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Every time it dies, an elf loses its wings edition.

>Patch Notes (

>Enemy HP spreadsheet that looks correct until the devs shit on it and don't contribute anything

> Legendary emperors drop rates

> Commendation drop rates

>Information about chests and when to open them

>Grim/Tome locations

>Performance guide Graphic settings Game hosting optimization

>Mega of cool shit:!dIt3HSJR!EjAlmKkPW1VwMqacbWzM5w

>Vermintide lore

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There aren't any campaigns, each mission is longer than a single L4D campaign map and there are 13 missions total.

Yeah, you should wait for Left 4 Dead 3.

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Back to beta horde balance boys
Get ready to scrap your glaives for 2h swords

If you're wondering if you should wait for L4D3, you should, because guns aren't the default killing method and we have enough shitters who suck running around.


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>tfw crafted a 300 power executioner's sword, upgraded it to orange, applied a slick illusion, and rolled perfect stats on it in anticipation of this day
Sigmar rewards patience.

>please sir, no weakness, not in front of the others
Is this just me or this line gives out some gay vibes?

How do I grind for green dust without wanting to kill myself?

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>got my sexy 2h sword elf runes illusion
>Handmaiden still nerfed

Fukou da.

How many weapons are you trying to roll that you need to actually go out of your way to farm dust? I see this mentioned a lot in these threads and I am curious.
I got 1k+ of each dust just from leveling all my characters to 30 and I never had to spend more than 100 dust of each color to get the rolls I wanted.

It's just you. Kruber is slowly getting to know Saltzpyre. He's trying to help him save face by taking a hard tone.

Alright nerds I need your help here.

1: How hard will the power changes hit Kruber's 2H Hammer? I love the thing to bits for deleting Stormvermin brains and cleaving hordes into oblivion.

2. As a Kruber main, I wanna try out Handmaiden as she seems like the least annoying elf subclass. How do I play her? Any good weapons I should be considering?

Thanks in advance my dudes.

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Saltzpyre is the leader of the group in the lore and Kruber doesn't want him to show weakness to the rest of the party for morale.

Did they fixed executioners sword or pickaxe?

Seen a lot of player running with them on my pubs today.

Champ / Legend

Is this a real screenshot or is it some developer cocktease?

I haven't found any other instance of this fucking goddamn shitdick helmet being in the game.

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Looks like a For Honor helmet shoop'd into the game, but I dunno.

>How do I play her?
Handmaiden plays kind of like Mercenary. Glaive is a bit similar to executioner's sword in that the light attacks are horizontal slashes and the heavy attacks are hard hitting vertical slashes good for getting head shots. Glaive is what you want to be using 100% of the time on Handmaiden.

On your glaive you want to roll 5% crit 2 stamina with swift slaying. It's a 2 shield weapon so you really need the extra 2 shields from rolls on weapon and necklace to make the thing play well with her front line style gameplay.

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it's Blucher's helm from vt1
leader of the Ubersreik garrison

You know that second talent is bugged, right?

Also I should mention that the level 10 talent in that picture is currently broken but once the patch drops later in the week it's going to be the best talent in that tier by miles.

yess I loved the wardancer blade too bad I only use hagbane bow

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>100 dust of each color to get the rolls I wanted
Then you got lucky.

It's not a For Honor helmet, it's Blucher's Helmet, modeled after a Barbute, and it was in Vermintide 1 more than a year before For Honor was out.
It's been used in every single piece of promo material featuring Kruber, and was originally part of his default skin before fatshit decided to make it a meme cosmetic from a lootbox.

>in the week
source? also how the fuck is the patch not out same day... it's two lines of code

>Yeah, you should wait for Left 4 Dead 3.

Source is some dev on fatshark forums said they want to push it before Easter, which is this Sunday.

>fatshit decided to make it a meme cosmetic from a lootbox.

It's not even in the game.

