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Shit pic OP

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i have another 500 word essay about tekken. i also have project justice webms.

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Reminder that we need to make the FGC blacker


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finna dykes

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Is menat a good student?

There's a massive gap between these types of players and high level play, and a lot of players are in that gap.

It's not relevant to the question at all.

mike definitely didnt encase blacker in quotes right bros

Post SNK sniffs

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play kolin

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Is /fgg/ black?

Mike "Make the FGC black or I ain't comin' back" Ross did say that

Don't reply to vappa


Reminder that anyone whining about muh fgc is just upset that their clubby little niche genre is getting marginally more popular and mainstream and they don't feel as special anymore.

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what should i sniff to tonight, /fgg/???

I'm brown

Anyone want to play dissidia :^)

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Do you still remember when you were happy in your childhood days?
I used to remember but I can't anymore. I literally cannot remember how feeling happy actually feels like.

i will only shut up about tekken 7 when soul calibur 6 comes out
then i will post the same webm of xianghua's win screen every other thread for a year and nothing can stop me, no one can

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>sniffing bird kick

i wish ivy were my mom...

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*saves the fgc*

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kolin unironically looks like a man with a wig


Why did they get inspired by Ann Coulter when they did this character?


Sorry. I can only post succ.

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>Leoposter is a Xianghua main

Should've known.

Are you grill

kof13 mai is the most sniffable sprite of all time

then use MotM Morrigan

How do we make Blazblue blacker?

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Morrigan's sprite was so good they never gave her a new one and used it for like 14 years.

stop hanging out

tell me the history of the phrase, "sniff", /fgg/

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Ann Coulter wasn't even a public figure yet when Kolin was created.

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>tfw can't do nadeshiko resets
>tfw can't do laura fireball resets
If I only had a brain

tfw i have to conciously stop myself from sniffing any time I see a sniff by explicitly exhaling now

you bastards have corrupted me fgg
at least izzfag and sniffboatfags are dead and gone

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When they went to see Star Wars Special Edition in its January 1997 theatrical release, they walked out the theater right behind a lady with nice-smelling hair, positioned ideally for a surreptitious sniffing. It's an old etymology.

mfw somebody told me they wanted to hang out

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tfw wasting my youth not hanging out without building something

If you had a brain you wouldn't be playing Mika or Laura in the first place.

doesn't this guy spend 8 hours a day on dota? what else is keeping him so busy that he can't hang out with friends?

Is Kolin actually ugly or is it just unflattering angles?

How do we make the fgc yomier?


This yomi meme has gotten out of hand

kolin is actually beautiful

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his depression

Will the fgc be effected by this too?

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Not with this costume though.


Do nothing

Every time.

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she is beautiful in all her costumes

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Except the ice skater one. And her hairstyle is dumb in that one.

can someone post that picture of sirlin with his head tilted to the side

i didnt know this happened when you got a double k.o against gill, pretty neat

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better with audio

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it can happen against any character

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Convince me that buffing a character by adding invincibility or armor isn't lazy, thoughtless design.

I fucking hate invincibility, and I want to not hate it so much.

imagine being Mai

Year of the dog!

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buffing a character by just increasing their damage numbers is lazy design
adding armor or invincibility to moves is interesting and game-changing and significantly changes the way they play

I'd rather not.

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What is /fgg/ opinion on the new Soul Calibur IV?

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i hope darth vader turns out to be good, cant wait til it comes out

Real Talk

(reddit spacing)

I plan to pick up Fantasty Strike day one just for that delicious week one bloodbath. Rising thunder for all its flaws was some of the most fun I had with a fighting game and getting to play so many people who have never in their life played a fighting game is such a rare treat.

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wat game is behind him

Pick Katarina and mash 4.

lmao get out of here you probably play nrs games too

whoops forgot image

okay fgg how do i play fighting games
which buttons to i press to get into grand master
i'm gonna do this shit on a steam controller

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Thats not exclusive to gill. The judges will change up too. There's a black girl on roller blades that shows up sometimes.

so i have to decide if i want a special costume or save up a year to buy 4 characters? i bought this a year ago and was able to get every s1 and s2 characters and now i only have 130kfm. wtf capcom

Pick Katarina and mash 4.


anyone can get to grand master if you just play enough you will be fine

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lol hilde
lol algol
why does amy have the smallest hitbox in existence and her head straight up disappear when she side steps
vader was really cool and deserved better than that game
star killer was really cheap in that game and deserves to be forgotten by time
yoda was ass

>i'm gonna do this shit on a steam controller
Keyboard is unironically the superior PC controller. Then later get a hitbox if you ever need to play in public or something.

Guys, what the fuck happened to /blaz/? I went looking for a game and all I find are dudes who say good morning and good night to each other, dead bumping and people who try to talk about the games get ignored. Is this the end of fighting games as we know it?

pick guile or abigail and you'll be grand master in no time

Sounds like a comfy general.

blazblue has no future everyone knows this

Pick Ryu and dash then mash medium punch

discord killed that thread

good afternoon fgg

I have a shitty $5 keyboard and can't push 4 buttons at once.

not true, $5 says i beat you in the modern anime game of your choice. invite me: jp_gman