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[3/21] Deviljho and weapon rebalancing in update 2.00 - capcom-unity.com/monster_hunter/blog/2018/03/21/

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Preference: Small Monsters - Message: Zenny Farming - Private: No
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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Previous thread

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Official Milsy thread.

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Huntresses and catlolis

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Top 3 dual blades

This guy was such a dick to fight.

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May it never end: 67L6xFapPeRR

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Guildmarm is the worst quest giver
Glasses are shit on women


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Garuga can be a real pain, but you'll learn to exploit it's weak head soon enough.
Still, those instant attacks and jank movements I'm sure you experienced are why everyone shits all over the generation 1 +2 monsters.

There's also the deviant Garuga which is a complete improvement over the original monster.

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I am a genius!

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Yeah, I'm gonna need that bottom row, second from the left in world ASAP, ok?

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That would mean bringing back cancerking. A big NO from me.

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what chink mmo is this from?

What monster is it, so that I may know how much pain I'm in for.

Deviant Rathalos.

Rathalos: really angery and flash bombs dont work edition


Nothing gets added until Maccao gets added, and nobody gets hurt.

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Stop posting cat lolis. Or else!

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else what, punk? I'm fucking ripped.

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What if we had Tigrex but with a megaphone

fight me cunt

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What area is that dark?

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>all this aesthetic armor design
>get nothing but dog shit (minus odogo and vaal) in world

Fap room is getting low! Get in here!

Sounds like fun. Gimme him and super poison Rathian in a small, enclosed space.

its just that main area the Great Jagras always spawns in on ancient forest, its just the gunlance spam creating too much contrast

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Did not get a discount for buying in bulk 4/5 stars don't come here

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Rate my mixed set bois

Are the aesthetics and armor skills both good or not?

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Hey man, where else are you supposed to buy nearly ten thousand potions?

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I'd try to get two more attack boost on there.

I would, but I don't have any good investigations to share.

Was thinking of that, sadly haven't had much luck with dem attack jewels. The Critical Eye is pretty much just filler until I do get 2 more

Good luck with that

You might just have the worst shitter taste of all faggots on this websites.

I love my wife Hibiki

>Frontier is handing out full sets of hiden decos as sub rewards now
Dead fucking game

will mommy get a cute spring costume?

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She'll probably never be relevant again. They did a pretty shit job making npcs relevant or memorable

Is there rule 34 of her yet?

>streamlinig old content means the game is dead, despite frontier having 4x the playerbase of every pre-world MH title

Frontier has about 5000 concurrent players at peak times these days, and it hasn't had new endgame content in about 2 and a half years

since forever

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>every mainline game put together before world would barely have 1k players online

>and it hasn't had new endgame content in about 2 and a half years
>monsters steadily added, one was added not even a week ago
what did he mean by this?

Can I have pics of huntress thighs? We've been celebrating midriffs for multiple threads

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>monsters steadily added, one was added not even a week ago
None of which is going to get a player who's already finished the Ravi grind to log in

Would you do handler for 1 million zenny? Be honest.

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No. The Handler annoys the shit out of me and I'm already sitting on 4 million zeni as we speak so I'm financially alright.

Anyone have ideas for a heavy bowgun build?
I feel like ive tried them all.


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>grind hundreds of hours for the best shit in the game, that will 100% for sure stay the best shit in the game forever because they don't expect a player to be autistic enough to do this
>woooow theres nothing to do
ravishitters, not even once

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The Commander's Grandson, Handler and the Commander himself left some impression. Old lady, 3rd fleet commander and all the rest not so much. Provisions manager is cute but that's all she's got

>that will 100% for sure stay the best shit in the game forever because they don't expect a player to be autistic enough to do this
And this is why the game is dying you moron, it's been TWO AND A HALF YEARS, you could've been doing Ravi for an hour every other day and you'd still be finished with your futai by now

I'd do it for free

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If she can shut up for a moment, sure

>Get the handler AND 1 million zenny
Win/Win situation

Top kek user I didn't even know you could even capture those things

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There's an extra large one under where tobi sleeps. That's what that room is full of.

how for obtain sinister cloth /mhg/

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>5k players
if 5k players is dying holy shit mainline was in trouble before world

also ravi doesn't exist on my version of the game, because nobody does ravi. unless you got it when it came out, getting deter is basically impossible now.
it's great. honestly they should just remove that shit from the game.

What's the best bow for each element?

Tailrider Safari. Just keep sending them out

>he's a TWshitter
opinion discarded

Which armor is this and what are the chances of it coming to world? Closest thing we'll ever see to a gunner set in world

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bows are garbage,
bowguns are much better for dps and verstility


Malfestio and I pray for absolute 0% chance

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How do I into HBG then?

why is it that JP players are always autistic, without fail?
i'm glad i can enjoy the game without encountering any of you.

thanks for beta testing my content, faggot.
by the way, since you are so "done" with the endgame, lets see your peerless dure solo.

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tailrider safari with 4*+


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Why must they always make this shit such a pain in the dick to get

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We don't need more low rank fodder in world, but I wouldn't say no to Malf or the deviant.
Some good sleep weapons would come with them too.

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You can start by ubuilding powershooter 2, which is a great all around hbg for N3 shot, vywernsnipe and status. It benefits from elementless, has 3 lvl slot, and 3 augments as well as medium raw and neutral affinity.
If you like how it plays then you can try to specialize by building legiana hbg for pierce 3, zorah, jho for cluster spam or nerg hbg for spread 3.

>by the way, since you are so "done" with the endgame, lets see your peerless dure solo.
I'd like to if they didn't remove it immediately

What skills/armour set am I looking at?

It's a shame only the Odogo armour really celebrates thighs. I don't have every armour yet but you won't nearly as much thigh service unless you clownsuit

Hunters don't have tits anymore but they have massive thighs and sculpted stomachs. I think the devs finally looked at actual athletes

>that's the gunner set
fuck, there really is no hope of having a proper looking gunner in world

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Is poison even good?

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Maybe as layered DLC down the line they bring back some gunner armor.

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>couldn't get a kill or even a repel in a whole week
>monster is easier than regular dure besides health and learning a handful of new attacks
i guess even overpowered skills can't help some people

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>element phial SA

>4th fungiform jewel

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I find that attack boost isnt worth investing into with hbg, especially for explossive damage, so i just do affinity, weakness exploit, critical boost, maximum might, until i have 75% affinity.

evade extender is a great skill that makes you very mobile.

having pierce, normal and spread up in form of decos is great too

trueshot decos for special ammo boost if you like to use vywern snipe and heart.

elementless for hbg that dont have elemental ammo: the diablos hbg, powershooter and the ore hbg.

for cluster spam you want 3 pieces of xeno set and 3 ammo up from kirin legs and rath chest.

use mods to bring reload to normal and recoil to +2 so you wont have the knock back effect while shooting and be able to reload on the move.
long range up mods only benefit pierce, while you can use close range up for normal as well.

Poison is fine, especially for monsters like jho or duramboros, but there are better statuses to go for.

>tfw I have so many stupid utility jewels I made a fucking LBG healslut that's actually useful
are attack deco's even real?

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In the 400 hours I've been playing the game, I've only ever found 1. That's also factoring in TONS of savescumming at the melder too looking for other decorations.

Fuck you, gimme the owl.

heres that i run right now:
powershooter 2 elementless jewel
recoil supressor x2
reload assist
dragonking eyepatch critical jewell
brigade suit b criticall x2
kaiser vambraces b forceshot jewell
odogaron coil b trushot jewell
kushala crus b trueshot jewell
mighty charm

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Damn, I have no trueshot decos