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Definitely No Horde Bias Edition.


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wtb vulpera gf

post one thing you want in bfa
and one thing you want removed

>do anything
>nothing drops
>maybe next week

Vulpera will be playable on both factions though

As much as i'd like more neutral races they're probably never happening again.

Elf supremacy

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>Fall because dumb
>Okay whatever
>Had a suspicion I was about to be out-retarded

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>not playing Kul'Tiran females day 1

Am I the only bbw here?

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>the gullible
hearty kek


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>give you 9 followers for facebook minigame
>only allow you to have 6 active
for what purpose

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do fem lightforged lose their monster horsecock upon turning?

>the gullible

>be in instance with randoms levelling up
>finish dungeon, be tank, healer stays, 3 dps leave instance
>compliment healer on a job well done in /instance
>new dungeon
>get /w from stranger with a random text name (i.e. asdfasdfasd)
>"hey that healer is actually pretty shit at the game lol"
>"i saw what you sent"
>disconnects, 0 players with that name online
wut just happened
inb4 brainlet

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>Void Elves end up getting normal skin tones
>Suddenly talk of bias stops

The illusion of choice.

They will be unplayable until they increase the butt size like on this image.

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>Suddenly talk of bias stops
Only if the eyes are blue lol

BEST Shemale Muscle Goddess of heat and Sensual Hammering reporting in!

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hordeniggers are too stupid to appreciate this level of THICCness

post rare Ions

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I would have liked to see Void Elfs get kinda of the Worgen got with the transformation.

Turn on void to get the blue skin and off
Always on in combat

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>The Gullible

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>alliance would be content with just having more elves in their faction
how can a group of people have such shit taste?


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Anyone here use their 110 boost on an allied race? Was it worth it?

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>did Agatha as feral
>first try, she died in less than 30 seconds
>"haha that was easy"
>Try her again as Fury 10 ilvs below my feral druid
>got her down at around 35 tries

I didn't realize I was doing so much damage as feral that I outright ignored the entire mechanics of that instance.

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An'she protect me

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Fury warrior has the unfortunate issue of being complete fucking garbage without a fairly ideal gear setup

Is it worth leveling professions now or should I just wait until BfA?

>/v/ermin wake up
>faction pride posting starts

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how am I supposed to get beyond 920 if I've got no friends playing the game to run raids/M+ with

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level them now, we dont know how easy it will be to level them in bfa, we just know that it's per expac to make items for that expac
so you'll need legion proffs to make legion shit etc.

Good to see alliance getting orc females.

M+ pugging is easy as shit

940 here and I haven't done a single M+/raid that's not an LFR after 7.3.

Be lucky in your greater invasion and reliquished titanforged drops.

>american Berserk adaptation

you can easy hit 920 doing LFR.

Ah, so you've decided on a Tauren?

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How are they even gonna split it up? If I have 800/800 blacksmithing will I automatically have full level in all xpac crafting or will it be divided evenly to all of them? Have they explained anything about it? Don't really want to waste gold/time if shit is getting reset.

Are you ready to get BULLED?

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explain?? lore?

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What a stupid question

The sunwell has been a font of holy power since Burning Crusade and it's showing on the Blood Elves. This isn't complicated. However if you play a Warlock and you use those eyes you're doing it wrong.

Liadrin has yellow eyes so now everyone needs them.

Just go watch porn rather than drowning the boards in your virginity

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More like ogres straight from the swamp

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There was never another option. I'm really enjoying myself too. Mulgore is so comfy.

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honestly i have no fucking clue about any of it except that it's all tied to each expac/content items

i just have a bad feeling it's going to be a bitch to get "battle for azeroth" crafting.

