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Nilfgaard scumses die die die

>Gwent Resources
>FAQ: pastebin.com/rkCY3XPJ

Come on user. Don't drop the dude's Gwent FAQ. It's got good info in it.

"Pikes in air, swords to sky! Nilfgaard scum must die die die!" "Who drink barrels and ask for more? The infantry from Tregotor!" "Mamma, come and see dem marching. It King Ravodid who call" "Who makes Emhyr wet his panty? Cavalry from Nimnar Valley!"

>Come on user. Don't drop the dude's Gwent FAQ. It's got good info in it.

Removed it so you come back and i knew it would work :3
Didn't expect it to be 3 posts in

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I am going to let Radovid win the war in this playthrough just to make him happy

Is it weird to be attracted to all of his forms?

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But then he could kill Triss and Yen.

Trolls love Trissfu too.

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troll bro's happiness > witch sluts

Actually I'm the frogposter, apparently his most hated enemy. I didn't even know he was the one that added the Gwent FAQ until he mentioned it in his goodbye post, but I was looking for it then.

You'd have to explain your attraction to his blobby higher vampire form to me pal. I talked to one Dettlafffriend that gave a reasonable answer but it was really specific to him and odds are it wouldn't carry over to you. I'd like to hear what attracts you to it though.

Nice OP. Post cute trolls

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>*1 shots you*

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he one-shot's you because he's actually much higher level than the recommended level for that contract

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Why didn't he just break the walls and escape ?
I feel bad for him, jailed in the basement his whole lifetime :(

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>I'd like to hear what attracts you to it though.
The fact that he looks so inhuman. Those sharp teeth and claws, the extra hands, and the wings. He looks like he could rip me apart and that is insanely hot to me.

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Because he loves Sigi and is loyal to him.

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Yeah, that is a different reason than the other user I talked to. Is it specifically Dettlaff's higher vampire form that does that for you, or do other big monstrous things do it? I mean more specifically is it because you know Dettlaff and his character so the fact that he can turn into a powerful monstrous critter that could tear you apart turn you on, or do other humanoid powerful critters turn you on too?

what did they mean by this?

>is it because you know Dettlaff and his character so the fact that he can turn into a powerful monstrous critter that could tear you apart turn you on
You hit the nail on the head. That's exactly it.

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Gotcha. Thanks for explaining. I like hearing about waifus from waifufriends so I like hearing about husbandos from husbandofriends.

Out of curiosity did you have a witcher husbando before Dettlaff or did you only play after B&W was added?

> Koviri Scientists baffled by a waifus incredible ability to be too cute for her own good

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I'm out. Nighty night thread!

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Sweet dreams friend

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Good Night, hope you are blessed with a dream of Trissfu

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I think Gwent would be more popular if they had a cuter mascot than Shupe.

Games need to appeal to either normies or neckbeards to survive long term. They need to decide if they want some cute little moeblob creature or a half naked lady opening the barrels and all over background art.

>play arena
>sile into runestone
>my options are pavetta, sabrina and the cursed 3 point mage
>i pick pavetta and send sile into my deck only to draw it instantly


It's already dead, let's hope for them their plan to abandon the game for thronebreaker will get results (for now all the google ads are doing nothing)

The second to last gwent hero card you played is coming to kill you and the last hero card you used is protecting you.

How fucked are you?

Seltkirk is protecting me from the beast/bear/werewolf with a hot naked chick on his back.
I think im fine.

Trissfags absolutely BTFO

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Triss only lives to serve and suck big fat troll cock. She wants Geralt to watch her as her holes get filled with troll snot and she gets impregnated with litters of little trolls. Triss is a big fat troll whore.

Literal fanfiction, who cares

I'm looking forward to it

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>one of those guests is our favorite BULL Istredd, who has his way with Yennefer on the wedding night while Geralt has the pleasure of watching.

They went too far.

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>experience one than more romance
Fucking confirmed

Sauce? I can't find anything about guests.

go to their Facebook page and scroll down to older posts

>pick vicovaro medic because its supposed to be good in arena
>opponent doesn't play a single bronze card whole game

fun times

> HS preparing a expansion
> MTG out of CB
Yeah, man, time to take it slow. Let's leave the game as it is for a couple months.
The marketing department for Gwent is fucking genious.
> Go to Arena
> Pick cards that depend on your opponent's plays


That mod is so fanfiction they have Yennefer wearing a white wedding dress, implicitly signifying her "purity". Yennefer.

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> fanfiction
> Implying is not based on the Something end, something begins story written by Sapkowski
Also, qt.
I always liked those dresses. Shame her body/shoulders looks weird.

