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Fujos and their bad memes can go back to twitter now edition


>Recent news
Robomi Z event for the end of March
Robomi 2 rerun is up
Cutiefest with double exp for players under rank 100, also magfest
Metatron and Avatar Raids released
Glorybringer and Nekomancer are available
Arcarum Extreme unlocked, together with Arcarum Weapons and summon FLB (which needs Magna II Omega Anima)
Celeste and Chev 4* uncap
EMP skills for Apsaras and CR and other characters.
Story chapters 106-107 released
Yaia 5* uncap and Bonito 4* uncap released

>How to Start
Go to game.granbluefantasy.jp in Chrome.

>Schedule for March:
2/28 - 3/23 - What Makes the Sky Blue Part II
3/12 - 3/18 - Rise of the Four Beasts
3/18 - 3/24 - Xeno Corow Clash
3/24 - 3/30 - Robomi Generations (Rerun)
3/31 - 4/8 - Robomi Z (new)

>READ THE FAQ before posting! - it will answer most of your questions if you are new or learning.

>Mega Pastebin - This pastebin has lots of useful things like important guides and other stuff, so don't be a shitter and read these before asking something.

>Guild Pastebin

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>Not owning the most powerful unit in the game

What's your excuse?

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You wouldn't jerk off to a jpeg

>not even posting a pic of the gbf version
>blatantly a shitpost op
worthless, just worthless

Which is better for UBaha HL, Earth Magna or Wind Magna ?

You're right. I only pull my dongle to PNGs

But I already own Uno and S.zoi

I have taste.

Who is the best player

The strongest player

The player who everyone wants to see do good

The player that nobody wants to imsult

I want to see who this player is



>Uno, Zoi

Don't make me laugh lads.

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The council





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You made me laugh first

Why was S2 so bad bros

How the fuck did I ever manage to flb Anat with this rigged poker

>new summon and weapon flb will require shiva anima
You rike?

Cheerios was a mistake

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Just bot it bro

Take that back you Wednesday looking cunt

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Guys what happened to Kat?

They gave Nina absolute shit taste in men instead of making her in lesbians with Jeanne.

Are you grateful

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i love my wife

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I'm sure percy's loving her hard for you, user

Zombies were a mistake.

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Percy makes a cute wife

Nina didn't even exist pre S2 c/u/cuk.

wtf percy is my wife too

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>As a king, I expect nothing but the best.

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Yes my lord, anything from you is a gift from the heavens.


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>still no magna II grid in the crate after clearing one raid

Are there any richfag moby dick leviathans that have bought fully maxed primal whale grids for every element?

Must be a bug, better put in a support ticket

>still no game over screen
wtf bros


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Why she seems fine to me

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>monkeycock still swinging in my mouth

>still haven't beat the high score
help me t

>he's still mad


>wanting fagaro

The old baker

Just switch to fire and you won't have to grind magna 2.

I really rike, as long as it makes the blue chest autist seethe. KMR's cock is the best!

>Log in
>Highscores are still 'Ace', 'ASS' and 'CAP'

One day I will be there.

My heart is telling me to make Sarasa in the upcoming GW. How does she fare in Magna Earth? Should I get DTitan just for her? I already have Ayer and good buffers in Yaia/Arulumaya/Ygg, and I don't have summons worth the stone other than Lucifer.

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Do you have AKs?

>switch elements
>in rainbow meta

post Grea art now

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What kinda setup you guys run for quick honors in Alexiel? I have Birbman, Jannu, Yuisis, Nio 5* and zoi.

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Yeah, if you've got 3 AKs lying around, go for it.

No. I have a stratomizer and Gandalf's sword though. And I don't have any spark target so I might get Eugen.

She's fine with magna earth as long as you don't bother with magna 2, since it kills her enmity niche.
Just focue on 40 boxing so you won't have to grind her weapons next GW.

Just don't press the fucking GZ button.

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People like that user make me understand why people who have her are considered dumb.

Not him but what do you guys mean by 40 boxing?

Just stay magna then. Salsa is good in magna 2 just dont press her 3rd


Hello friends, I've recently started and was wondering what class I should generally work towards for tier IV?

post fanart so I can build my folder

That went well. You probably want to extend para after 50% or else you just die to Sterling Sea.

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Spartan is all you need bro.

What did she mean by this?

Is that bow what I think it is?

Thanks my man.

Aim for Elysian, they get rid of DATA troubles very handily

Any coop stage in particular where you can farm berries?

Where do you get your DATA? Song does single attacks a lot in my team.

Thanks. I'll just MLB Lucifer then.

There is no enmity in Magna 1, i don't know how transitioning to Magna 2 somehow kills her enmity niche.

What's with all the element shitflinging? It's as pointless as consolewars. True patricians play every element, own every console, and fap to every kind of doujin.

Although if you want to be a dps machine, go for berserker or chaos ruler.

otherwise, choose unkillable spartan

Are you me


spartan lets you contribute in HL raids, elysian lets you do way more damage than you're used to

>They made Alexiel resistant to coma

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Ah fuck.

Man, imagine if nighthound's field worked for light and dark too.

>enmity and stamina scale together

>play an element once every 6 months for he or xeno
>implying I'll put in any more effort than the minimum required
Sticks sl10 forever.

only after 50%

or do they patched that

They're probably still married to the idea that enemies should be able to benefit from field effects too, despite the fact that C. Clarisse's field is purely player-centric.

What's the wind main hand before GW dagger?

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