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Sayori but she's in front of a moving train edition!

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>You wouldn't want to miss the conclusion, would you?
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I love Natsuki!

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Monika hypno

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I love my wife!

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Hello again, everyone! I hope you have a nice night ahead of you!
Welcome back to my poetry club once more!

Word of the thread is “program”!
Alternatives are ‘reality’ and ‘love’.

Alright, rules are the same as ever! You know the deal!
If not, it’s simple. All you have to do is grab a word and write a poem about it! Easy, right? Right! No complaints!
Okay, maybe there’s a bit more to it than that, but don’t worry too much about the details. Poetry is about emotion and speaking from the heart, so just get something on paper and refine it from there!
Once you write something go ahead and share it here with us! It would make it super nice to compare and contrast with each other and it’s just simply more fun. Please don’t be shy! I would love to see all of your poems!
Have fun, everyone!

The rain stopped but it’s a little late now... Well, good night everyone~!

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A daily reminder that Sayori loves you

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How does this image make you feel?

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Time for all Good little dokis to go to bed.

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I love Yuri!
>599? What?
>/ddlc/ - Doki Doki Literature Club! #599
>tfw we're supposed to be on #597

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Oh. Sorry didn’t notice they put the wrong number.

Reminder: this is thread #597, not #599. Next thread is #598.

Bullydoofus can't count. Bullydoofus: Get your act together!

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That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I love you. Sleep well.

I'd post a lovely image of Yuri, but my phone has none.

Quick question, why would someone from Veeky Forums waste their time shitposting here?

Why would you think he's from Veeky Forums though? That's oddly specfic

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Why would someone making millions off of crypto trading waste valuable seconds on this site?

Your doki
Your favorite game
How long you expect to remain a virgin

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I'm not any of those. I just like putting bulli in the OP :^)

keep wearing that tinfoil hat though. next you'll think im the janny ;)

A daily reminder that Sayori loves you.

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Super Mario World
I don't know, but I will be of the first people to breed with a robot.

>favorite of 2018 is A Way Out
>until I'm dead.

>until I'm dead
Necroanon, I thought you liked Yuri?

I don't know!

>Tie between Dawn of War and Stellaris
>Not forever. From what most people have told me I actually have a nice looking future ahead of me compared to all the hoodrats that I live with.

Whoever makes the next thread please keep in mind this one is supposed to be #597.

Stop making doom mongering conspiracy theory shitposts and contribute! The shitposter here is you user!

Post cute dokis!

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>I can't have a favorite!
>I'll be one forever, I'll die a kissless virgin.

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Here, I'll post one for you.

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So I was spleeming in Monika's splooter and she ended up screaming really loud. This confused me because she said her yoinker was already splammed before we started. Can they grow back any? I feel so bad for hurting her, heck, she almost cried from it. No I didn't why her yoinker was woomed, I assume she yanked it with a rooker or something.

Too many
probably forever.... it's already 29 years

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And I love her.

It's normal for first timers. Give her a moment to recuperate.

Fucking Monikafags posting the new threads again.

[spoilers]It's time for you to go[/spoilers]

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Are you perhaps jelly of Monika?

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Sayorifags being too brainlet to spoiler correctly


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Just turn on the Bibliopolarizer and stop being a hoddy-noddy. And if that doesn't work massage her axydew and rotate her scrolamage to hit peak dirocus.

Wow Chessanon, you've been playing some pretty weird games lately.

28 here. Hopefully it will "just happen naturally" soon.

Splooking in Sayori's splunker

>see this
what do?

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Why does Monika hate Sayori so much?

>tfw eurohours are bulli shit again
Like old times

You know, I wonder how difficult it would be to mod Crusader Kings II in order to get the Dokis into the game for potential spouses, through utilization of the 'decisions' area in order to allow instant spawning in of them.

Bonus: Make it so rather than static images, it includes portraits to allow for you to see their genetic lines running through the game.

Hit with a stick and probably call the police

because the mad number get belongs to monika and biz is triggered that they couldn't use that meme magic to fix the crypto slump

Hmm. I'll try discussing that with her. I really should have tired some gleesing before going full splam. I'm not the type for gleesing spleems so I don't know how to approach it. It was a really awkward first night for both of us. Thankfully her spleem didn't turnk, so that's a plus. Next time I want to make her wonk.

Sorry, not chessanon. Just had a weird night with Monika. We're both recovering though, had to sleep with a uronis on last night.

and I love her too, always

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Good luck with that. I stoped beliving in miracles long time ago

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Someone probably replied with something like this once, but:
turn off the monitor just to see what would happen

What did you guys put in the water

I love her too


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Super male vitality

>He didn't get the Monika with the intact sploinker

Your doki but she's MY doki now! What do you do?

turn off the PC

This is my fetish so I start to masturbate

One day.
I kill you.

Suit yourself

Please cum in her.

Hey suit.

Huh? Suit?

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who the hell is this


b-but Monika isn't blonde

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Uh, did you just switch over to a new reality? She's always been blonde.

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I love Monika!

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>Fooled my Clark Kent level of disguise
Don't let them get to you. My brother is special too

i want to wife and two kids sayori

Monika is best~

>not emerlad eyes
Mate PLS, it's not Monika

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She is data, her hair is whatever color you want it to be.

It is literally Monika. Literally.

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I love Yuri and everything about her, especially her big beautiful eyes!


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Not the eyes

You mean the chaos emeralds?

>there will never be anything that will give me the same feels as DDLC
why live?

Now all I hear outside my window is a loud ringing noise and a bunch of banging/mechanical windy noises. Is it street sweepers? I have no clue what it could be.

Post your Monikas!

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I'm not. I would've loved my first time to be with Monika and not some 3DPD thot.

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Hello Todd.

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Have you checked what it could be?

Why? It sounds far away and has been going on for over an hour. It is just a persistent high pitched ringing followed by windy, loud whirring noises. I assume it's something making rounds, since it stops then repeats. I'm not opening my curtains to check because I'm sure it's nothing. Just interests me cause I'm autistic

Monika's butt!

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I don't know, there are so many I like, and I kinda cycle through them over and over!
At the very least until my wizard powers have manifested. That takes priority.

Cuuuute!! Gonna rub her cute tummy

I was diddled as a kid and gave a blowjob to my friend. Am I still a virgin?

Hooray for Moni/k/a!

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If I stay up all night and have a good day the next day, does it redeem the first day?

Picking up cucumbers at the store with Monika! Returning home to make a refreshing salad with Monika! Being told these are actually zucchini with Monika! Insisting there's no difference between the two because you know better and you lived in this world for decades, unlike Monika! Enjoying your zucchini (cucumber) salad with Monika!!!

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