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precum xd

>/mbgg/ - Mobage General #867 Anonymous 03/26/18 (Mon) 12:37:03 PM No.209681352


>/mbgg/ - Mobage General #867 Anonymous 03/26/18 (Mon) 12:37:03 PM No.209681352
What in Allah's name are you doing?

It's just like in F/GO. Merlin is best reroll due to long range plus heal


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Rest in piece, Blazing Odyssey.

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How to reroll?

any quick way to reroll in Dolls?

5 6 7 O 9 is recruiting.

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ayo hmu when someone finds a way to get megasmash to work
also, doll looks ass.

No Dolls Order in OP.

It's pretty linear. Tutorial, loading, ignore the 4* you get, do a stage with 4*, roll the first 10 roll gacha.

Althought no one knows squat in this game yet so I'd reccomend jsut aiming for 2 5* bots than following the risemara list until maybe a few days later.

The first gacha has Uwain, Lucan and Bedivere on rate-up. Guess I'll roll the second one for Morgan, Agravain or Kay.

Never make an OP again.

Thanks but I mean how to reroll without redownloading whole data again and again.

I want to make babbies with Kokkoro!

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Cocks for Cockoro

>long haired kokoro
Wtf I'm love Kokoro.

just imagine how tight she is bros

Promote her to 3* and you'll find out

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already did. She is incredibly useful for everything too. Guess I'll only take her out of the arena team when I finally get Monica but besides that she's in everything.

To reroll if you are rooted the usual method works. Go to /data/data/jp.co.gu3.noah/ and delete shared_prefs folder.

If aren't rooted try going to /sdcard/android/jp.co.gu3.noah/ and rename it to something else, like jp.co.gu3.noah1. Go to Dolls Order's app settings and clear cache. Rename the folder again to its original name and start the game.

The downloaded data is stored in your SDcard and the account files are in /data/data/ so in theory this should work, but I haven't tested it myself since the shared_prefs folder method works fine for me.

didnt someone say the game has root protection?

It's even only like 250 mb if you choose the fast dl.

Play compass!

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Shit apparently that 5* is really good. Should I just keep this account?

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I am. Fuck the win 10 times in first place mission.

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Watch as everyone jumps ship for Cock to Kyouka after she's released.

I can't like both?

No you can't you fucking manslut.

NA honkai apk: apkpure.com/honkai-impact-3rd/com.miHoYo.bh3global

I'm going to go on a family frenzy with Kyouka and you can't stop me!

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Lewd lolis sure like to play as elf

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Stop lewding 8 years old.

im pretty sure its 100% legal as long as you marry them

There's nothing wrong with oyakodon

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I have no interest in old hags, I just want Kyouka

>tfw you go pay for something and your spaghetti spills on the floor

So apart from the anime, were most assets in Re Dive reused from the original game?

>p2w garbage

Did /padg / die?

All of them

Damn, Cygames really is a master at this trade.

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The upgrade materials are from players equipments from the dead mobage Knights of Glory.


Most. Sprites, character artwork, CG illustrations were all recycled from previous game. The voice recordings sound all new. The Union Bursts were redone tho. Old ones were cheap flash quality.

Aside from 11 yo elf waifu, fatty princess, and spy cat since they're new girls. Roach-loving elf will also be brand new in Priconne.

Its slime loving now, update your info and memes.

That was surprisingly quick.

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>from roach to slime
Will her depravity sink any lower? What's next, tentacle ivy vines?

Wtf I didn't know my daughter was in this game.

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Finally got a 5* , I'll try DO tomorrow, I see the risemara isn't bad in that one as well.

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And Djeeta still not making a guild. I need those 50 gems you sky loving baka!

This was that megasmash or whatever game? Looks similar to Pangya in terms of art direction.

>Hit level 60 in Priconne
>House items have a pointless upgrade timer for no fucking reason making me wait 7 minutes before I can upgrade again
I'll never understand why this is a thing. The timer is so low that it makes me wonder why the fuck it's even there in the first place other than being an annoyance.

I want to make a full loli team. No character above 11 is the only requirement.

Real annoyance is the fact that you have to go back and do pointless tap after the finished upgrading otherwise it won't do shit. Not to mention retard shit like resetting the timer even.

