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The Right to Bear Arms Edition

ED info:

Elite Dangerous is currently in Chapter 1 of the Beyond expansion, patch number 3.0.4. It comes free with the Horizons expansion and aims to focus on refining core gameplay and new content.

Thargoids have crippled AEGIS-related starports in the Pleiades and are now appearing in human space. Be aware that while the Thargoid Interceptors are not normally hostile, Scout Marauders absolutely are.
Starport repair requirements have been reduced to 10% of their original values and 3 have been fully repaired.

>Frontier Official YT

Star Citizen Information:

Patch 3.1 is currently in PTU 3.1.0j, check your RSI account to see if you have access to the patch. 3.1 Live will be released at the end of March. Alpha 3.0.1 is released for all backers. You must download the new patcher from the RSI website.

>Comprehensive look at the current state of Star Citizen

>Squadron 42 Vertical Slice
>Jump Point Links & Content Summary


>Star Citizen Official YT

>Other games you can play while waiting for SC and ED to become real games:

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first for crytek has a fancy new star engine to build Crysis Worlds when?

I like my corvette but everything else in the galaxy sure as hell doesn't.

Gone are the days
Of understanding how CIG
Overestimates the love of backers
Now bans are handed out
Silently and secretly

And now all we get on /scg/ is
Rednecks and spurglords
Endlessly shitposting their latest forced memes

Forget everything you once loved about these threads
And live for the shitposts
Going on and on
Seemingly forever

We'll have fusion power in homes before CIG releases anything playable.

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Do you even fucking look at the responses to the OP before making a new thread? Sick of answering this same fucking question each thread.

> don't stack collectors
this is bad advice as 3 limpets are not enough if you're mining with a pair of medium lasers. It's slow enough with 6 of them out, 3 will take forever to collect everything

That's a pretty good guide with no furfag pasta attached. I should copy it into the "official" pastebin account.

Fuck you
Do it

>personal domiciles and property
>in the year 2030+
we'll be a race-less, genderless digital information hive mind by then where everyone is aware of all information at all times, and free will has been simplified into mere symbiosis with corporate entities which have gained power over the very air your breathe

Well, there go the Sothis/Ceos delivery missions. You no longer get millions delivering things next door to Ceos, you have to fly back to the bubble from Sothis cargo delivery missions now.

>tfw shadow deliveries of biowaste

Seconding this, I explained it last thread too. Also explained why you'd want at least 2 prospectors.

In local news, does anyone know how to make eddb shit out IF locations with large pads near $area?

>new thread
>straight to page 9

Remove the fucking transfer time on modules or create an actual goddamn fucking inventory system. What the fuck were they thinking?

Just do what everyone else does and have a home station with all your ships and modules in it.

I think all low sec stations have Interstellar factors now.

Gotta waste your time, brah.

You think we would just let you do thing easily? BRB just discovered someone having fun, gotta work on patching it out.

Unfortunately, my arse is large and I couldn't find a way to sort stations by security or systems by pad since the 7 low sec systems I checked only had small outposts. Finally found a landable planet outpost in low sec though.

Are ED servers really terrible after 3.0.5? I keep disconnecting every 5 minutes.

Such a happy ship.

I've disconnected once so far, but I was scratching my arse while afk in the dock.

>Have a ship able to care hundreds of tons of cargo.
>You cannot carry 1 small pulse laser in the hold.

Explain this shit to me, someone, anyone.

You lack the required safety permits for transporting weapons.Yes I realize you can deliver small arms.

stop demanding logical game design CMDR. This is elite, not EVE!

Don't be disrespectful to the hard working developers, nobody is forcing you to play the game. Personally i find the system great because it gives me time to walk the dog haha :) Though i'm not currently close to any stations, i'm 600.000.000.000 LY away from the bubble on a six month exploration trip, having a blast doing about 2000 jumps/day! Fly safe CMDR! o7 o7

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Should I just go all High Yield Shells on my cannons for maximum module rape?


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we wuz space ship pilots an shieet

I need Sulphur and phosphorus for engineering stuff. Do they count as materials on that 0/250 counter? Or do I need actual cargo hold space for that sort of stuff?

Sothis Mining deliveries to Ceos are still there, the big station, Newholm, has the super long distance stuff. Seems fine.

engineering mats don't use cargo space

Hope you aren't doing detailed scans cmdr! You wouldn't want your progression to be ruined by a huge influx of cash when you get back to the bubble.

