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old thread:

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do you still have fun playing Hearthstone, /hsg/?

rush sucks


>Say "Well Played"
>They say "Thanks" and not "Well Played"

go fuck yourself

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I always do that, banter.


What's pack obtaining status lads? Any WW packs today?

It's even better when your opponents concede voiceline praises you
>"Smart moves, i concede."
>"Heh, my thanks."
>A recent opponent would like to be your friend

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is it just me or is druid hard as hunter? FUCK Spreading plague

getting upset over that just means you didn't mean it and shouldn't have said it

I wouldn't add a Maiev player, desu. I don't need friends with shit taste.


Is Garrosh dungeon run the hardest? His starting hand is just trash.

But it is not instant value, on the same principle as Fel Reaver.
If the game ends fast enough that you wouldn't have had time to draw the cards destroyed by your Fel Reaver, there was no drawback. It's virtually like these cards were at the bottom of your deck all along.
Gnomeferatu provides value, but it isn't instant. If the game ends before the opponent reaches fatigue, then it was the same as if those two removed cards were at the bottom of his deck and the card was just a River Croc.

Seriously any advice?

whats the fastest deck for paladin to squeee in some quests? and wich mode?

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Is the bonus pack from completing quests random, determined by day, or in order (1st quest gives Un'Goro, second KoFT, third K&C, 4th Witchwood, repeat)?

I need the dumpster fire deck image pls.


Could use DK and Lana'thel, anyone got other recs for this quest warlock deck?

2 copies of call to arms, Tarim and autofill.

and i WANT my free packs

Why aren't you bullying cubelocks with Kingsbane right now /hsg/?

I milled his Skull, I'm not sure how the matchup is if they get it up since they can get a mean doomguard train going

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I think Gnomeferatu is a prime example of shit card design.
Both KoTFT and KaC had heavily promoted deck archetypes centered on a single card.
Against any such deck, Gnomeferatu essentially becomes a "~3% chance to win the game on spot" and it has literally no counterplay to it - it's a completely uninteractive gameplay.
Mill has counterplay. Geist has a degree of counterplay. Even Dirty Rat has some counterplay to it. Gnomeferatu does not.
Good thing on the average it's an underpowered card in a class that has an absurd amount of absurdly overpowered cards, so she sees little play - I'm yet to find myself in a situation where it burns a vital card for my deck.
I honestly can't think of a card with worse design, because Gnomeferatu goes against literally everything Blizz was saying they are trying to promote in Hearthstone.

That's a lot of "ifs". 5/10 made me reply i guess

My gameplan against Druid boils down to having an ultra-low curve (houndmasters being the most expensive drops), so by the time Druid can play Spreading Plague, he's likely to be in danger of lethal through Kill Command to the face.

i dont own greenskin

Because I don't want to play a cancer deck in order to beat a slightly less cancer deck.

>22/30 Valeera
Best girl.

>Mfw delete opponents Kingsbane
Probably just variance but i've really never gone "damn, i wish it had deleted something else" after playing the little gnome

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its shit

>rank 15
>has like every expensive card

What these niggas doin in the slums while a mans is trying to climb? Like what did they drop cash and are stuck cuz they suck?

So, Blizz allowing Miracle to live?

i told you niggers void lord was overcosted.

welcome to the 6 mana voidlord meta.

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I like the flavor of this card

Thank god. Miracle is a pretty fun deck.

I would prefer more Gnomferatus and less Barnes.

It's a flanking strike that gives you a coin instead of a 3/3.

It's shit, but it generates coins and is a removal. Miracle wants both, so it's going to see play if Miracle Rogue will see any.

Probably just waiting for the expansion. I've done nothing else this month but 5 ranked games for the chest and dailies in tavern brawls. Game is boring as fuck.

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Retarded enough to be real.

Make it 4 damage or 3 mana it's literally worse than Jade Lightning as it is now.

It's good for Rogue because the rest of their cards are shit.

To be fair, Barnes has infinitely more counterplay than Gnomeferatu, even if it's a much better card.

Oh fuck off, if I see any more Edwins this expansion I'm gonna REEEEEE. This + prep is essentially a 3 card buffer for the Cleef that also deals 3 damage

>Worse Shadow Bolt for Rogue

Coins are good in combo / miracle oriented Rogue lists but they're not that fucking good guys.

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They are losing Counterfeit Coin and Rogues get a free coin/coin generator every Hearthstond year.

It's nonsense, like sure my noob ass zoo deck loses to a well oiled cubelock with Manai and Guldan. Like what's the outplay to just not having the cards?

Good point. For every coin generator they introduce to the game, one gets taken out.

