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Thank you Big Yoshi.

>more Awakening trash
>no new content besides autobattle shit
>no new weapon refines

Which unit that is shit in Heroes needs an Alt?

imagine being a new player
>how do I get femrobin
>you don't
>but there's 3 of her
>yeah just wait kid

>6th Robin

I'm so much more pissed than I thought I'd be, fuck all of you

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Guess next tempest trial is female grima.

Cant we all just get along?

FGrima's going to be pretty underwhelming isn't she? The flying is actually holding her back

Will you roll for her?

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I can't fucking wait to get back at 11% and roll nothing

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So you are going to download a game with even more clones?


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You guys gonna roll? This 8% honestly seems pretty good for Legendary Banner standards.

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You didn't fell for the Shitty ninja bait didn't you user?

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i've already pushed my luck with two kageros using free orbs so i guess i'll try the b8% banner

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Thank you big yoshi

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>no prf to avoid doubles
>no trainee bst bonus

myrrh is still better

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Are fliers next in line for questionable-looking movement type? Her toes are basically touching the ground.

Thank you for your brave sacrifice, Big Yoshi.

I will try to luckshit her, I would love a H!Sakura tho

doesn't f/go have alts out the fucking ass as well? Seems like there's 50 incarnations of blue-eyed blond bitch.

Better buy a quartz account, (you) missed a lot of shit and rerolling is fucking impossible in this game.

Gracias el grande Yoshi.

Her special face is so smug I love it.

fucking dislike bomb the video. we need to let IS know that more nuFE is unacceptable especially after how shitty March has been.

>grima again but with tits and no breath/fighter access
I sleep

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I never roll on b8% anymore so fuck no.

>H!Jakob's not on the banner

I can skip out until the next lego banner then, yeah?

I want F!Robin too, but fuck getting Sakura'd.

no milk truk no roll

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Literally how? Are you fucking stupid?

Thank you Big Yoshi

The first legendary banner I can safely skip, that's a bunch of hot trash.

Yes, and if I have orbs left I will try for HNowi


Side note Dragonskin may be the first non-inheritable A-Slot skill

>All these good or rare units
>And Lute

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>what if fallen robin

Defend this

>H!Jakob will be in the next one
Fuck, I don't want to get cucked by that faggot again. He's the only unit I got from the Halloween banner and literally the only one of the 4 that I didn't want. I mean, fortunately with legendaries you can pass whichever you want because the legendary hero you want is guaranteed to return eventually (even if you have to wait a month or two), but still... guess I can hope to have ~600 for her May rerun

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I did

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>got her and still have orbs

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>No B!Ike for Steady Breath fodder
Fuuuck. My M!Grima is never gonna get an A skill

lol may as well not even bother with the free roll.

>Two very useful valor skills probably makes this the best value.
holy shit. Thanks for pointing this out, user. I was about to skip green but this alone makes it worth it.

Shame about blue, though. Lute is great but damn I already have B!Lucina and I don't think she's worth seeking merges.. I guess merging Fjorm would be good for arena, and her A is decent fodder, but I'd still rather not. Not really a fan of H!Sakura or her weapon, but colorless is still worth.

red, green, colorless. Maybe a few blue.

Fuck, why is blue always so shit? I've not rolled it in forever but really want more Nowi merges

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Hell yeah, Red is fucking stacked and Colorless is pretty painless to try getting FRobin.

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New Banners are not "content".

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it's delthea

Enjoy your 20~ Saber clones.


I didn't
I'm also not falling for the colorless Dragon meme

>shit art
That's going to be a no from me.

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No I fell for Catria bait and all I got was an Abel and a Nowi

>more Robin
>more Grima

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>another fucking banner with Lyn on it
She’s not my waifu or my friend stop this shit IS

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Leave Grima to me

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I did and I regret nothing!

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DC seal when?

not your personal army, back to plebbit

>content is not content
Define content, please.

>MORE awakening wank
that's it bros... I'm done........

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>No breath skills
>Not an armor either so less bst and no fighter skills
>30 defense from that bonfire damage
>Less than 36 speed
>can't avoid doubles like Myrrh
she is shit bros

>Have nyaakura with +Atk -HP
>Have Witch Nowi with +Atk -Def
This is going to be a Russian roulette won't it?

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she also has no weapon advantage. i'd rather play with a unit with both

Gonna kill my orbs rolling for Halloween Nowi. Also I was going to roll for the Colorless Dragon but now that we know it's Robin, fuck that. I'll wait for Idoun.

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imagine being a magvelcuck and having your precious myrrh outclassed by both grimas

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Who /notrollingforGrima/ here?

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>tfw got her on the first free roll and wasted no more orbs on that banner

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>Fuck, why is blue always so shit? I've not rolled it in forever but really want more Nowi merges
Blue was good last banner, with the sole shitter (and only blues I got) being Shiro. And hilariously enough, despite my shit luck with focuses I pulled 4 nowis.




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I'm happy with m!Grima. I'll see who'll be in the next month's banner with her since the I don't like Sakura or Lyn

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>complains about shit art
>posts shit art

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Thank you Big Yoshi.

who else are they going to put on it. Mist?

The colorless typing holds her back more if you ask me, she'll probably struggle to find a spot in arena cores. She can't deny most doubles like Myrrh unless she is super fast, and she'll get murdered by any dragon effective weapon

In that case we haven't gotten content in months

>need res smoke for femui
>they put it on a legendary hero

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>Zelgius and in a good pool

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Yes, but on the next lego banner when H!Jakob's on it as well.

>more Blyn
>summer Nino
>powercreep just for powercreep
>good banner

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You will never get a 5*Star Servant

Praise him! Adore him! The blessed rolls of Big Yoshi!

I never got the chance since I kept trying for Bunny Catria and got spooked by other blues five fucking times.


This would have been one of the most hated months in Heroes history if they hadn't announced that fucking Thracia banner. They knew exactly what the fuck was going on.

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Absolute STATE

I’m going to +10 Grima too (lol

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female robin has the same voice as camilla


See you tomorrow

I have 9/12 heroes in the banner, I'm going to get a third Sakura and Lyn in this banner.

Did you get OSCAR'd?

>That blue summoning pool.
Fucking diamonds. Bravecina is always great to have on a bait banner.
>Fell Robin
Uhhh, not really impressed. At the very least her A skill is 300 SP and at least is serviceable.
It really depends on her stats at this point, and quite frankly, I don't think she is some new powercreep or anything like that.

apparently 32 attack, too
with no chance for wta thats so bad

My Soren has a sick A Skill now so yes and no

her blessing is Spd right?

>already have two seasonal flying mages
>already MGrima for characterfagging
>no thicc husbandos I need besides Zelgius and I already have BK

who else /saving/ here?

What fucking dragon killers are you even seeing in high tier arena? I haven't seen a Lucina, Marth, Chrom, Julia or Deirdre in months.