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>Zanki Zero introduces main characters and voice cast

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>Super Robot Wars X ‘Special Scenario: Masou Kishin’ seven-minute gameplay video

>Metal Max Xeno third trailer

>Fate/Extella Link Japanese digital pre-order bonus DLC costume trailer

>Atelier Lydie & Suelle DLC character ‘Ilmeria Von Leinweber’ trailer



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Want hacks/homebrew?

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Vita 2 when?

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Sleep well.

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Vita... means... cough-cough.. means....


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Atelier Sophie got a whole lot more interesting after the costume change and further character events allowing further gear crafting and free item refills upon return to the atelier. I love the intro cinematic, I like the characters well enough, but it still faals short of the Arland trilogy's charm. But at least it's not going down as as big of a disappointment I originally thought it would.

I wish the game would have used an art style more similar to this pretty bit here, this makes Sophie look so adorable.

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Unfortunately I won't sleep now

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that's a nice Eruruu.

rabi ribi is so fun I hope it doesn't pull some super depressing shit at some point, I'm getting that kind of vibe like everything is super fucked up

One order of big anime umus, coming through

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What could this be?

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it's the amaduyu art book

I bet it's something fun.


It really is. And it features many pictures of tamanee.

Not this time sadly.

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nice, still waiting for mine but fucking customs are taking their time

There's a lot of cute girls to fap to, of course they're taking their time with it,

how dare they, they're mine

I guess as that other user said, they have to take their time absorbing it all.

>anti homebrew op

What difficulty are you playing it on, user?

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>sweden being sweden

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Hahhahahha what the actual fuck, is this seriously 2018?

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Hard! Just passed the difficulty changing girl not too long ago

pc version uses vita assets afaik

I see you've literally just started then. Hope you have fun. Remember to take screenshots and keep us posted on the fun or frustration you're having and that we're (or at least I am) here if you need any tips or help.

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I'm here, honey bun.

thank god finland isn't a shithole like that yet

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Wake up vitagen, and if you're wageslaving, finish up your stuff and leave early! Today will be better than yesterday, for sure.

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I got all the online Wipeout 2048 trophies.
I deserve some sleep now.


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>tfw about to drive to work

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did you stay up since yesterday, just to finish them?

I took a quick nap, and woke up early.

It was really lucky I stumbled into a group of newbies and bullied the fuck out of them.
until they had enough and sent me a message asking me to take turns winning. I felt a little bit bad for them and agreed.

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Thanks for joining

No problem.

19 and 20 can be hell if you end up in the wrong group. It's a ton of double 1st place requirements.

This made me extremely angry.
I can't even imagine how you must be feeling, I'm so sorry user.

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Ah, just realized it's from 2015, my bad.
Still mad though.

It's okay, it's not real. I think

Busy reading a book to Lavenza.

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Probably wasn't four years ago, but it is now.

This is actually plausible

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Today we raced with Studio Liverpool.

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Where did you lose your Giant, Rose?

that's spooky, ghosts don't race.

Did you screenshot it?

I think multi doesn't let you


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Jumping back into Rabbit House: Vita Edition™ to get all the character-specific endings. Wish me luck!

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I'd say it's very artistic. Would hang on a wall.

I'm using my 20% that expires on the 30th for Romancing Saga 2. Is it an ok choice or is there a better option as far as recent digital only games go?

>tfw no Girls und Panzer game localization

surely next month's Vita PS+ games will be great as a apology for announcing them being removed next year, r-right

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It will be an indie game that's crossbuy with PS4


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Maybe with the April code if nothing else comes out. How does it compare with Blazblue or Guilty Gear?

In case someone in vitagen still doesn't know, there are currently two 20% codes being offered on US PSN for watching some videos on playstation live. One expires on the 30th of March and the other on the 30th of April. They both can't be used on the same cart.

Unfortunately EU gets nothing.
Oh shit lancelot
Too bad we didn't get Atalanta

Don't worry, we'll get another the last of us soon, sony knows where the money is.

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I'm actually surprised they didn't just be lazy and make Jeanne Alter a playable character in it.

>implying cute girls have to resort to this

I would be mad if they didn't make alter saber first

Jeanne Alter is where the money is

>cute girls
>some wierd halfbreed cat furry
>gigantic eyebrows
>flat as a board
>drools in her sleep

You mentioned things that make her cute.

I thought that's what a pillow is for
Are these supposed to be uncute traits?

>not liking cute monsters
Wow, leave vitagen any time.

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Wrote a long reply, then deleted it instead of posting. Why do I keep doing this?

What was it about?

the comic the other user posted.

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pretty much, yeah.

Let's talk

What do you want to talk about?

a-about what

Saber is already in the game, Greg.

about who is best vita girl

I wish that poster would fuck off and stop trying to ruin every thread they go to.


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Nice things

Do you have an obsession with whoever you're talking about? Do you stalk that person that you know where he is? Or is he in the same threads that you are in? Have you considered the possibility that he is actually you?

There's an easter sale, but I don't see anything in particular I'd want. Doesn't help that I own most of the games already.
I guess I'll check if OLZ is available for preorder

she looks nice, i would play vita games with her

This one.

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>Have you considered the possibility that he is actually you?
That sounds like something Greg would say.

Wrong Eli

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That's just one of the better vita cats
I like her this way

>I like her this way
But for how long?

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But we already decided on that

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Is that supposed to be a Lizu-lizu-lii or something?

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How's Tales of Hearts R? Yay or nay?