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>Official sites & social media
twitch tv warhorsestudios

look it up faggot
there's dev blogs on youtube, loads of losers on twitch, funny moment and bugs compilations everywhere and webms floating around /v/ and /wsg/


Interactive Map - kingdomcomemap.github.io
Labeled Hi-Res Map - mega.nz/#F!LIx32A5Z!Vt0Y82cykdN8DjoxUMJq6g


>Game Art
Artbook - mediafire.com/file/he4hwaaa6scurd6/Artbook_EN.rar
Soundtrack - mediafire.com/file/8a2d8ogtky5bthm/Soundtrack.rar
Maps - mega.nz/#F!mCZ0AYQI!qz4FZnueP_f0_SlrxBnMxA

FAQ, Console Commands, etc. - pastebin.com/F9W9bwCz
Other FAQ - pastebin.com/mSvK6ec9
Item ID's - pastebin.com/iaudJWDw
Perk ID's - pastebin.com/wFFJUEaM
OP - pastebin.com/ETJE9iPD

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Where the fuck did everyone go

>Far Cry 5 releases
>thread becomes a ghost town
They were casuals who never deserved a Eurojank masterpiece user, just forget them.


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>practice stealth skills
>gather dark clothes
>0 Visibility, 1 Conspicuousness, 1 Noise with the Forester perk
>stop for ambush on a white horse wearing red caparison in the middle of the day and bandits won't even attack me because I'm invisible

>he thinks his stats have anything to do with that
Same thing happens to me while wearing metal armor with colorful overcoats while riding smelly Jenda.
One of many bugs.
I always walk behind them, choke them and steal their shit.

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anyone know where to get the Heraldic Necklace/Neckchain? Signit Ring is north of Sasau, cant find the accompanying necklace.

>Uzhitz is a farming town, no blacksmith
>Talmberg is a castle town, blacksmith is off in the boonies
>Sasau has 32 blacksmiths within the city limits
One or two of those guys should move away and set up shop somewhere that needs them desu.

Is that signet ring involved in a quest I haven't found yet?

No. It's a generic item, ex, Silver Ring.

I thought it might be special since I've only ever got it off the bandit near Simon's mill who has a bunch of fancy clothes on.

>explicit sex scene
>more "fucks" than you can count
>no bloody gore

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To trigger American cuckservatives.

conservatives want gore?

yes we do

Well they won't do anything about rampant firearms massacres despite the stated reason for Americans being allowed to own them being a fucking joke in so I'd have to say yes. Also they are afraid of sex as if everyone in the world wasn't the product of it.


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not them, but you got it all wrong.
they dont like rampant violence, they are just Inherently short sighted. their genetics predisposed them to particular character traits that makes them less receptive to new information, change, or concerning themselves with the world beyond whats directly in front of them. they are great traits for the stoneage where staying away from other tribes and not deviating from social norms allowed stable development, but they are not suited to our level of technology and rate of change. Its not their fault, they cant help it.
citation:a lot of jordan peterson and a study that determined a connection between genetics and personality traits, and how they predictably map onto political alignments.

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Patch never

Gore ain't happening. Apparently there are too much variable on clothes/armor to make it viable.

That makes a lot of sense actually, considering there's 4 fucking layers on the torso alone.

>no kcdg for a few hours
That was a dark moment in my life anons

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What is the shiniest golden helmet in the game I can get without cheating?

Radzig's Deus Vult helmet is cool, but I don't think anyone can get it.

Well there's the Decorated German Helm in Rattay. Decorated Kettle Helm also has some gold trim (I think Nightingale wears one).

>constitution is a fucking joke

how's this run on ps4 pro?

Golem get ye gone

Defending your """freedom""" against the US government is a joke m8, if they want you dead you'll never see it coming. An AR-15 can't protect you against drone strikes.

I doubt it's any better than PS4 since Warhorse can't even get Ultra settings to do anything on PC.

The US army is regularly defeated by armed civilians.

Fanatical death cultists are not civilians.

The British Army was defeated by civilians
>Not much of an effort since the Island Jew is usually too busy pilfering and complaining to put up much of a fight but worth mentioning

and what about gooks?

>no bloody gore
nigga there's plenty of gore especially at the skalitz related storyline. there's also a lot of mutilated dead bodies on the "interesting sites", a literal rape shack, and a pile of burnt corpses if you get off to that sort of thing

Ain't nobody winning a land war in Indochina bud. Also if you want to get technical it was never a real war and the VC were an organized guerilla force, not civillians.

>An AR-15 can't protect you against drone strikes.
the thing is modern warfare isn't a war of total annihilation anymore, you'll need to keep the occupied population under control and since you can't level entire cities to the ground anymore this will put your troops in constant pressure, draining your morale and resources if said population keeps resisting (especially when they're armed), which can eventually leads to defeat even if your have a force multiple times stronger than them

>since you can't level entire cities to the ground anymore
What makes you think that a US government that has done something so despicable that it faces armed insurrection at home won't level a couple of cities to make their point?

