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Oh boy, yet another useless character edition


● Latest News
>Jesse Anderson has an event and is now obtainable
>'Superb' Téa is roaming Duel World until the 30th
>The Chazz structure deck will be available late March
>The KC Cup will be back on the 5th of April
>Dr. Crowler is coming to the Gate and Yami Marik will be obtainable mid April
>A Battle City event is planned, a new Yami Yugi skill is obtainable and the level cap will increase late April.
>'Elegant' Mai will be roaming Duel World early May
>A Duel-a-thon and an obtainable character (likely Syrus) are planned for mid May

● Useful (Duel) Links
>Sites with good info on LDs, skills, deck lists, beginner guides, etc. (Partially outdated but it's the best we've got.)

● Future content (No release date but it's in the files)

● Android emulators (or just use the Steam version)

● A few tips for new players
>You can change the resolution of the Steam version with DuelLinksConfiguration.exe in the game folder
>Create and link a Konami ID to play on multiple devices and save your progress in case of a crash
>Turn your battery/power usage bar up to max in the settings menu for a smoother experience
>When sending Vagabonds, always choose the 1 card challenge because it gives the most XP.
>Decide on what deck you want to build before spending gems.
>Level up Mai, Keith, Alexis and Odion first to unlock Windstorm of Etaqua, Metalmorph, Spell Shield Type 8 and Curse of Anubis respectively
>Don't get baited into buying packs from 'Land of the Titans'.

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Atleast Johan give 2 Pegasus from lv up


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>hero support in new box

You won't pay after all Konami.

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>putting shitty heros in the dark world dealings box
Fuck, I was hoping for something good

I bet Mask/Form Change will be an SR at minimum.



>Masked Heroes
This confirms it. The powercreep will instantly change each box now, it's not worth trying to invest in a single deck that needs more than one box at this point. You got a month maximum to try and whale out on a box, and it's not even worth it in the end. SSA and Aliens are already being outed. Red-Eyes and Cyber Angels are the only decks so far thats endured over the months without completely dying.

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Modded APK fucking where?

so whens the box coming out

April 3rd

which npc wud u fug

If your answer isn't Kylie or Ashley you're a brainlet beyond saving.


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Emma and Bella.

the lolis

So Jesse is shit then? Figures...

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>not running grass is nigger 38 card deck


might be fun with grass

*mills your rainbow dragon*
Good job.

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don't swear you fucking nigger

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Konami fears the Ojamas

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You also play monster reincarnation obviously.

*activates monster reincarnation
*discards the one crystal beast I needed so I could summon rainbow dragon*


one of you post the goddamn leaks or I will start relentlessly brap posting until I pass out

So glad we are finally getting Tristan, I know its just an april fools update but I hope they make him a full character we can unlock later on. They gave Tea some cool skills so the same can be done with Tristan.


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Post jesse farm deck ploz


counter fairys aren't going to be very popular and this rainbow dragon deck is just for fun so chances of losing are high its just when it goes off it will be a cool replay. I dont think anyone expects it to even be playable.

same again

same again

sekrit tech in grass crystal beasts

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Well, I'm already bored of this event.
Back to not playing until the box releases.

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>He only plays for PVE
What a sad life you live

>Leave Counter Fairies to me.png

what is that monster card and the trap card that are on the new box banner? i know plasma vice though

needle ceiling and vision hero raider

*solemn scoldings you*

oh shit this vision hero guy seems pretty good

>Win the coin flip
>Turn 1 Closed Forest
Have fun drawing 3 ded cards

>The next box will have E•HERO support and Masked HEROs
I promised after 3 blazemans I wouldn't spend anymore money but my erection won't go away now that I know Blade Edge aswell as new hero fusions and Masked HEROes are gonna be in the next box
Time to crack open the wallet

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I don't play for the PVE, but I'm not about to spend my gems on fish, aliens, and insects.
I also have no interest in tea's counter fairies currently.
I'll just save my character level up gems and collect event gems over time for decks I will actually want to use.
The powercreep seems to be speeding up.

>Fire Princess OTK Burn

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>farms you in pvp

nothing personel

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Fair. I haven't bothered with any of the recent boxes and I doubt I'll care for Heroes either.

Gold rank must be fun

Are Masked Heroes confirmed? I didn't see anything about them in the last thread

/ourchazz/ will eliminate all apkfags with ojama king otk

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sigh umm...no, sweetie

>t. brainlet

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that too. sweetie is nicer.

>been playing this game almost since release
>only have Mai at level 30, the only character i mostly play

h-hold me

What do you think "OTK" means?

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>Don't get baited into buying packs from 'Land of the Titans'.

Why is that?

What do you think "Burn" means?

It is the worst box by far, nobody uses those cards as they are generally seen as a waste of gems.

But that Geafreid tho.

someone post think link to the leaks PLEASE


Shit. Your right. I don'y have a single deck that uses a card from that box

you can still OTK with burn

>he doesn't have sylvans

What do YOU think burn means? Burn is effect damage, especially multiple effects, not necessarily dragging out through multiple turns.

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>He fell for the Sylvan meme
Have fun praying to RNGsus every duel.

Didn't realize what you mean, but yeah, it's cool.

You dont need raging mad plants in sylvans you fucking jew. Dont fall for this jews tricks. That land of the titans box is pure fucking garbage. There are tons of sylvan kog decks that play 0 of that spell card.

Feels good not having a completely useless gift box.

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wheres the full list of leaks

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>Masked Hero
>in 5 extra card format
Well, it ded

dgayed discord

somewhere not gay?

>if you click on cards on the left of the screen you can zoom in on the art

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dkayed discord

The set isnt leaked yet. Just some useless skills and one good ass skill for that Indian bitch.

Did they get rid of red eyes insight ?

It's not coming up under the sr tickets anymore

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just because two tickets say SR ticket it doesnt mean they have the same pool of cards to chose from

I saw that in the pvp viewer thingy first turn kill other guy didn't even get to draw a card

Can someone based enough leak it from his discord then?

okay, can someone please told me that Jesse drop skill going to worth some shit
Because if it isnt, this going to be the worst archtype to add in duel link

It was there before the update with those same tickets

They aren't. Some user posted them in the last thread.
Just Ctrl + F "500 LP" in that thread.

is crystal bonds a lvl 40 reward
it better fucking be.

once per turn your monsters get 200 att for each crystal nigger in graveyard

I should add i don't remember advance draw being an option before

crystal promise

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APK WHERE??!?!?!?

>Expanded Universe
>Level up Skill
>When it doesnt appear in LV 40 reward skill
So that confirm that from 40 to 50, we will have skill lv up, right?

Probably, there are still a lot of unreleased skills for characters.

Didn't you get the memo? All mod users were banned during the last maintenance. No more 8k assessment for you, faggot.

>update lets you set specific sleeves/mats to each deck
>no longer have the option to just use the same sleeves/mats for everything
>have to go through every single deck i use and set them to it
i like the idea but they could've made it a little less obtuse for people with tons of decks

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>no longer have the option to just use the same sleeves/mats for everything
stop lying you fucking nigger