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3.0 Update - Late April
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>Patch notes

>S2 gear & weapon lists (contains unreleased weapons)

>Loadout planner with weapons, gear, abilities, and stat calculations

>List of possible main abilities for gear from Splatnet

>League weapon usage data

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What does a woomy have to do to get drink tickets?

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/ink/ is now cancelled.

No octos below this line

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drop their eggs in the basket while getting covered in goo

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Post cute woomies and cool spaghettis!
If you post an octo, I won't tell.

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You're going to jail
So are you

OP here
Does anyone even use the FC documents? I'm considering removing it from the OP since people just add each other in the threads.

Have you ever bullshit your way to victory?

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Well, I mean, you aren't wrong.

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Who is the artist?

Pretty sure it's yebby, not spaghetti.

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Thwompu. One of our drawfags

>that first one

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I will run salmon with you if anyone hosts


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Hey I'm having a problem
The octo I got is a bit TOO cuddly.
Like it's a chore to get her to let go to do something as short as taking a piss
I'm afraid of how she'll react when I have to go to work tomorrow
What the hell am I supposed to do?

Yell at her.
Whip her.

Now why would I do that?
She's pure and afraid of the world.
I wouldn't want her to hate me.

Worry not, user! I have an octo daycare and I assure you that I will not only take care of her, but also discipline her when needed. Are you interested?

>whip her
Don't do that! She'll take it as a challenge of dominance and she might revert!

>check splatnet
>rockenberg shirt with swim speed

finally some fresh fucking gear

No way
You're probably a pedo
I want to help her, not ship her off to someone else

Thanks! Do they have a twitter?

Stealing your woomies

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>that one kid who fucks off to a corner in salmon run

I guess you don't want a proper disciplined octo, then. You know where to find me if you do

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Cursed image.

I have the time and the patience to discipline her, I just need the technique
Tell me how

what's the sauce on these little dudes

Do you have a dedicated heat lamp room in your home?

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posting a cool woomy because fuck the rules
I need to draw something else instead of spamming this one pic though

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Well, we always have our album of squids. Could choose from that or ask for suggestions.

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How about I stick you in the heat lamp room?

>when you fuck up and fall out of S+ but can at least take solace in playing S shitters for a while
I'm pretty sure the charger was using sticks too

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anyone want to SR? not my room but we are 3/4

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Sorry I don't play with throwers

Shitters in SR get called out fast. I will literally stop playing if the team isn't getting to third wave

I'll hop on unless someone takes the spot before I get there

awesome we have a spot open

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Why do people on tumblr always do this? Serious question.

What would your squid do if they bumped into a group of octolings who were very aggressive while looking for a mate?


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Everyday we stray further from Cod's light

Nice art though

why tho

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Is there more? Asking for a friend haha.

I just finished 2's singleplayer, and holy fuck that final boss was total shit.
The thing that bugs me the most about it, is that the rest of the campaign (by multiplayer-oriented-shooter standards) was pretty fucking great. All sorts of weapons, the levels got way harder than they were in 1, the bosses were all pretty challenging and fairly unique sans the Stamper (which came back with a pretty good increase in difficulty), and the various little gimmicks were great.
But then the final boss was an absolutely monstrous let-down, especially after how good 1's final boss was.
That is, it's literally just the same fight except made worse in literally every possible way.
>Fists are way, way easier to deflect (even with the upgrade system, the fists should've been given higher health to account for this), and hardly get any faster and give you tons of leeway to reflect them
>Instead of a long, varied level that goes through all of the mechanics you learned throughout the campaign, you're just in a giant featureless circular arena with miles of space to dodge every attack, along with how much time you're given to move out of the way
>Doesn't spawn any enemies, just pillars of ink that do literally nothing because you're in a circular arena so it's kinda impossible for them to completely block your shots; even then, the bombs that spawn the ink go down in like three shots
>Callie's bombs also give you more than enough time to just move out of the way since there are no other obstacles besides the bombs
>Doesn't even re-use the back-and-forth bomb, you just shoot Octavio's helpless ass
I think the biggest sin is that Callie is barely even involved in the fight at all. She "calls out" the bombs, but that's hardly any different from Octavio shooting the homing missiles in the first game, which were far more of a threat than slow delay-reaction bombs. There's not even any sort of roller attack.
You don't even get to keep the Rainmaker weapon. Lamest boss, 0/10.

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They actually embrace imperfection unlike you objectifing fucks

You get the first whipping

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But it doesn't look like marina or pearl.

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we are waiting for O, W

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Because they genuinely believe that fictional characters being beautiful is sexist, and giving them unattractive features makes them a better person.

Play ranked. You get to kinda use the rainmaker.

That seems bigoted towards people that naturally just look good.

Not my fucking fault the power button is next to the volume button

I mean, get to keep it for singleplayer. I was expecting, since Sheldon gives it to you in the same manner you do from unlocking weapons, you'd unlock it as a final weapon. It would've been fun to be able to storm through the levels with an infinite super-Rainmaker, but they just take it away for no goddamn reason.

It's just a game user calm down.

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Mostly in case someone like this kind of stuff.

Though I'd be lying if I said I didn't get some sort of amusement out of the responses.

Welcome to the hypocritical world of SJWs, friend.

One thing I actually miss from the Wii U is the TV remote button.
It's not the end of the world to have to keep my remote around, but still, it was a nice feature.

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little break W

It's fine

btw thanks for carring me in league
I really really need to play other modes

Isn't this the guy who drew the porn of twerky

np, it was a good time

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Which mode was it? I'd be up for playing sometime unless it's clam blitz

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woomies being sucked under a lawnmower

it was TC first then SZ
right now is RM and then SZ

woomies being sucked

But it would be yebbies being sucked

woomies being treated nicely and cared for

sucking yebbies

Thank you.


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Stop being gross.


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