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First for Anjali is milfy

I want to cunt punt Tracer

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reminder that groups larger than 2 should be banned from comp and your SR is ill gotten gains

>1 wins

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>tfw no Anjali mami to fuck passionately on the beach
It hurts bros...

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Give me cute psycho brownie boy already.

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We already have mcmeme

McCree is ugly and boring to play.

fuck you
there should be an italian dude or something next, not more tech support

*presses e then rmb* woah there

I love Tracer.

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ptr is updating
what it be?

so uhhhhhhhhhhhhh returning player here
why the fuck is doomfist so bad
like he was alright when I left

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He has power of unlimited bugs now ;) they """fix""" them pretty much every patch

People made graphics with boxy red lines showcasing his rocketpunch hitbox and expected blizz to be able to reasonably nerf it and not break it with their spaghetti code and peanut brains

Because she's a cute bubbly tomboy.

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you're gay

What a faggot

Developer problems, huh?
Guess I'm still better off with the canadians.

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What if Torbjorn's Turret was part of his forge on his back, and it was built and upgraded through the scraps he collects and generates (15 to build, 50 to upgrade to level 2) and auto-targeted enemies like it does now but was mobile due to being on his back? Of course they'd have to shrink his headbox so he didn't get headshot 50% of the tine due to half his body being headbox.

What kind of cute dialog will Jack and Gabe have together in Archives?

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I want to cuddle with her so badly.

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J: it's over gabe I have high ground
G: you underestimate my power
J: no don't try it
*after retarded teleport*
G: I hate you!


>archives takes place in the past
What an unfunny post.

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a daring synthesis

Fresh winston main here just trying to get the main jist of this hero. So far I know:
>harassing 200hp heroes is his main job
>jump in and pop bubble AFTER you take a bit of face damage
>getting the entire enemy team to get their attention on you makes a lot of space for your team
>always tell your team when you're jumping in
>stick with dva and burst down squishies as a pair
>there isn't much you can do about a hog/orisa combo on the enemy team

She's just the comfiest, cuddliest girl out there, isn't she? I want to spend the whole day just snuggling with her under the warm blanket.

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Too bad you're not a lesbian

what if he is?

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>150 HP hero

I’d much prefer 250 HP snuggles from Mei thank you very much.

>not 750HP from D.va

Air tanks don't fly around all crazy like they used to before when you set them off. They fucking nerfed them I tell you.

I think they do, it's just random. Unless they changed them just lately

>playing casualfag Overwatch
>Not playing Quake.
So much for skill based game boys.

Neither is Tracer.

Here is your exchange.

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Shit like this cracks me up
Love reading about Gabe being a big softie and then playing the game and spamming outrageously edgy shit like I WORK THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT

Wtf I love yaoi now?


He's a man with two faces that he puts on very well.

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>still can't just queue for koth maps
who the fuck wants to play payload?

Zen and Dva Nerfs, Reaper and Mei buffs.

Didn't that already happen?

reminds me of a theory an user had on here sometime ago that the whole edgy thing is a facade he's put on to fit in with talon and that's why it's so comically over the top

>>still can't just queue for koth maps

It would kill map diversity and we would end up with a 2fort/dust like issue in this game.

fuck off jeff

The edge bullshit pretty much is a facade already. In the canon he isn't as over the top as in the game. His edge is really turned up to the point of being comical in voice lines. But then in the canon he hardly speaks and his Reyes lines during Uprising show a completely different person.

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Why are people that play D.Va always confused when they have gold damage?

My bad, you're right. This update undid the minor changes they made last patch to Watchpoint, moved Blizzworld 2nd point a bit closer and gave Moira a voice line for running out of piss.

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>enemy is playing triple tank
>”Can we get a Reaper?”
>switch to Reaper
>D.Va eats all my shots, Roadhog one shots me
What a wonderful game


>IDDQD talks about Brigitte and how she's powerful.
>pro player has spoken

Brigitte nerfs soon?

>I usually pick Sombra when they ask for a Reaper

A pro player that hasn't played a single OWL game.

Pro player nonetheless, need I remind you that they have their own discord with the developers.

dumb facebook faggot

The Veeky Forums leak sounds way too over the top to be true. Many stupid "leaks" are posted on /v/ and many are wrong. A small handful were right. But everyone blows them out of proportion because "muh youtube bait".