>level a couple of cities to make their point?
except this only have a very small chance of actually killing off the insurrection and will only serve to fuel more resentments against them among the survivors. this is quite literally how diehard extremists are born

The US government has already saw enough of this shit happening so i doubt they'll be dumb enough pull it again, especially at home. There's even a quite recent video leaked from pentagon that in which they admitted that they're not ready to face things like this in future conflicts

It's a moot point anyway, the based Britbongs are going to drag us into another Cold War so the enemy will be the reds again.

They certainly have the bullshit factory in overdrive trying to provoke it. I hope the Yanks have more sense than to listen to the perfidious bastards.

>le Putin is a good guy meme
Fucking neck yourself cunt, it's sad that an old British woman has more balls than the "alpha" American president.

An AR-15 is useless against a drone but it's excellent at shooting up the trailer the drone is operated from. Or the people who supply the drones. Or the drone operator's family. Thing about drones is there's usually thousands of kilometers worth of ocean between the guy operating them and the people they're used on. The equation changes significantly when the drone operators have to live in the same city as the people they're fighting.

i havent done much research into vietnam, but based on america's track record since ww2 and NeoCons, i doubt the point was Winning. by sheer death toll we won, killing over a million people. likely intended to bleed communist nations dry. same with the middle east, seems more like a delay tactics to make the region untenable for China, especially with the NSA tech we have and a military that simply rolled over Iraqs military in a week. if the mission was to win, they would have won.

Image too accurate

Unlike archery in KCD.

source on the artist of the OP?

looks like our resident drawfag
might even be a fresh OC though since i haven't seen this one posted anywhere

It's at least a couple of weeks old.


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I don't have any new webms and I didn't make that many to begin with. Please patch the game so I can finally play.

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Is there a penalty to using longswords with shields?

I've never actually tried using a shield with a longsword but I've read that you can't use combos when using one.

That's probably how the 99.3% of shitters beat Runt, by bitching out behind a shield.

You can 1 shot Runt with the shortsword bash combo. He doesn't wear a helmet, so shortsword+shield KO's him instantly.

>you can't fight government they'll just nuke you lmao
Hold my beer, kid

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>Too much of a cheap cunt to pay her gas bill to Papa Putin
>Can't even Brexit properly
>Lol bomb London, it's part and parcel of the Britslave experience

Just let Russia have its' way with you you pathetic worms, see how the rest of the world felt at one point.

>[current year]
>Not defeating Cunt on 0.3 seconds using a single master strike

Do such levels of shittery even exist?

Also: Gonna give Blood and Iron a go. URO wasn't bad (modularity let me opt out of the meme parts to it) but this looks more polished.

I wish I could keep Henry's armor gear more lightweight and "nimble" kinda like pic related but thus far I haven't figure out what the actual benefit of it would be except when sneaking around. This game has a tendency to railroad you towards plate armour.

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Not really, stamina is your true armour, armour is just a bonus on top of that.

Post aesthetics

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>using master strikes
True shittery is needing a canned animation to do your damage for you.

>not unintentionally using master strikes all the time because the timing is so loose.

Do you even play the game?

I play the current version with an axe, you fucking longsword shitter. I'm also not training them on future playthroughs because they're a crutch for brainlets.

When I'm fighting with weapons should I always try to match the direction of the attacker if I want to block their attack?

What are THOSE dudes doing here?

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They usually upload patches 2 days before releasing them.
It's Wednesday and still nothing.

But they just added several DLCs entries.

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crossbows when

makes me mad tbqh

What am I doing wrong in the frickin monk quest.

when you give them $15 dolla for the dlc

Does other armor/weaponsmiths have different stuff to sell than the ones in Rattay? Is there even other merchants of those kinds in other settlements? I'm still pretty early in the game and I just started to wonder how boring it would be if you have everything the game has to offer available in the starting town.

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yes, explore west from rattay

I am no longer willing to pay these people for extra content.

no shit

no. blocking is piss easy in this game. you just have to hit the block button at the right time.
you should strike at the side where he doesn't have his weapon though

The only thing Russia is going have its way with is Russian population

>page 9 after 15 minutes
the other generals are too active
why is this allowed?

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>no 1.4 yet

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Give him some nicknames while we wait forever
Daniel "Next Week" Vavra
Daniel "No Hotfix" Vavra
Daniel "Patch "Priority" Report"

Daniel "abracadabra, patch delayed" Vavra

Daniel "Soon ;)" Vavra.
Daniel "3 line changelog" Vavra
Daniel "Irrelevant features" Vavra
Daniel "In testing" Vavra

daniel 'patch first? cant bra, dlc while the hype's up!" vavra

Daniel "I like taking screenshots so I sent out a patch that lets me take even better screenshots, who gives a fuck about the other shit" Vavra

There are 5 entries.
What do you think they'll be?
>female character quests
>dog companion


"Working Polearms" for the last one.

ultra settings

pls no,my pc gonna esplode

only 7dollars

Not punching him into submission loting him naked an executing him cold bloodedwith an arrow to the head.

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I once had that happen to me in the forest when two rag tag hobos were attacking me. Had a good laff.

Congratulations on your enlightenment brother.