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Motts a slut!

Post post

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Motts a pure!

You're still my son, you know.

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>you'll never EB this lizard
>you'll never have an EB
Feels bad

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webbing mott uwu...

Post more elezens and stuff!

I already have an EB though . . .

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>tfw really wanna 9 beet n' stretch
>tfw not allowed to listen to 9 beet OR stretch anymore

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ohayers gozeimersu my dudes

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Does anyone here like Kaori?
I mean this seriously. I see memes all the time and I'm trying to see if people do.

Yoshi is listening, right

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Yes Chemo, you're still the only one who feels tsuntsun toward him.

anyone ever said you look like the monster from the goonies

Please stop.
No one likes him so leave.



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lol I thought the same thing

Tfw no qt eleze-
Actually wait no I don't want to be confused for godspeed


shit my dood i don't want to be me either

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Not at all!

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Alright, a new thread which means a fresh start and better topi-
I sleep.

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>blue lizard installed the shitty 4k mod
god no please go back

give me lala girlfriend!

I think I would be highly disappointed if you don't sound exactly like Chad Warden

Plump egg butt

Convince your friends you're an alien with this one wierd trick!

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It's a serious question though Indian lala.


I'm just trying them out user.

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You mean cute drow elf yeah?

Yes we do except a small group of autists who won't let us forget his name. It's been like this for almost a decade and it's just like if you and your friends were chilling and this guy with a mask came up and told you one of your friends was the worst. He would then continue screaming until he ran out of air and then in a jolly tune said "see ya tomorrow!~" so he could just do it again.

it makes the lips so terribly gross, i dunno how anyone can think it's good

>Posting skate gifs
Do you even skate? I always thought you were some burnt out druggie

So this austist guy is a flat earther?
Sounds like a flat earther.

You lips that much huh?

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He might as well be.

i assume you meant like but not in particular, it's just very obvious


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No I also think think that the lips are a little to much but a lot of good stuff will come in time. I'm just glad there are people willing to even try.

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yeah that's fair

Nice samefagging.

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yo thanks for the pits pics bro

post more cringe

I am having a stroke at this very moment

I am dead fucking serious

I would go get a phone, but i'm having a stroke and can't move my legs

This will be the last thing I will ever type in my life

goodbye /xivg/

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Speak of the devil. Well, g'night everyone. This thread was cool for a while.

I'll switch back when i'm satisfied.
Your welcome?

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I'm liking this honey yellow.

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what even is the difference? is there a side by side I can see somewhere
im going blind so its hard to tell

gud nite fren

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Do any of you actually play this game

Not since the accident

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post more cool lala

One day it will be our time friend.


Yeah but I'm watching a drawfag stream right now.


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I will when the thread returns to being bearable and chemo fucks off.

is this sefra

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No but I'm watching a drawfag stream right now.

there are more girls in this general than i thought

Who's asking.

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Like once a week to do savage

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not ugly

It would be a bit hard to explain what the 4K textures do to the skin.

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sorry to disappoint but i'm (to the shock of many) capable of speaking somewhat... "normally" when i feel like it


don't talk to me you smell like shit

lol ofc. used to religiously. not really anymore it's been a long time but i still got love for the sport. the ghetto bird is just my fav trick and i gif'd it recently so i figured i'd post it :^)

honestly extremely good post thank you friend

only facts!

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That's hot...

>don't talk to me you smell like shit
wtf rude i'm sick and dying don't bully me i'm not the first person ree

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Pretty sure because the modder copy and pasted the ugly ass Botox lips from fish face onto the other faces and called it a day.

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Looks great, SAM's robe dyes nicely

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Yeah I'm liking it alot

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I genuinely thought you'd just stolen a screenshot of my catboy then
but mines got odd eyes

some nobody

Fish lips look normal and definitely not gross like the 4k ones. They're also fatter than usual lips.

would you name your cat paul

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No, thats a terrible cat name

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Don't call me that.
The answer is yes.

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>thats a terrible cat name
I'm sorry, I don't think I can associate with you anymore. Goodbye, former best /xivg/ friend.

Two cuties spotted!

im sorry friendo

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>my literal unironic face when it dawns on me who i am speaking to and knowing that i typically would have responded saying something entirely different, especially not knowing who i was talking to, but didn't this time because i didn't feel like it



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All jokes aside, Sefra might be the most troubled, and disgusting individual on here. I almost feel bad for him.


>when he says "baby girl"



No one else?

>tfw you find out someone you're "friends" with has been maliciously shitposting at another friend of yours

does blue lizard lewd?

No really guy, it creeps me out when people call me that.

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