I was just using "fanfiction" in the colloquial sense of not-canon, which that short story is. Though i'd be interested in hearing if Yen was actually wearing a white dress in that story, how silly!

>You will be working closely with a small team to help refine the VFX pipeline and processes.
>small team
ded game

Something ends something begins is a fanfiction written by Sapkowski

Trissfu wore it 100000x better !

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Geralt and Triss OTP

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post more Trissfu in white dress pls

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That's from the Something ends, something begins story

>Also the priestesses Iola and Eurneid sobbed, when Yennefer refused to put on the white wedding dress they had made for her. Not even Nenneke's mediation helped. Yennefer cursed, threw around hexes and dishes, while repeating that she looks like a fucking virgin in white. The enraged Nenneke began yelling, too, and told the sorceress that she behaved worse than three fucking virgins at once. Yennefer responded by conjuring a ball lightning and demolishing the roof of the corner tower.

lol that's pretty great. Feeling slighted at the thought of looking like a virgin. Did she end up wearing it?

No shit, man.
Kek, based.

>No shit, man.

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Fuck off, Howard.

Best milkies north of the Yaruga, leaving Koviri scientists BAFFLED, PERPLEXED, INCREDULOUS!!

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Yen is based.

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Iorveth was my first husbando. It's a shame he wasn't in 3.

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Do you have any preferential partner witcherfu's for your husbando's?

avalach is mine

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There was another femanon in these threads whose husbando was Vernon Roche

Hope she likes missionary because that's all you're getting from that fagit

missionary is the best position, so she's lucky

How can one series have so many cute husbandos?

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who is /bestboy/?

Disgusting. Olgierd is 1000x cuter than them

why do the Aen Elle wear whore make up?

They are fags

Where is fuccboi Dandelion?

Be nice, dh'oine

No Olgierd, Dandelion, Damien... What a pleb taste

The best husbando would unironically be Dudu so you can fuck yourself.

I mean, everyone knows is a fanfic he wrote for a friend's wedding.
Voorhis is no husbando.
Also, is missing Ewald Borsodi.

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No bully

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Yeah, Borsodi was cute too
Where are dwarves you racist? Post cute dwarves, quickly!

Husbando roll? 1-6 for Geralt, etc? That'd be fon 2 due

All of these have 10/10 shit personalities and are therefore dumpster tier

Agreed on everyone except Olgierd

>tfw the general is filled with girls who are jealous of Trissfu, so that's why we have so many anti-triss posts

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I'd sooner put Elihal in than a dwarf.

I want her to put her cute little soft hands on my cheeks as she stares up at me lovingly with her bright, beautiful hazel eyes

Thanks pals!

As leery as I am about fan made storymods like that I'll probably end up giving that a spin.

There's than one frogfriend.

That stands to reason. Since you were bereft of husbando in Witcher 3 Dettlaff was able to pick up the slack. I was wondering since the waifufriends largely skip Annarietta/Syanna/bird chick as full on waifus even though there's plenty of peach-ass-posting, while I've seen a few Dettlafffriends. Was curious on the difference between Blood and Wine husbando and waifu choices.

What about Gaunter? He's a trustworthy dude, wears garlands of flowers and doesn't afraid of anything.

I dunno Trissfriend, I have heard from a fairly reliable source that men have on occasion been known to pick husbandos rather than waifus.

>of that

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There's also Guillaume de Launfal, Karadin and Hjalmar
>someone thinks that an ugly potato like voorhis is cute
there's hope for me yet

Could be less about him being a potato and more about him being a bro. He gives a pretty damn good impression in Witcher 3.

Voorhis is cute!

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>gwentfags are gone
>waifufags succumb to faggotry

Triss is trying to kill me while Baron will protect me. I'm fucked

>still no Dijkstra
Add more Skellige boys, Crach and Svanrige were cute

>fucking elves
>fucking dwarves
are you kidding me? a skelliger berserker is better than non-humans

Any prediction if top 7k will be good enough for top 10k rewards?

But Yenna, you are 7/10 at best WITH THE HELP OF MAGIC, while Trissfu is 11/10 with natural beauty.

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Triss is 50+ old, no 50+ old woman looks 20 without magic or unless she's asian. Triss is human after all.

Well she kept her 20/30's look, nothing wrong with that.
Yen at that age w/o magic is hunchback anyways, so Trissfu ALWAYS wins.

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You have no idea what Triss looked like prior to Hogwarts, even Vesemir doesn't describe her looks

>You have no idea what Triss looked like prior to Hogwarts
She looked like a CUTIE !!

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