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Praise be to the Goddess.

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Go away.

Reminder that Garland supports you.

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Cid Raines for Dissidia

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But I'm a woman

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Just crossdress.

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I love this image. Almost makes me want to try Mobius again. Almost.

Bretty gud. But you need a good RW or alternate SB to push them to S-class.

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No reason to ever regret this, right?

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There are still people in this thread that don't have Aileen. How do you guys leave the bed in the morning?

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>Redownload a few weeks back since FF kick lol
>Get enough tickets for two pulls
>Want to get Dark Knight or Judge to be an armored dude like Papa Garland
>Get that flower girl job for the witch I haven't even met yet
>Unintsall a few days later

I remember the last time I played BE was in 2016 and suddenly my will to live flares up

>tyro fucking yawns

whats the context of this image

>user gets what I want off a meme single when I go full meme for my 11 pull and get literally everything I don't want, including a chain in the only element I already had a chain for

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The highest attack of characters I have is 386.
Fight me.

Meh is right. I liked the stories and characters though, so I'll probably just watch the cutscenes on Youtube whenever the thing wraps up. It's a shame the story takes for-fucking-ever to release, I think it's the slowest of all the mobages for its chapter updates.

>Dark Knight or Judge
But user, you can be a Heretical Knight, Garland's actual class in Mobius.

Desire sensor's a helluva thing. It sounds ridiculous that a mobile kusoge could scan someone's brain through their phone's camera/computer's webcam and cross reference data collected from posts made here but hey, we see the results every day. Every goddamn day.

On a side note, Ysalye BSB now has a use.
Well I hadn't played Mobius for a long time at that point. Makes it even a bit worse then.
Fitting. I find a woman while trying to be Garland, and she kills my interest in the game.

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Girugamesh comes out soon for OO. Characters get two skills initially. What skills will he receive do you think? Also, what two weapons will he receive? Two armors?

>you will never have a few beers with /ourguy/ Garland
why live

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>Ysalye BSB
Hadn't been that lucky on her banner.

he'll get a brave+hp attack and a brave attack that buffs or debuffs like literally every other character

Do you need a hand? If you want I can offer my Aileen. She's 1038 atk atm. If you're just starting out I'll gladly help you if you want.

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Excalipoor for a weapon (probably his 4*), one of the Genji armor pieces for one of those armors. Morphing Time would be a cool skill, but I'd actually rather that be his EX.

Yet another festival with lightning and ice on the same banner. I've got great lightning relics, but absolute crap for ice.
>Kain LMR
>Kain chain
>Squall glint
>Rinoa BSB2

Maybe the chain gets me a sub-30, but i still won't be able to clear Tiamat, and now have dupes on half of the banner.

>Just starting

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So, just starting :^)

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It only happens to me with Rinoa in RK is the stupid thing.
I swear, I'm going to wind up getting all of Rem's stuff on the type 0 event in a month or something equally dumb in good luck just to hammer it further home.
Knowing my luck I'll get Zack's wind chain or I'll wind up getting stupidly pointless luck and get the water chain on 5 when I have absolutely nothing for the element.


I was trying to be nice user.

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I give all my meme magic to you.

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Why are fujos wetting themselves over him in Tekken so much?

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yeah wow thanks no one gave me that

>How do guys leave the bed in the morning.
I have to wait for her to get up because she's so obsessed with me she wont let me wake up without her

I love Emanon !


I usually run fun teams instead of strong ones anyways.
Plus I got a Light Team set up for actual content with Balthier, VoL, and BSakura. Working on a fourth slot since Y'shtola's healing.

Follow-up; I completely forgot I have a Lunera. Fourth slot is filled.

Well did it work?

Garland tells Wol to not trust Sarah because he just doesn't like women

Is there any way to legitimately play 1 and 2 on PC?


Do Tiamat's Savage attacks have lower cast time or something?
the fuck

Can 2 of you guys open up OO to help me get rid of 5 bells?
Doing the 70 Zanarkand co-op.

Finally got myself a 4* sub-30, only took a month and a half. No chain if you're asking.