>Saltzpyre is the leader of the group in the lore and Kruber doesn't want him to show weakness to the rest of the party for morale.
I wonder if that's why they made it virtually impossible to get him as a bot. As in, if he is in the group, then he should be leading.

hence the original question featuring the helmet in the game you ffffffucking wutelgi

Is there anything better than the mace on Sienna? I'm just using beam staff to clear everything else out.

So why is executioner sword not used? Is it just phantom swings? Do those still happen if you're the host?

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>recruit quickplay
>easy early mission I've done several times without failing once
>chaining swarms and multiple elites on top of a brute I've never seen spawn there before just as we reach the first ruined arch

What the absolute FUCK did they do to the director?

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Swords for hordes
The dagger os the best if you want to meme with the staffs and use them 90% of the time though

Halberd does everything it does but faster because of the way hero power currently works. Executioner's sword can be faster at killing Chaos Warriors with the right setup but that's pretty much the only thing it has going for it over halberd sadly.

And I just answered that question, what's wrong

>not posting /vtg/ in the OP for easy ctrl+f 's


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>Try Slayer
>It's fun and rips through Elites
>See a gunner
>Leap is up
>Leap at gunner
>He murders the fuck out of me as I fly at him

Well that's all I'm going to play of that class.

>not ctrl+fing 'verm'

Handmaiden is gonna be mandatory for successful runs the first week after fix to carry illiterate teammates who didnt read the patchnotes

Feel for the shades who are going to be absolutely useless outside of bosses

>Just started getting 300 HP items yesterday
>Spend most of my dust and scrap making near perfect weapons for a bunch of characters
>Find out today a whole bunch of them are probably going to be nerfed into the ground within days

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>not just making the simple abbreviated code for each franchise that is the entire reason it is posted in every other general ever

fucking newfags these days I swear

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It's just the phantom swings. Your light attacks literally do not hit a majority of the time. This makes the weapon currently strictly usable for the heavy attacks, which are god tier.

Everyone who tries to explain how it places right now is flat out retarded because the weapon is currently straight up not functional on light attacks.

If it ends up being like in VT1, it will be a god tier weapon. There is no reason it would be bad in this one either once it's functional: It has wide WIDE sweeps that have a huge headshot modifier on light attacks, and the same huge headshot modifier on an overhead that pierces through armor and currently is one of the highest damaging attacks in the game.

But it's still usable, yeah? It seems like it has good horde clear and god tier anti armor which is all I really want from a weapon


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And being host doesn't solve phantom swings?

>But it's still usable, yeah?
No. Its light attacks are 100% broken and not usable.

You may think "oh the phantom hits are not so bad, you still hit a lot of rats in each swing!" but that's before you understand that each rat standing right infront of you that doesn't get hit fucking stabs you immediately.

The weapon itself is fine, it's the phantom swing bug that makes it unusable. There's still an argument for halberd being better even without the bug but the upcoming patch is likely going to change that. Halberd getting reduced stagger and cleave power is going to hurt the weapon a lot.

No, it's a spaghetti code problem. It was never related to latency, it's related to hitboxes on enemies that clip into eachother, which is a constant occurence in this game for obvious reasons.

They're supposedly rolling out a patch this week, hopefully it'll be fixed

>tfw play slayer and get this

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When's elf getting nerfed?

You should play a few games with it. I got that stupid comet headband for Zealot earlier and every other game someone complimented me on it or asked about it. Felt good man.

Just shoot her to 40% hp at the start of each match. Should work out.

pls post how it looks like in-game

I've started playing elf just so I can ensure that I won't be shot in the back all the fucking time by elves.

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Where did the screenshot with a Blucher's wearing Kruber come from?

Have fun getting shot in the back by Sienna all game

its almost like a christmas hat
gonna have to play rv now!

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>tell elf to watch the friendly fire
>spams swift bow at me to be a smart ass
>bounty hunter F her in the head and unload my repeater handgun into her until she dies
>immediately get kicked
Worth it

Spaghetti code? I hope they're keeping the rats away from it.

