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i like this thread

maybe we can get some actual dragon units within the decade

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>sexist redditors are LITERALLY S E E T H I N G because male grima didn't get to be the legendary, that's all, no other reason, they are literally comparing it to an ayra fiasco because of that

You'd think the drumpfies would be here but I guess not.

epic cummies

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fuck off

>Fliers have another limited unit
Being a Dragon/Flier fag is suffering.

We don't even know her stats you fucking numpty eggs.

So is evil FRobin good?

Kiran being dommed by F!Grima when?

What are your thoughts on FGrima and the 8% now that it's been a bit over an hour?

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This is like crying because male Robin didn't get to be the GHB. Or how he didn't get to have a swimsuit.

Meanwhile when FemRobinfags didn't get a Christmas outfit they didn't bitch, they just made fanart and shared it.

I come from the future, the next banner after Thracia is FE6. The units will be Bearded Hector with an even stronger Armads, red dragon armor Sophia and Rutger. The TT unit will be colorless dragon Idoun.

>8 people actually think F!Grima is better than Myrrh

Wait, CA doesn't work on raven tomes?

You wouldn't run Iotes seal since it's awful for scoring and is a premium S-Slot. That's the big advantage she has over Myrrh..

easiest skip of my life

No stats can fix the powerlevel difference of
>Great Flame + DC
>Expiration + Dragonskin

all my orbs are gonna be gone

thank god for thracia, i'm gonna be able to save some orbs

Rather, it doesnt work on Raven tomes if the Raven tome user doesnt have Triangle Adept 3 to begin with. Of course, generally Raven users tend to have that anyway so

Post twitter salt

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Some day...

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Summarize the past threads for me.

CA works on TA. -raven TA normally has 40% advantage over Colourless but CA will neutralize everything, making it become a neutral matchup. If the -raven user doesn't run TA then they'll still have 20% advantage over the CA user.

If dskin would have had a special countdown extra charge the story will be different

I can safely spend orbs since I know the next banner is a shitty Thracia banner.

>big advantage she has over Myrrh
If you care about scoring, then at high enough ranges you literally don't see archers/ranged units at all so the Iote's effect becomes worthless

No strong feelings about it either way. Won't be spending orbs on it because I'm holding out for another Nephenee summon focus.

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Just admit you hate women. Male Grima getting shafted brings your piss to a boil, at least be honest about it.

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cummies epik who the fuck is x

why is this general so fast

never forget

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Post yfw you rolled for Kagero and don't regret it one bit

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fun while she lasted

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fgo is the better game

>Got 2 extra Nephenees in general while I have been rolling Blue

I wish I could share them with you user.

Probably the first Legendary Hero banner where I want absolutely nothing. The biggest temptation for me is rolling green to put Axe/G Tome Valor for Axura/Inigo desu


We're getting another new dragon unit soon since we still need Goad Dragons.

Remember when everyone called adding dragons like Mila impossible lol

Doesn't change the fact that she doesn't have to lose her Seal slot and can run something else like Guidance for utility.

Also BLyn is pretty common from 700-715 and I'd wager it'd only be worse now that she's on a b8 banner.

Currently sitting in 530 orbs

Should l keep saving for Thracia or l should blow some orbs for F!Grima?

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>why is this general so fast
>6 robins
>Idunn where
>what are her stats?
>worse than Myrrh
>"reddit is burning, so /feg/ must be mad as fuck too. Why do you hate women, /feg/?"

>the chick is worse than the dude
waifu Emblem guys!

It's pretty shit, i never roll on b8% banners so i was going to skip regardless but this just makes it even easier.

to be fair it's still impossible but for different reasons now

>biggest temptation is finally getting a BLucina to merge


>high enough ranges

feg is filled predominantly with homos it's no surprise

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how about you grow a brain and a spine and figure out what you want to do for yourself

*laughs in -attack*

: (

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Do it for Leif

intsys giving grima f.robin cancel affinity like its not one of the shittiest skills in the game when under human control

Male Grima doesn't give Blessing boosts to boost my score. He's shit.