>guys tauren have no lore and everyone likes them
>okay *gives them lore*
>that just makes even less sense as to why they aren't on the alliance
>*drops they fought the legion with the nelves before*
>okay this makes even less sense
>Hold my beer
can they give us ONE reason why they aren't on the alliance? tauren lore just makes them look like jackasses

Don't get too comfortable :^)

the sunwell was a font of holy power for them for more than 8 years before arthas defiled it and at that point their eyes were blue. unless they turn from gold to yellow given enough time this doesn't make much sense.
this unfortunately makes more sense

blood elf paladin

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>fat chicks ruin thing
really makes you think

no it wasn't, you retard

Because the alliance sucks ass

legion is defeated
locks should lose their slaves and all elves should use fel magic

>gold to yellow
gold to blue**

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>The sunwell has been a font of holy power
>cleansing the Sunwell with the Light means it's now a Light font
lmao lorelets really are fucking retarded and it's a shame that Blizzard is going along with them.

excellent rebut with a clear and precise basis, reasonable line of logic and solid conclusion.

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Just pug normal you putz, its as easy as LFR.

No it wasn't. It was arcane, it was a sample of the well of eternity. In BC Velen used a piece of Naaru to zap it back to life and cleanse it from Kil'Jaedens shittery, infusing it with the light.

the Sunwell was the Well of Eternity 3.0, arcane-only until they dropped M'uru's core into it
which is a basic fact you can check on the wiki if you're not an utter retard

It probably will, that is why I'll just level up mining/herbalism to jew out all other professions and get massive amounts of gold. Main storyline? Fuck that, side quests? Fuck that. I'm gonna mine and harvest like there is no tomorrow. Regret not doing that at the start of Legion, this time I am prepared.

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right before shoving their giant goat dongs in
tauren lore was a mistake

I enjoyed your post

I suppose there really wasn't. Curious if you are the same heat loving cute-boy or a new Tauren who's about the get Bullied

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>me likey elfs

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The thing was fucking dead, so yes, bringing it back and throwing the core of a naaru into it is going to have that effect.
>lmao lorelets really are fucking retarded and it's a shame that Blizzard is going along with them.
Can't you just say "oh shit I was wrong" instead? It's not hard.

That's s pretty intense sight

sorry, sweaty, but elves are the most relevant portion of the franchise, even humans are less relevant

use fake achievs and join AN norm alt runs get boosted. Start your own raids. Seen plenty of pugs where RL is boosting themselves.

Reminder that wowg is a no-elf zone

>Dark Iron she-bull won't lock you in chastity and ravage your boipuci with her thic veiny throbbing pillar of creation
Why even play on Argent Dawn-EU to be frank with you bros

>check the wiki

lorelet detected

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>void elf mistweaver monk
Please explain

get a wig and you might be an okay bullier

Explain to me, then, how it is that the blood elf populace isn't flinging Light spells around and using Light magic like the Draenei.
Oh wait, maybe it's because it isn't a pure font of Light magic.

high elf priests were a unit in wc3 that could heal, a holy spell, they were using holy magic while being supplied with arcane energy, they can also derive arcane magic from mana creatures. they could have rainbow colored eyes, they could still use holy magic. void elves can use holy magic, the antithesis of their entire being.

just accept alliance are never getting high elves.

"we dont even know our own lore anymore"
-some balding kike

this constant avatar fagging vexes me

Imagine being this mad because you're wrong lmao.

Why is that?

One of the dps probably saw after zoning out of the instance then created a new character just to fuck with you.

>avatarfag experience

let me put my benis in your boybagina :DD

your thread rp gets me so flustered
truly the best avatarfag

>Explain to me, then, how it is that the blood elf populace isn't flinging Light spells around and using Light magic like the Draenei.
The same reason they weren't all unanimously throwing green fire around and sprouting horns? They aren't lightforged, Elves are basically sponges that absorb magic and it shows in their eyes.
>isn't a pure font of Light magic.
No, it isn't. It's both, but it's strong enough to have a visual effect on them.

>arguing with himself
Are all hordelets this mentally ill?

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*blocks you making a horde character*

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godspeed, user, godspeed.

Imagine being this wrong and mad rofl.

>twf no tall amazonian muscular she-hulk night elf goddess to use your head as a foot stool for her tired meaty soles
Why even play bald gnome bros...

Didn't you play wc3? It makes a lot of sense that they're in the Horde.

you really think a bunch of trannies are going to pick the epitome of what they hate about themselves over a cockslut elf?

well okay they dug into their eyes with a highlighter instead
is that better?