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Do you think she like uncircumcised penis?


Zebra penis is uncircumcised so yes


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>armored unit

Spd/def okay?

Post your grima orbs niggas

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What did Camilla mean by this?

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Caption this image

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Post what colors are you rolling on lego. For me it's red, colorless, maybe blue.

So are Catria and Gunnthra best friends forever now?

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What do I do with this?

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Have my Leif orbs instead. They only grow stronger by the day.

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>4 sexy girls have their way with an emo girl
t. sages

Will a 5054 arena score be high enough to stay in T20 this week?

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vantage best skill in the game?

> new lego in colourless
> Lancina and Fjorm in blue
> VaIke and witch Nowi in red
Which should I freeroll tomorrow?

Also my today's freeroll.

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Vaike isn’t in the game yet!

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>havent luckshit anything since Christmas
I need some spiritual guidance or some voodoo magic or something anything

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>Grima legendary hero banner right after TT ends
So Grima wins

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Guys, is this a glitch? My Delthea looks like an old hag

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I should save my orbs and wait for the legends banner. I spend 40 orbs for another sigurd or rare blue unit.


It's VAnguard IKE. The legendary version of Tellius protagonist. Notice the capital I in the middle? I'm not speaking about Chrom's axe-wielding pal.

Bros will I get 776 orbs by the Thracia banner?

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Fuck it im going in, wanted to wait a little longer but i need her

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If shes +atk, treat her a silver bullet to horses in AA.


Just used 35 to get a Sigurd & Mist

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you might. we still have a few events plus the monthly quests in april

I wasn’t being genuine.

>dont expect anything out of free roll
>suddenly Mia
>look at her IVs

Oh my god...I feel so happy now, my last two Mias were both -Spd and I felt traumatized by that

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Felicia is the cutest! Holding her in my arms! Giving her little kisses on her cheek! Whispering sweet things to her! Holding her soft hand and going everywhere together! Falling asleep while cuddling her! I love Felicia!

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Grats on your wayu!

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>Fgrima will have 165 BST just enough to push her to the next bin just like Mgrima
the state of Myrrh fags

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Why the fuck can't I just reset my arena run without having to use a dueling crest and surrender to some shitter with a retarded 'me use reinhardt' team and let them have a defense they would never get in any other situation

Congrats on your stinky waifu, I am jealous

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What does /feg/ think about the Galactic Warrior?

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just give the defense to the poor sap whose team ended up beginner

>-atk +def
How to build? IV's suck

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Chill Gravity

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dude get knack its right there

>no Fury
>no Moonbow


> tfw I foddered a Hector to Myrrh

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I would already be happy if she was just neutral or practically neutral, but her having +Spd/-Res was icing on the cake

he likes meat I guess


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>miracle banner
>no Maria
fuck this shit

Drive Atk to your favorite arena unit and/or Marth/Lancina

>cute pony tails
>cute smile

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>Those pants

>Unit w/ highest BST is afflicted w/ Gravity
Fund it

>Have Lethal Carrots and a LaD to spare
>Have a -HP +Spd Jakob, who was like my first or second 5* unit
I am dangerously tempted to slap together the most cursed Jakob build you have ever seen.

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If I need 1 summon for the pity rate to go up. But summon 5 heroes instead.
For the pity rate to go up again. Do I still just need 1 summon for the rate to go up Or would I need to summon another 5 due to how the rate just went up?

Are we going to get lewd edits with her like with fMorgan? Her skill activation face is borderline ahegao.

>Dazzling Chill

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1k feathers!

free slooce that I didnt even want. yay.

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>gender differences between Grima
We PKMN now


Usually I do, because those guys with beginner teams have cute fucking teams really consistently. But there's no reason that I need to fucking lose to end my streak normally, shit's annoying.

Relevant OP


you get .25% for every 5 rolls. Doesn't matter if its in the same session or not

>156 to 111
no too bad r-right?

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It's the titty

I'm not feeding her. She's only Doot I have. Can Fury/Moonbow salvage it?


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>Thought that Grima is male regardless Robin gender
Wow thats interesting

>tfw baited in Heroes AND FGO all over the course of one week right before banners I have been anticipating for months
this fucking sucks, man

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>Male Grima has larger tits than Female Grima
>"No no user, these are not tits.. These are pecs. You ever been to the Gym? At the Gym boobs are called pecs."

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We've been pokemon for a while, I've spent too much time hatching Severas hoping for Adamant

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What do you think about the new banner?

Reddit beat us bros

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Y'all are 200% gay

>this orb is still a mystery in 2018
how did they do it?

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Congrats on your Olwen with pre-equipped Chill Res

>People are assuming fgrima states
>People also assumed mgrima states
>Non of them predicted his atk state to be this ridiculous
Sasuge feg

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Wtf Bros, how can anyone evil dragon be so cute?

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>got cucked by hKob on the initial banner
>can try to get her again alongside epik cummies
>double the cummies
i hope that green savage doesn't spook me
over half of the folks here are reddit anyway

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Why the fuck can F!Grima fly?

We're called /feg/ for a reason.

>you get .25% for every 5 rolls.
That's the thing.
If you summon 4. You get an increase of 0%.
Then if you summon 1 more, you hit 5 total and you get a boost of 0.25%.
However if you summon 4 and them summon 5 in one session you still only get a boost of 0.25% since you've only summoned over 5 once. For a total of 9.

But at that point. Is simply 1 more for a total 10 sufficient for another boost 0.25%? Or would it have to be a whole 5 more since the rate increased just prior?

Basically. Do surplus summons still count?

to make fun of myrrh

>"damaged" art

She levitates.

Is it weird that i want to hug her and lick her chest/neck but not dick her

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Because no one would roll for her otherwise, so they needed a shtick to appeal to whales and metafags

>no tits
>doesn't show her thighs

shit tier F Grima


>Halloween Nowi
>female Grima
Who will be the last member of the fuck pegasus and wyvern mounts club?

glad I uninstalled this game. It's like the weight of the world is lifted from my shoulders. The only winning move is not to play

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To absolutely annihilate Myrrrrrrh fags rectum