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Yep, 1.2s cast time instead of 1.65s

no wonder it felt like she was attacking back to back

So why is squenix trying to tie FF12 and Tactics together? I think it does a disservice to both games considering how different each world is. They have similar locations but the worlds and how the espers work is completely different.

Also, if Venat can just fucking leaving and move mist around, then how the fuck are the occuria not able to control everything like they used to? The espers are also completely different.


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They were always tied together, and yes it is stupid. Ivalice has been dragged through the mud and people actually like it.

*buys lapis on BE instead*

Sorry, user. I'll take it when that one fest comes that has a full ice banner.
I won't chance getting Lightning's usb and glint

>no G5

Yeah because that helped me getting what I wanted in RK (it didn't)

Send help, ffg.

I need 1 more

No one here plays OO anymore

G5 is unironically placebo
There's little difference when the 5*+ rate is a 13% split across 14+ relics with the eternal chance of an offbanner
Your chances of pulling the actually useful stuff (6*) are no different than if you didn't have them.

>"Here's your guaranteed 5*, kupo. Of course it's for one of 300 characters you dont give a fuck about and will never use. Ku-po-po, I even upgraded it to a 6* for them"

Is Kefka really the edgy wicked nihilist reddit makes him out to be?

No synergy, no problem

I can't wait for OK's 35cp and 60 str.
His kit is fun, but ninja is so weak where it literally does less damage than his regular brave attack.


Not really. He's just a pathetic manchild throwing a tantrum.

Sorry these scores are low m8, wish I could give you more.
Pretty much

Same, I have Steiner, but he's only at 41 str

If anybody's read The Crystal Shard, the way Kefka's written after obtaining god powers reminds me a lot of the apprentice mage that gets the Crystal Shard and becomes super powerful. VI is a great example of a mentally unstable human granted the power of a god but not the mind of one. Magic is the ability to bend reality to your will, it's a huge responsibility with endless possibilities. And what does he do with it? Fry ants with a magnifying glass.

C'mon guys, just a single bell more

Yeah this is impossible without a chain
It's fucking indefensible how p2w this is

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do chains really make that big a difference? also there's on on banner right now, kupo

>statistical outliers don't matter
Hey fuck you asshole. It may not matter to you, but it matters a lot to that 1 in 1000 player who ends up doing hundreds of pulls without getting a single SSR. G5 is a godsend to the lucklets out there.

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All I got was dupe BSBs

Do you think he plays other mobage's then final fantasy games

based tabby is getting his own AAA studio for new IPs because XV did so well

Thanks for the help in Zanarkand, guys.
Shame the connection dropped in the last one.

No problem, thanks for hosting.

>score wasn't any better
I can't wait for this event to end, myself.

Evens pay up and pull
Odds go cry

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Do ittttt, the digits have spoken

>that first video

Not him but shit I could probably do that. I'll probably have to switch Bartz out for Snow CSB since I don't have enough to hone a new SSS though. Thanks for the idea.

Don't do it user, Lightning is a blight.

New logo too

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Wish me luck. Here i go

Might as well make the most of playing around with that engine.

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Good luck!

Please don't do it user.
If you get Rinoa stuff, I might cry and make my own mistake.

>RK is only 3 years old
Why does it run like it was made 10 years ago? Were people really that bad at writing mobile game code in 2015?

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Optimized for apple products

I know I shouldn't worry about getting the right relics since I cheat and OHKO everything, but damn if this fucking Skinner box doesn't fleece me at least one Leviathan and a dozen 100g pulls a year.

1/11 Lightning USB
1/11 Squall glint
1/11 Squall glove

I feel nothing. I'll never spend on this shit game again

>cheats at a single player game
>still spends money on it
For what purpose?

I thought japanese weren't into apple phones

So what are they gonna kick him off XV now?

Could have been worse if you spent money.
Granted, it was a lightning relic, but still.

Same reason I buy hookers and booze when I know they're one use and will never last. I want to be happy, user.

Why do I see so much positive reception for FFXV? It was SHIT in every sense! Yes I mad! This is not okay.