in a nukige

a tsundere even when she masterbates

>SP localizes Tsujidou.jpg

why worry my man

A real man eats everything on his/her plate with a smile. Being picky just shows off your lack of maturity.

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He says CG but what he really means is a shit load of UI and menu elements I'm sure.

>All 3 of my favorite girls are rank C
>C cup is my favorite tiddy size
What do i make of this

Fair enough

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Mail this to Quof

not saying I wouldn't but those are just too god damn big.

>Kotori being worried about Aoi thinking her legs are weird and unsightly the first time they make love.

I love this cute cripple.

Best dracu

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>NOTICE:The product only be sold by King Fury, we didn't Authorize any third party to sell our products,So we won't be responsible for the quality or size issue if you get any unqualified authorized products from other sellers.
Right, because I'm sure all the images on those hoodies are officially licensed and authorized for use too.

i meant this

Does your girlfriend know that you are cheating on her with vns?

Do her legs flop around like a dead thing while they fuck