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>Thrones of Britannia Info
Northymbre Let's Play -- youtube.com/watch?v=nI9VO_P6bSg&t=346s
Thrones of Britannia Preview Battle -- youtube.com/watch?v=-CuRB3PGgW8 Circenn Campaign and Battle --

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inferior edition

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remove saxon

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>bronze age total war
>chariots are legitimately OP due to low armor and disorganized formations

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>bronze age total war
>sea peoples

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Chariots in Rise of the Samurai would literally be OP as fuck

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>>bronze age total war
I'd fucking love that to be honest

> spearmanii were too diverse: the game

Rock the boat!

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So... as much as I love all that fantasy has brought to my life... are they aware how fucking stupid the tactical map in TWW2 is? Like are there any dev posts acknowledging that its fucking stupid to have the fucking over lay just... never mind im not going to bitch about it here. Im just asking... is TTW3 gunna fix it?

I mean what the fuck i hit tactical map to see where my armies are... nope that shit is covered by the other overlay asking me what i want my map panted.

come the fuck on.

>is WH3 gonna fix it
lol CA can't even fucking fix Norsca, don't have any hope for 3.

don't worry they'll remove the tactical map by WH3

Lore of Heavens is fun

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>low armored skeleton spam
haha, time for endless windblasts

Tomb King infantry is really fucking bad innit

worst standard infantry in the game
made up for by some of the best monsters and ranged units in the game

do you just windblast or do you drop a curse of the midnight wind first

confederated with boris, who should I get him killed by


actually, can boris even die anymore

No but get him wounded anyways

>Throwing away his busted as all hell Crush the Weak aura.

> you will never have threesome with Khalida and Neferata
> Morathi and Isabella will never be your mommies
> Frey will never ask you to massage her feets
> Valkia will never rape to death
> you will never have gentle sex in missionary position with Alarielle

Opinions on merchants?

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israel preorder faction for bronze age total war

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retake, way to valuable to leave alone

what merchants, all I see is a rebellion


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>reading the description of Thrones
>"muh anglo saxons"
>4 factions are vikings, 4 factions are celts
>only 2 are anglo saxon

Why is the culture group the game is supposedly based around the least numerous?

>why are there so many non roman factions in rome total war

because rome spans all of Europe while this focuses on 4 tiny countries, it's like playing shogun and having more than half of the factions being Chinese/Korean

except chinese and koreans didn't have military presence in japan

>a game where 90% of the landmass is non-italian and the titular factions are italy-based is the same as a game where 50% of the landmass is english and the most prominent factions are supposed to be the english ones

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>shogun never allowed you to invade korea and ryukyu after uniting japan

What was the point?

t. carthage

neither did the dumb dumb kingviks, they just raided and then fucked off back their snow nigger shit hole. I'm fine with the celts

i was already formulating a response concerning celts.

i've got no defense for the vikangz

But the Vikings did in fact conquer England and had a military presence there under King Canute

this is true, but that was over 100 years after the events of the game, isn't it?

not in the time period of this game

I don't care if it's historically accurate, I just don't want to see vikings in my games. they already ruined for honor with them

>It starts in 878 AD, and like other Total War games it’s over once you win! There is no set end-date, though the content in the game covers up to around 1066.

Canute conquered England in 1016 so its well within the time period of the game. And he might be one of the AI doomstacks invaders

what mod?

that would be pretty cool then. i thought it would be a little more focused in the timeframe, but i hadn't done my research on it.

>CA made AI able to dodge slow-moving artillery projectiles
>instead of decreasing casualties AI just fucks up his formation trying to dodge shot and clumps several regiments into one blob
>now each shot hits a tightly packed blob and easily wipes out dozens in one shot
>it also breaks his army cohesion and instead of moving as one AI gets a bunch of stragglers who lag behind the army
Incompetent as ever. CA truly just a bunch of hacks.

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Do it for Sigmar lads.

Go get em.

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>thrones of who gives a fuck delayed
Well this sucks. Do you guys think that this will delay the may content for warhammer since they have to shill their new game for a few weeks before they drop a WH2 dlc?

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w-what are they doing

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You gon get poo'd

>tfw we arent the newest TW anymore

Is this how Atilla fags feel?

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Empire of Man


Warhammer 2 support was canceled you dip

99% chance, Norsca will be June

>no updates
>no performance improvements after several years
>no DLC, instead we got shitty ones for Rome II
>Ancient Empires still not released

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Should my Spain settling Burgundians become Graeco-Roman pagans or Christians (probably Arians if I can manage)?

Pagan pros:
>seems Spanish
>Burgundians want to leave the cold so they settle down in the warm place and drink wine
>Roman god worshiping Burgundians conquering the globe is a fun image
>king looks like he has donkey ears, fits with a midsummer night's dream sipping wine in the Roman ruins sort of theme
Pagan cons:
>food cost
>kinda shit edicts

Christ pros:
>it makes more logical sense
Christ cons:
>Need lead for the higher tier churches which would be hard to get unless I can trade or conquer Britain

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Norsca was delayed for 6 months. Fantasyfags got Intel shill lab mode and fucking multiplayer only map pack. Btw, quality of that pack sucks ass, it barely better than whatever modders do. Wouldn't be surprised if it was done by some intern in a one day.

Throes of Britannia got delayed. CA makes SJW DLC for Rome 2. Warhammer 2 content is nowhere to be seen. Patches happen once in a blue moon and break more than fix. No info about Three Kingdoms after several months. They work on their own MOBA-loot-MMO shooter. Their devs are overworked to hell.

The state of Total War. If it doesn't worry you, I just don't know.