IS should just kill this dead game already


I'd disagree if we were talking about permanent stat increases, but it's actually pretty lame as a blessing. If it was +3 speed from IVs, it can easily be great on almost anyone, as long as you build around it. But as a blessing, you have to make builds that don't depend on the increase, unless you plan to switch out your entire party based on the season.

I wish they'd just remove the whole seasonal element from blessings. It doesn't add anything to the game, so it's completely obvious that the only purpose is to force whales to build multiple +10 teams in order to consistently get the blessing bonus so they can compete for top score.

I mean if you really want to discuss whale territory Myrrh wouldn't get you there either.

Is she a fun character to use? Her skills and weapon seem like a pretty neat combo.

It's way younger than other, much more retarded gachas. I think it's fine for now

I think I just got baited

Today is Hana's birthday!
Post some cute Hana!

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>Male Grima is a permanent part of the Gacha and isnt a part of shitty b8% garbage that gets cycled out every month
>Gets access to armor specific skills and Breaths along with better tanking potential by being run with armors
You wish, faggot.

>he's not saving orbs for golden week

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>Need to roll sakunya and stiki for valors
>also don't wanna miss Delthea because every single one I've ever gotten has had horrible IVs
>Still no Linde banner in sight to fill the Dark Aura void
fucking hell

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I'm still holding out hope that Lyon will be a colorless "dragon"

Better than Seal Atk/Def. (lol Legendary Ike.

>yfw epik cummies has shit stats

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>they're rerunning her in the next lego banner

my dick can't wait

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no her skills are better utilized by other units

You did.


>people invest massively into themed teams
>pay tons of money to hoard good "meta" units
>they fodder off 5* units just so the right characters with the best stats get the proper skills
>steamroll through min-maxed dragons, armors, fliers, and horses because I have dancers

It was honestly a breakthrough revelation for me. People used to go "hurrdurr using dancers," but with so many "meta" shitters now there is no reason to hate them

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The banner is tomorrow, yes? So the update will hit tomorrow instead of today in 15 minutes?

I rolled for Cat but got cucked by Kagero. I'm a flierfag so whatever.

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Myrrh literally scores the same as Hector/Amelia/Sheen/etc. Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about

>I'm happy but I'm also mad about it

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>permanent part of the Gacha
I bet you think Saber is an easier source of Shield Pulse than Fjorm.

>Needing blessings to boost score
>Not having a core of merged units to hit 740+ easily
So these are the brainlets wasting orbs on inferiority.

>they had to put a shitty 4* archer for her to do decent damage and double

The cutest!

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But it's fun using your favorites to win

>No merges
>New arena scoring

You wish.

>In-game version is wearing pants

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Guess what - you can have multiple emotions at the same time. Are you autistic?

i hate the armor love thats been flowing these past few months, i hated that the next dragon was yet another armor, i hated that the only grima i got was -def +spd, i didnt want girl robin to be the next one but at this point the game gave me the shaft so many times outside of grima i think i cant be hurt playing this anymore

why do you think this is any different than the stuff people post in these threads

What did he mean by this?

>mist is the only unit besides zelguis I need to complete the tellius squad
>delthea is my highest 5* merge since she likes surprising me off banner
>feel compelled to roll both of them despite not needing them

damn my autism

>being a scorlet

Female Grima cummies!~
She's still Grima Robin............ epik

Why the F U C K is there a SIXTH Robin

>IS is literally holding back units to shove more seasonal and alts.

Fuck this shit. Just put the units on the damn game.

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Didn't think the game would give me a valid reason to dig into Colorless. Good luck FGrima bros. I hope we all make it.

Wait why is there no info of if Grima Robin Epik will appear on another legendary banner like when it said Ephraim would appear in April's?

i swear these legendary heroes are being made mediocre on purpose
their skills and stats are so meh because intsys wants to leave a lot of room to powercreep with more lego heroes in the future

I bet you dont.

If Thracia doesn't save FEH I'm quitting

I'm excited and very happy that she's a colorless dragon just wanted to let you know that feg have a good night.

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i hope the next legendary will be armor


How good is LegFRobin?