Yeah you can see how much you can carry by checking the Materials tab by pressing '4'.
FDev in their infinite wisdom decided to not make the maximum you can carry per mat the same. Like, why the fuck can I carry 300 Phosphorus but only 100 Proto Radiolic Alloys?
Yeah one's a higher grade but still, it's not like we're gonna break the game economy if we horde 300 or 1000 of them for god's sake.

its going to take you forever to hoard that much anyways so stop complaining CMDR

Alright that's good to know.

Is there a resource I can use to search for those sort of things nearby to me to mine?

Pretty sure it is to gimp the usefulness of the mat traders.
Wouldn't want you to easily be able to convert those thousands of scans you could harvest with a macro over a planet be converted into something useful

Oh absolutely not, i'm currently in an Adder and aiming towards a Diamondback Explorer the next year or so. o7

eddb.io Use the Bodies tab and select your desired element.

>pick up MATERIALS through the CARGO hatch
>CARGO is empty


Wtf is the server down??

Literally my one and only time of the week to play and I can't

Yeah, I guess there was a problem with the small patch a while ago. It only went down for 3mins last time though.

Apparently some people were reporting problems with missions. As in, they lost all their missions and getting disconnects.

>cmdrs aren't making money
>cmdrs can't unlock high tier ships if they don't have money

I dont see the problem?

So the game is working as intended

Are you feeling the fidelity yet?

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sorry cultist, only VISION for me

>Crytek gets all that shit
>Also gets a class action lawsuit from everyone whose information they literally stole

>le crytek meme
Nigga please.That might work on 10bux, but we all know crytek are fucked no matter how many twitter rants you go on.

What? I'm just saying that if Crytek wins, then there's a good possibility of people being mad enough that they go after them in a group.

Did some carbon based lifeform just say

So what would the fallout be if Crytek win the case and force CIG to stop development. Would people be mad at Roberto or Crytek?

The latter, considering that, as far as I know, they still haven't actually explained what their case actually is after they contradicted themselves right at the start.

>being this cultist

Truly a compelling argument. I see the light now.

The floodlights are actually bright now

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>if Crytek wins
well meme'd

Mining for mats in my asp with a class 4 refinery(10 bins) and class 3 prospecting/collection limpets.

What else should I have with it?

lmao wtf? The galaxy is only 100,000 Ly across, not 600 billion Ly. That's 6x the estimate of our fucking galaxy.

Also I hope you engineered your FSD. I'm not leaving the bubble til I get 70Ly / jump otherwise you really will be doing 2000 jumps / day.

>Fixed rank-up missions incorrectly increasing rank with the opposing Superpower
Holy kek you can't even make this shit up

Still cant toggle them on and off though

More collection limpets, cargo, a bigger ship you can slap a fighter on to net bounties, shields in roughly that order of desirability.
You got the core shit down for mining however.
If you are mining for engineering mats specifically, bring an SRV to a planet instead.
If you can't do that, mount all the mining lasers and no refinery, the limpets will just pick up engineering mats.
Have I got a modest proposal for you user...

>If you are mining for engineering mats specifically, bring an SRV to a planet instead.
Why is that? Is it quicker than mining? I didn't know you could get that stuff on the ground

>If you can't do that, mount all the mining lasers and no refinery, the limpets will just pick up engineering mats.
Yeah pretty much mining for engineering mats, not for money or anything like that, get as much as I can as quick as I can

Assuming you are intent on acquiring like carbon, phosphorus, etc. they're easier to find on planets. If you are mining to unlock Selene/get bromellite, gold or painite, then you need to refine and mine space rocks (but you'll get a trickle of materials too).

The former.

How do you go about finding that sort of stuff on planets?

Pop SRV, look at scanner, follow scanner.
Scanner shows bearing, shape on scanner shows category of item (high marks=POI, low marks=rocks), specific sound tells you what the item is.
This site has examples wavescanner.net
Since you just want mats, follow the low ones (outcrops and -ites) until you see em, shoot em and scoop up the mats.

Alright cool, so I won't need any of the mining shit, just refit back for high jump range and add in SRV's and that will do all the work for me yeah?