How can you be overworked to hell but at the same time produce nothing of value

> histcuck tactically forgot Tomb Kanz which was very well done dlc

*the only
Since Warhammer 2's release Rome 2 has gotten more DLC than Warhammer

Really makes you think huh

I am not gonna defend retardation of CA but quality > quantity. Every R2 dlc was shit. Britania is shit even in higher degree.

Great English buddy :)

The Makurian invasion fleet is ready. Since the traitorous dogs in Constantinople decided to blockade our ports and starve our population because we have a necessary alliance to curb the arabic islamic threat we have decided to repay them dearly. We will start by invading their outpost in the mediterranean, Crete, which we will use as a staging point for the crown jewel of this expedition, Constatinople. After we capture Crete we will move straight to the heart of Byzantium and sack the great city, and kill anyone we find there and bring the riches back to Africa. The expedition will be lead by the generals Bakhum and Istabanos, both great-grandchildren of our late king Ourou Melku the Malevolent who defeated Barak the traitor and ushered in prosperity to Makouria.

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> this state of damage control

Gap after meme arrow followed by bad grammar
The mark of the third world dwelling retard

WH2 release
>Mortal Empires upcoming, with wild speculation about the map
>Kangz just around the corner
>Old World update soon
>Norsca in May, but otherwise things looking up
>Tons of ideas about what the DLC calendar will be, what characters, what units, what surprises, etc...
>Possibilities like Araby, Southern Realms, even shit like Albion and Amazons, all seem possible now, given how bright the future of WH2 looks

>Mortal Empires still not fully functional, map is shit
>Old World still not fully updated
>DLC calendar abandoned, found dead on the side of the road
>All DLC possibilities dead in the water, probably won't even be another full race let alone minor other factions
>No more patches even
>Norsca probably not even in May at this rate, possibly never

It's over for us, fantasy bros. CA played us like a damn fiddle.

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The future is so wonderfully bright, the sky's the limit!


Our catholic allies were already waiting for us at Crete, and the Byzantine fleet is caught completely by surprise, Chandax is practically empty!

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In trying to milk us CA as hard as humanly possible has stumbled over it's own shekel bearing feet and planted itself face first on the road of bad intentions ...

is that samuel l jackson

My feels exactly. First Warhammer ended on such high note, unexpected DLC and great patch with a bunch of good changes. Everything about Warhammer 2 looked awesome.

And now this. F

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That's what happens when you make an expansion and, at the last second, decide to slap a 2 on it and pretend it's a sequel so you can charge 20 bucks more for it

Most of the DLC for TWW2 barring some pre-order faction for TWW3 is probably already made.

The only bad thing they have done is Norsca and that is only as bad as it is because they probably only have like two or three people porting it to avoid anymore sunk costs... It was made by their new content team in a month or two and that team is not even large, so their "we have all hands on deck for Norsca but it still takes 6 months" is BS, if they were all doing it, it would be finished in a couple weeks.

But that Rome 2 DLC and now Thrones of Britannia are the reason they aren't talking TWW2 DLC. Their rapid release schedule means their own products are competing with each other... Why would they want to diminish any buzz that may exist for that DLC and standalone by teasing TWW2 DLC? Its the same reason why we won't hear anything about TWW3 even though it is probably coming out early next year until after Three Kingdoms comes out.

No thats Istabanos

>Most of the DLC for TWW2 barring some pre-order faction for TWW3 is probably already made.
fucking hell user, this is sad
like those people who still think the last bit of metal gear solid five will come out any minute

The anticipation, the possibilities, the HYPE was reaching levels previously unimaginable.

I loved how before there were some nay sayers about what would happen, when people speculated what was possible, and even they shut up because suddenly anything was possible and things looked so amazing. Anything could happen, and it was incredible to see and imagine where the series was headed.


>there were people who kept insisting that Mortal Empires map is going to be butchered one from the Russian leaks
>I kept arguing with them that it's bullshit
>they were right
I'm so sorry bros

what mod?

>fucking hell user, this is sad

Kid they are owned by SEGA. The DLC was probably finished before the game was even finished.

My feels exactly. Shogun 2 ended on such high note, avatar mode and a great game with a bunch of good polishing. Everything about Rome 2 looked awesome.

And now this. F

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Yeah like Norsca and Mortal Empires
Already done

They will put that stuff out any day now they've finished it years ago and are just delaying it a little as a joke haha

I legit want to play this. Shogun Rome Warhammer Super Total War.

With Chandax's population wiped from the earth and only some spared the Makurian fleet moves closer to Constantinople. Our allies in Jerusalem however are bearing the brunt of the Byzantine invasion

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The bulk of DLC for TWW2 would be a handful of units and some reskinned lords with new starting positions. Hardly something difficult for CA to do.

The only disappointment is that Araby and the Tileans will remain forever placeholdered by Brettonnians and Imperials

I still think it's reasonable to expect them release High Elves vs Dark Elves lord pack with units and then Lizards vs Skaven lord pack.

And that would be a wrap. No Araby, Amazons or whatever meme race people try to push here.

My feels exactly. Medieval 2 ended on such high note, multiple expansions and a great game with a bunch of good modding tools. Everything about Empire looked awesome.

And now this. F

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The whole "products competing" shit is a nice thought, but CA is way too fucking dumb and shit at marketing to do that
Look at when they announced Three Empires for example, what a dumb fucking move

>nothing to say about it
>unreleased game
>two pieces of unreleased DLC
>all with their own marketing going on

>Russian leaks were correct
>people still deny that TWW3 will be 4 chaos warrior armies with daemons for each god tacked on to each army to make them god-themed

Memes for the meme god

We caught them completely by surprise!

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That just sounds so fucking bad
Who am I to doubt Russian leaks but a man has to have hope doesn't he

>meme army

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