Well it has a very simplistic artstyle with barely any shadows or reflections unlike Shironeko, although I can say in it's defense the models have better proportions in this game.

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Which gacha am I supposed to roll? The 2500 or 1500? What's the difference?

In case you get a failed to retrieve data error trying to roll the tutorial gacha also delete gaxxx_production in /files/documents/. That fixed it for me.

Also after you input your name and skip, you will be asked if you want to skip the tutorial battle too. Press the left button スキップ (skip) to skip it.

Did you forget that Shadowverse cards are literally just art taken from Bahamut, fitted into card frame?

>Only enough crystals for 3 10 pulls to get Arisa
Just kill me.

The 2500 one, the other one is a weapon gacha (both share rates in the highest rarity)

What did you even spend them on in the first place?

I'm talking about this banner, which isn't a weapon one.

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I have 30,000 gems ready and I probably won't get her with my shit luck.

>Merlin + Gaheris + 5* plugin
Not bad. Might come back to this one if I can't get Morgan later.

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Since I realize Priconne stopped running on nox even with root disabled, I guess I need to run it on phone now? Oh well

Still working on Nox just fine for me.

Huh, whats the trick here?

The only good stuff from Million Arthur.

That's a step gacha from the looks of it, you need to do 55 rolls to get a 32% chance of getting a 5*, yet the rate in the first roll is 1% instead of 4%

BTW pic related
>We want Tina audience

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Well I'm entirely F2P and I missed the initial rush to arena so I didn't get the huge influx of crystals like everyone else did. I'm sitting around rank 3k or so right now as my highest but it's hard to get higher since everyone is seemingly much stronger. I spent a few thousand on trying to get Jun too and, well, that was a complete and utter waste that gave me nothing whatsoever. I also spent a little on mana and stamina refreshes but I stopped doing those.

I've done nothing to alter the game in any form. It runs just fine for me, with exception to the random crashes now and again. Are you sure you're unrooted and fully updated?

Update your Nox brah

I'm entirely f2p too. I take it you haven't unlock Princess Arena yet. If so, don't worry, you will be getting at least 8k+ from there easily after you unlocked it.

How are you guys getting MegaSmash to work? It just gets stuck on nox.

Geez, why the heck can they ever get the update checker to work right. I'll try that

>yet the rate in the first roll is 1% instead of 4%
What a bunch of jews.

That didnt work, did you people get the app from qooapp or apkpure btw? Sometimes it might make a difference

Is Mamiko Noto in the Dolls Order gacha?

>2 5* units
>3 5* Chips
>5/11 of the rolls were 5*'s
Fuck give me this luck in games in my current games

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1.1.4 on apkpure works fine for me.

For those wondering, to save an account, go to the lightbulb then the button above the game center trophy onez

I'm a dirty eop and can't find the changes in AGA version 1.30 anywhere but in-game. I only noticed the ability to lock equipment from the appraisal menu directly.

>memory pieces as rewards
so damn glad

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Lyrica and Luciano are the easiest for MVP, just hog the first portal key and expand zones as much as you can.

>memory pieces as rewards
Pretty lame desu. So events won't even give us girls, they'll just give us pieces of girls. Ofc it won't be enough to make any of them.

>This isn't a 5* design
Wasted. Though 5* Mode red looks great with long hair.

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I am going to need to recall how to save my current account and redownload it from APKPure, for some reason sometimes QooApp downloads just dont work

Wtf bros this event sucks!

So we'll get a whole 10 pieces from the event? Wow so generous.

90% Shiori's memory pieces, 10% Hatsune's.

>Those pentagons at the name's right side

So you need to limit break them?

>placing top 30 clans gives your clan a grand total of 30 Makoto fragments
Can't wait to see how many you get from this free story event.

That's on top of 5k Jewels and 5k clan token though.
How are /mbgg/ clans doing anyway?

You should know the drill to your wallet by now.

First clears usually give 5 so at least 40 with each able to drop at a probability I guess.

I'd be fine with this I'd rather 3* Shiori than 4* Hatsune.

At first, I wasn't really into it. Then iI realized this was just a shittier Gundam vs. which made me enjoy it as a fan of those sorts of things with costs and all.

Time to find the Zaku II of this game and try to nit get mad when my team mate who is using a high cost loses all our points.

Maria Pantsu

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