Also I would hop by Dav's Hope in solo mode. It has about 10 or so resources laying in an abandoned town. Once you pick them up, relog and they respawn. They don't give you super rare resources but some of the more common ones for sure. I did it last night, it still works.

Yeah I was there the other day until I ran out of fuel and figured I best find some sulphur and stuff that I can craft more fuel with

thanks for the help

I mean, you have to drive around (your mileage may vary on how fun that is, I rather enjoy pissing about with the SRV, even if the controls are janky as fuck) and shoot rocks.
A Detailed Surface Scanner is needed to identify what elements are available on the planet I think.
Dav's Hope is a source of industrial materials, not raw materials AFAIK. Not that you shouldn't go there if you need industrial materials, but he seems to want raw materials instead.

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I'm a new user. Just posted.

I'm learning this shit as I go too. If your SRV to refuel/rearmor, all you have to do is go back into your ship and redeploy. Bam, full fuel and 100% hull. One of these days I will farm Dav's Hope for an hour. I think that will be more then enough. They will patch it soon I believe. Better get on top of that.

Also, I need chemical distillery for grade 4 FSD and arsenic for grade 5. I will check out the surface of a random planet for arsenic - I hear that's my best bet. How about chemical distillery? I really don't want to salvage ships or farm high res. Is there any planet I can drop by on and pick it up or what?

The ship does not refuel refuel or rearm the SRV, just repair it.

You want a planet with arsenic (coincidentally the image I posted was relatively high in arsenic, Hollos A 3 b though there are many worlds like it in the Bubble), not all of them have it.
I've never specifically farmed up chemical distilleries, but I've heard going above the plane in War systems and looks for high grade USSs works. Blowing up nerds in Anarchy/HAZRES is where mine came from and if you only need a few you can also visit a material trader.

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Will I get a bounty for shooting skimmers that are hovering around materials and stuff?

You'll probably be awarded a bounty if the skimmers are just out in bumfuck nowhere.

DESU I'd rather pay to get it. I have 100 mil on hand. Which trader sells chemical distilleries?

They aren't sold.

>buying mats with creds
Ha, if only.

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Are they not broken anymore?

If you've found some skimmers out in the middle of no where and a "restricted" area those Skimmers are free for you to kill, you'll get 1000 credits for killing one, and you won't get a fine for entering the area.

If it's an actual like installation you'll probably have to deal with shit.

I just did that in the middle of nowhere and got a bounty for killing them


Well, I can't say when Crytek wins, because that would be wrong.
>Filing a lawsuit and they don't even include their own GLA


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>normal reward 7mil
>mat reward 4 grade 5 mats plus 5mil credits
>one grade 5 mat costs 500000 credits

Trader is very literal, trade only. You get fucked by the exchange rate but it lets you bypass things you don't want to do. Spam easy missions that reward grade 5 manufactured materials, go to an industrial high population system with a material trader, said trader will take the manufactured materials you don't want and give you the ones you do want at a kind of shit exchange rate (6:1 going up/1:3 going down one level, 3:1 going across a level, stacking IIRC)
And you'd think there would be a direct exchange because of that, but no; FDev might have to test for gold rushes then.

hey guys, just a casual bitch that hasn't even looked into this game in years. is it playable yet? can anyone give me a proper update on where it's at and how much fun i might have if i buy in now?

There are 2 games in this general

>can sell for g5 mats
>Davs hope removed from game because you can make 500m credits per hour selling the mats

Maybe it's a good thing

i'm pretty sure you can figure out which game i'm talking about through context, but in case you're retarded: the one that doesn't have elite in its name

Which game?
Elite is kind of tedious but complete to at least the minimum viable product level.
SC is an unoptimised heap of random things which might come to form a game in the distant future.

actually, I just got into my ship and now the bounty has disappeared???

WOW. That's fucked up. We keep complaining over and over that this game is a major grind and what does FDev do? Give us more grinding. What possible reason is there that I can't buy something? My money isn't good enough? I can only trade? I thought this was a simulator. Oh yah thats right, they want you to keep on grinding so you don't abandon this game.

Thx bros.

There will be a performance update later this week but there's still very little actual content.
See robertsspaceindustries.com/roadmap/board/1-Star-Citizen
They plan to release an update every quarter.

Was Dav's Hope nerfed or something? I just found out about it and farmed it for about 15-30 mins but still got good loot.