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pastebin.com/wS3a2En9 - Maxis Match for Sims 4
pastebin.com/TBqj7S7b - Sims 4 and 3
pastebin.com/eYZvWXYs - Sims 2
pastebin.com/Qr7a989F - Adult CC

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xth for fat tiddies and offspring.

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dat babby lookin at the tiddy

can ghosts lose weight?
me grandmammy is looking fat, and fat ghosts dont look right

They *should* be able to if they're in your household

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What does this x mean? It appeared after she went to give birth and a second later a circle appeared in it with another smaller x above them.
In my hundred or so hours this the first time seeing such a thing.
Is my daughter gonna be a dyke when she gets older or some shit? This goes against our Islamic family values.

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Just finished The Urbz on my GameCube emulator. Damn, the nostalgia... Very good game and OST, shame it didn't sell enough.

>Is my daughter gonna be a dyke when she gets older or some shit?
With those colors, she'll be trans.

I've never seen that before. Not sure what it could mean

Congrats! Boy or girl?

Urbz was one of their best console games

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never seen that before..


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oooh man

who here has qt archaeologist gf

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She's not THICC enough!


heroes never die

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