>summon 4 3/3 wolfs

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As a Rogue main, WANTED is fucking dope. Imagine the combo potential with prep + Thalnos. Thanks Ben for still giving support for Miracle.

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>2 Rogues playing HS right now
>one of them runs Edwin
>user sees 4/4 Edwin on 2
Miracle is losing counterfeit coin - the infinitesmall chance of Rogue to force their turn 2 win condition (which is removed 2 out of 3 times leading directly to Rogue losing the fucking game on spot) is getting removed too. Edwin is a fair card, stop being a retard.

Money Rogue?

Post a source since I know I'm getting fucked in the ass.

>it's epic
Makes sense why Rogue would want this after losing coin card due to rotation.

>shaman has jade lightning
>hunter has flanking strike
>rogue gets this
unless they push some coin based miracle rogue this shit is awful

>Edwin is a fair card, stop being a retard
No. Cheating out a shitload of stats is inherently unfun in this game, see Voidlord and Y'shaarj on turn 4/5. Edwin is no different, a lot of games are decided by whether you have an answer or not.

Shaman is losing lightning

Why the fuck are you comparing it to jade lightining, it's a completely different card

Edwin is different in that regard because you use up a lot more resources in your power play. You generally empty your hand and are stuck in topdeck mode.

yeah, i meant as an example of a similar card that just better.

Still looks like cubelock will move into tier 0

So you're saying the game's decided by whether they have an answer or not by turn 4? Nice to know that you like coinflip games.

I don't like it, but that's how most decks operate these days. But Edwin is different because if you remove it, you're probably safe. Whereas with shit like Barnes combos, they dedicate less overall resources, so if it's removed, they still have resources.

Of all the coinflips to complain about, Van Cleef is the worst. Do you not remember Keleseth? Complain about that instead.

Okay, so yes, Edwin is least powerful of the coinflips in this game. However, there is no difference between a shiny coin and a dirty coin.

>Its a "Rogue gets overcosted spells because they have preparation" Episode
Getting tired of this rerun

I know man, I wish that prep was nerfed to open up the design space for strong rogue spells

*HoF'ed I mean

So compare it to Quick Shot? Frost Bolt? Shadow Bolt? Flanking Strike? Tidal Surge? Mortal Strike? Eviscerate? Kill Command? Wolfrider?

Do you know what they all have in common? They are all better in terms of cost or damage than this piece of shit.

and none of those classes have prep

You take what you can get.


>wasting prep on a garbage spell

>This mad he keeps losing to Turn 4 Eddie because his RNG is garbage

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>using your spells in combination together for massive tempo is a waste
Rank 25 wild detected

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>Non-NA hours
>Shieldbearers opinion run rampant.

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>When a mage MAIN DECKS poly or potion of poly
I just can't catch a break.

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Not sure what to think of this.
Coin generators are good, but honestly we need more cards that have spell/cardplayed trigger effects rather than just her MORE coins.
As long as auctioneer and an otk exists miracle will always be good.
I'd rather these coin generators be used for more than just auctioneer.

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Please respond

Its a set order, not by day. Your 2nd pack is always WW, your 5th pack is always WW

>2 card "1" mana 3 damage to a minion
>"Massive Tempo"

not even going to give a you for this honestly your bait is shit not even new players are this retarded

I really don’t think 3 mana would be an unreasonable cost for this.

0 mana counting getting the coin back!

80g (+pack) quest EU Jeich #1680 , first come first served



wait never mind I didn't read EU, my bad.

Why did they add this shit to the game again? It's the single most boring, flavorless card they've ever added. It's just a value stick, it's so boring.
Druid used to be my favorite class before they added the jade pack and this kind of shit.

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My issue with it is that it encourages Druids into ONLY ramping and basically makes any turn where they have 10 mana the same.

Just like they all play Spreading on turn 6 if losing.

They wanted to see how far they could push a late game spell.

Also it wont be as bad once jades are gone. The real cancer was jade. Least aggro and zoo had synergies and let tech cards into the game.
Jade was just both pure bullshit and incredibly boring.

So we don't follow some pattern anymore right? Two a day, keep whatever.. we can just complete quests a normal?

Is the bonus pack from completing quests random, determined by day, or in order (1st quest gives Un'Goro, second KoFT, third K&C, 4th Witchwood, repeat)?

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Random except certain quest numbers are WW packs.

I'd rather have things like Alextrasza or druid related, with a choice for example. I'm all for them adding strong, non random spells but they could do it in a better way.
I hope so. I'm glad the jade bs is gone anyways.

still have it

My brother just hit legend.
Proud of him.
meanwhile i've never made it past rank 17 unless i play some scummy shit like pirate warrior lul

yeah It doesn't matter, blizzjews knew we would try to beat the system so it was rigged from the start