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First for rageblade Jhin needs nerfs


>Towering diving at level 3

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>First for rageblade Jhin needs nerfs

Syndra! (this might be the only decent cosplay of her I ever saw)

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Fucking why, Rito? It was such a lovely year, and then you bring this shit back?

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it's ok to be gay!

>tfw you kill someone ironically

based ahri OP
ahribros run this general

Best guy!

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It lets him 1000 ad at three items those items being IE, a zeal item, and memeblade

Daily reminder that i am higher rank than everyone in this thread. Thanks for your time.

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Jhin now a hyper late game carry. ER>RFC>IE>Rageblade. Gg ez. I three shit Baron.

Wrong. Graves is best guy

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LB is going on my permaban if her current state makes it to live. This is 100% antifun to play against.

But are you happy?

>Honor level 1
Oh sweetie...

>he doesn't know about Jhinsoos rapeblade

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Yes. except for when i get the forced 50% winrate curse, then i get depressed

i am diamond 2. you are silver.
oh sweetie

Draven #1!
Graves #2!!!
Taric or Darius #3!!

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Graves 1
Darius below that
Draven somewhere more down

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I didn't mean in a videogame, I mean with life. Life has no ELO.

what are the highest tier champs on free rotation right now

i am high rank in a videogame designed for children. this is my life

>Life has no ELO.

what is wealth/education/social class

>Life has no ELO.
t. wood 5

>Draven somewhere more down
Draven #1!!!!!!!!
Graves #2!!!!

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>champ is completely useless before 3 items
just like real life...

t. honorlet

>can't queue up for life when I want
>my family team are all feeders/the wrong race pic and waste all their gold on useless items
enemy family are upper class, invest gold wisely and are jewish
fuck you all.

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>Getting countered at champ select

Which faction has the best summoner icon?
IMO Void looks spiffy as fuck.

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Still wrong

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Noxus is for edgelords

So is Veigar shit now?

He was abusing the shit out of Serpahs and Abyssal Mask and they both got nerfed

I want to pick Irelia up and give her a CUDDLE

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Swain is free rn

Now he abuses ludens and new death cap into a spell binders to press R and actually one shot people from 100%

Get rid of fucking autofill already jesus fuck Im tired of being held ransom in queue because someone is having an autistic fit because they cant handle playing support for one fucking match


Have you actually tried that?

Sounds almost like a joke build

>never both to ban Akali or Katarina because I fuck them so hard in lane
>forced to ban one of them because they will kill my teammates who got no idea what MR is

>play against 3 Draven mids in the past 3 days
What is this new meme?

did somebody say... best guy?

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This is Lux. Say something nice to her, user!

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Yes and the results over several games was close to cyberbullying
Sometimes you get morellos over spellbinder though

Shadow isles

Bitch, sit down.

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>getting carried 5 games in a row
I'm trash but at least I'm getting lp.

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no UR wrong
Draven is #1 and the BEST
Graves is #2!!!!!!
Darius or maybe Taric is #3!!!
Draaaaaaaaaven is best guy!!

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Graves is best I win

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New rule. You never win.

I love KIed! I would kill billions to be able to rub his fuzzy ears!

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Bonus rule: I always do

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What the fuck are they doing that needs 6 hours of prep time to patch? They better be fixing the ping spikes on 8.6 and not some faggot voice or client update.


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What did they mean by this?

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>my thresh is at 69% winrate
>now I can never play him again
It was fun, friend.


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does it mean my tongue will get stuck if i suck, idk, Trundle's dick?


>lolbabbs actually shit their pants over this

Have you never seen a fucking sunstrike?

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>now I can never play him again

bruh, that's the sex number

? ? ?

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how's middle school?

>get to silver 1 80 lp
>1 win 2 loss limbo with hardstuck golds on my team feeding till i demote to silver 2
>win streak back into silver 1
>first game back in silver one our mid feeds out the ass


>8 (eight) seasons of LoL
>still no empath support
this game needs better champ designers

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>A good, blind sunstrike isn't impressive

I guess with your snail slow movespeeds it would be, dotabab.

>Two abilities and boring passives

Why is the art so Liefield?

is lux a virgin?

karma bind
better anivia wall
some passive shit
reverse kench E

yea, we've already got one

This reminds me of all the shittty chinese knockoffs that were popping up when league was still feuding with Hon. There was a few of them that actually looked really cool and had potential if they werent blatant cashgrabs

i don't understand how y is a sex number and middle school

go one step further up the reply chain.

>noxus good
dude the ends justify the memes lamo :^)




Motherfucker I have gotten 3 and a half keys since I started playing again a month ago and 0 chests.
Besides buying them and getting S ranks how the fuck do I get chests?

what's up MY DUDE

>this lolbab actually think demacia is better than noxus
then again this board is full of twink faggots so it makes sense you would all love a twink faggot nation

How long will ranked be down for?

>opposite problem
lol git gud. S isn't hard when you know how to farm.

>git gud.
C'mon man gimme a break I haven't played since season 4, all my favourite characters got reworked, new items are confusing and runes are hard to get used to.

Which League of Legends girl would sell the most ONAHOLES irl?

Granted 2 free wins on my gold promos oooo

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>demacia is the twink nation
>garen (alpha), jarvan (alpha), shyv (alpha (female))
meanwhile at noxus
>jericho swain (cucked old man btfo by magic chinklets), kled (gay furry midget power bottom), leblanc (literally WHO?)

I genuinely enjoy lore discussion


s isnt hard at all getting fucking s+ is a fucking scam and its a waste of time and effort getting max mastery

league barely has any lore. im glad they scrapped the "summoner" crap though, i thought it was pretty shit when i first read it.

ahri is the most popular lego girl so probably that one
in universe? shyvana for obvious reasons

>can not for the life of me figure out why this was not filtering
>the L was a capital I the entire time
you cheeky nigger

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>he forgets to mention Darius, Sion, Draven, Urgot, Vladimir, and Katarina.

>only unique thing about the lore
>explains why all these faggots are fucking around in this area

If you are just reentering the game, don't worry about chests at all. They are a waste of time and a reward for being a good boy and playing the game.