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>doing solo cata run in VT1
>tag Kruber downed
>shouts "We need to help the sargeant!"
>he replies with "I-it's nothing, I'll be fine"
>feel bad, revive him and quit

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>Hide a hearty snack or two

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cease all shitposting and post cute ratos.

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Damnit that's comfy

I hate the drakefire weapons, really boring to use. Am i really gimping myself if i play ironbreaker with a shotgun?

Na you are fine , just be carefull with FF at higher difficulties.

I wiped a lot of elfs because they want to headshot hordes at medium range

>gimping yourself
good one user

No, plus it frees up a talent.

Nothing in that slot is good tho.
Miner's Rythm is the only other thing you can pick but 40% regen over 2 seconds might as well not exist.
Also if you counter attack regen isn't even applied for the duration of the attack.
You literally need to hit and hit for 2 seconds to regen like a shield.
Not worth it.

>friend has 7.2 hours in the game
>around level 10
>already got a cosmetic
>me, nearing 200 hours
>no reds or cosmetics

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That's the joke, who believes that it's feasible to hold off on playing VT2 in expectation for Left 4 Dead 3 deserves to not play either.

Other one is good for team play. Could mean the difference between them getting insta downed right after getting up or not.

It depends on the weapon you use. On the 2h hammer it's pretty useful since it'll let you push more in a horde.

> Try elf for the first time
> Full 300 item power year
> All melee options are putrid rancid shit
Is this why all elfs run back spamming arrows rather than getting in melee?

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I just wanted to play both

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>playing Handmaiden
>use medkit on allied Foot Knight during a small lull
>die to the instant kill glitch
>"Looks like our elf's not so eternal after all"
Fucking mayflies

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Mercenary and Ranger Veteran's +30% healing talents also apply when using med-packs on allies. So that's a thing, I guess.
Mercenary's ult on teammates should also be boosted as well but I have not tested.

whats the team comp lads

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war camp is redic with those settings

3 Slayers and an IB

"Hunstman is amazing!"
>keri longbow does more headshot damage

As someone who plays both Kruber and Kerillian, I wish I could equip Kruber's bow on my Waystalker

>downing the grim carrier
doesn't matter if it's an elf or a revenge-shot, you're ruining it for everybody

Merc, IB, BH, Pyro


Pyro, fk, bh, ws
Blow up all pats before they get near you and stunlock the boss

>caring this much about grims


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The skaven grimoire has clearly destroyed the elf's already treacherous mind. It should be destroyed along with the waywatcher.

> Hit enemy mid attack animation
> It doesn't die
> Stabs me
> Then dies immediately
No you can't have ping displayed that would allow for minmaxing and it's against the rules

dodging a grim because you're having a hard time is fine, killing the grim carrier because you lost 5% hp to ff isn't because there are 2 others in the party

Genuinely curious so no sperging please

Does Kerillian's bow lose all of its accuracy when you zoom for more than .5 seconds?

Waystalkers bow outdamages Krubers bow on headshot only because of the Arcane Bodkins talent, Krubers bow does more damage in every other situation including against Chaos Warriors and bosses

My HP is only 150, I'm a shitter.

It does way, way more damage.
You can 1hit bodyshot black rats and 1 hit headshot marauders, plus charged attacks pierce Rot Hemls armor and stagger, along with 1 shotting pretty much any special.
It's just way, way better

Well if 1h hammer goes to shit with the power nerf at least I've got this guy now to try

read the description

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Huntsman is the thinking man's Waystalker

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Alright anons you have 1minute to convince me that any bow is better than the Hagbane bow for elf. Yes on Champ/Legend too.

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>block too early and end up Zealot ulting right into a mob of Stormvermin
>kill them all and survive only thanks to the feat saving my ass three times
>zealot does the same thing 10 minutes later and dies instantly

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