Here is your legitimate leak. This mural company as done promotional art for Blizz during past events. The backdrop behind McCree and Genji is entirely new.

So, lets speculate.

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>get blade
>use it to bait out sound barrier, coalescence and visor
>get away quickly
>team complains about my "shit" blade

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>lets speculate
It's a new map. What else is there to speculate about? We can't tell anything

>entirely new

From a palette point of view, I guess it could very well be El Dorado.

>It's a new map

>broken window
>visible buildings
>choice of using McCree and Genji
>it's night time

I can already speculate a few things from that. Use some of your brain, user.

>No time variation on other maps
Would that be a good idea?

When you make a custom game you can change the time of day on the map you pick. Already exists.

Not unless they all complain about something unvseral. Like how Sombra made tank play almost impossible because she shuts down abilities

well that was the point of the theory, what we've seen of reyes is nothing like we have with reaper, so he's either gone through a dramatic personality change or he's putting up a front for whatever reason. he could've also just been secretly edgy all along and now that he's a weird ghosty thing he has a chance to be his true self kek

The overwatch leaks before then was 100% accurate, I don't see any reason not to believe it now. We'll just have to see when Uprising releases.

Is there any possible way to defeat him?

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Slap his gf's ass.

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His character has been manipulative and keeping secrets since release so if he's putting up a front, it's really not much of a stretch.

God this is so embarrassing. Not so much the kids, but the fact people watch this shit.

>manlet 76

This is why I never watch the intervals

>FFA is so fucking fun

>The overwatch leaks before then was 100% accurate

What about the leak that said we would get a Christmas party animation back in 2017?
Or the leak that said Liao would be hero 27?
Or the leak that said Brig would be hero 27 but as a tank and completely wrong and made up abilities?

The list goes on.

After xqc and jake playing in OWL why do you think your argument matters?

updaet when?

I don't know where you get those but all leaks I have seen myself, included:

>Orisa who was named Anchora because she was an "anchor tank"
>Mei short
>Moira is "a hero of irish descent"

And all of the new cosmetics.

>The overwatch leaks before then was 100% accurate

Hence my "only a handful out of many have been right".

I'm upset that “hero of Irish descent” was a husbando with an Irish accent. Moira cool and all but I wanted an Irish husbando. There’s still Scottish at least

>The overwatch leaks before then was 100% accurate

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Friendly reminder that Avoid as teammate needs to have more than two slots.
>y alternating 5 different account, avoid as teammate wont be a problem at all for stevo if the queue's ever get too long.

Even if you tried to avoid Stevoo on two accounts, he still has three other accounts to grief on.

>There’s still Scottish at least
You're gonnae get a weegie and he's gonnae be shite.

Jeff already said they are going to add more slots. It's two at the start because they are essentially testing the waters. When the ability of avoiding players was around originally people abused the ever loving shit out of it. So it was removed.

>Buy more slots if you want to improve your game experience!

>500% / weird settings gamemode
>be rein
>genji comes at me with q to win tournament
>wave at him and charge into the wall
>somehow kills him
>he leaves

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The only thing you'll ever be able to waste your sheckles on are cosmetics, kid.

>not wanting to play with good Widowmakers is abusing the feature

It's McCree and Genji standing at some room.

There's a broken window behind them.


Fuck this shit.

They removed it from avoiding them being on the other team. This does nothing with 2 or 3 slots because autists like Stevoo exists.

Technically, why should he be stuck being unable to find a game because everyone in his skill tier avoided him as a player? It should be used to btfo of throwers and smurfs because Blizzard sure as fuck knows their reporting system does not work as well as it needs to.

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I'm pretty sure the autistic symmetra main counts as a smurf since he has 5 accounts.

I think blizzard don't want to admit that certain heroes are not fun to play with/against, everyone avoiding kephrii gives a pretty clear indication that people think the game would be better without Widowmaker.

I'd avoid Kephrii not because he plays widow but because he's a scumbag.

>come back to Overwatch after a year
>mfw these new heroes
Moira and Brigitte seem especially powerful, to the point of overshadowing other support kits.