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>New private match event
>March Nerfs
>New Cards to Be Added to Dawnbreak, Nightedge in Late May
>New Arena Mode: Grand Prix
>March nerfs/restrictions - No cards
>Rotation, formats, new class

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Start now before maintenance hits to get 10 more packs, because once new expansion hits older packs will be dropped from new player starting bonuses. That way you're still cashing in on the last expansion starting bonus plus getting 10 packs for this expansion.
There's a pastebin in the OP for rerolls.


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>Wherever I look, there are scrubby little souls. But the scrawny ones are so boring. I only care about hunting big souls.
>Big souls are where it's at. They fill my mouth and my belly. That's why I only go for huge ones.

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Reminder that those are her panties.

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>have to rely and pray for RNG gatcha doesn't fuck with Celia for Arthur
Fuck no strong finishers for sword this around. Is Memethur the way to go at this rate?

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Fuck off you autist

Your wincon is Sky Castle 2.0
Where it is?

Reminder that those are her panties.

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Good thing the other one doesn't have shitty art on top of that.

how do you even win
stop being greedy with walfrid and put in new castle

Is this that Chrono Magia thing?

Read the newbie guide. Which class would be best for a new player? That way I kinda know what I'm rerolling for.

Reminder that those are her panties.

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>no hedgehog
>only 2 arthurs
>walfrid meme
>no hedgehog
>no cuhullin



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you are not realizing how ridiculous fortress is, run it over walfrid. momo over cu seems bad too if you don't want to pull celia from arthur, adding him lessens your chance of pulling her and he's one of the better arthur pulls regardless.

3 chromatic is probably too much and barbarossa is wishful thinking in mid sword, i'd rather have badb for 6 since you have a lot of board flood.

Doesn't look good.

Who knows because a new expansion is about to drop. Blood, maybe, since you can build relatively cheap aggro decks. Most expensive are Forest, Haven, and Dragon.


Collab with that 3 kingdom card game

>Sigh, I tell you! Kids these days aren't up to snuff! Humph! No, I'm not a child—I am an elf. Thank you very much!
>You kids will never learn unless a grown-up teaches you a thing or two. Guess I'll just have to show you what happens when elves get angry.

Is it our time to shine swordbros? Will our giant fortress carry us to tier 1?

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Unique chinese leaders or something?


here's my initial draft for post dbne mid shadow
i'm trying out regenerate spirit since it gives you extra shadows that'll help fuel your shadow consumption, especially if you hit an orator
not really sure which of the removal options are gonna be best for the new meta (squasher, big soul, troth) so i'm trying them all out initially to see which is best. in a heavy aggro meta though big soul and troth are getting cut for stuff like angel vanguard and ceres, probably replace prince for odile too
and i'll probably experiment with fickle resurrector and see how that goes

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E tier

Oh wait shit this might be 2 new leader, chink client only though

Orchis is for ___________

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>Guess I'll just have to show you what happens when elves get angry.

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I swear to god if this is chink only...

While Ceryneian is a good card, I think Aether would be a better choice allowing a Tenko pull and the possibility of running Aegis.

>Forte, my favoritest dark dragoon! The person I wanna be like! Someday we're gonna ride together, so I won't give up. Never!
Just how many fangirls does Forte have?

doll_joints triple_penetration nakadashi


Goddamnit user now I have a boner in the conference room.

>no thane
amazing deck

Who say this?

>people think that neutral package is gonna magically stop being broken without Saha
Are you ready for 3 exciting months of neutral forest vs neutral rune?

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If you can remove the "subtitle", you will be able to see her panties every time you evolve.

>he doesn't run goblin
d rank?

Twilight Dragoon Coda or something.
Too bad she's shit.

Here niggas, I removed walfrid, momo, sniper, carrot commander and memelissa and replaced them.

I added Prim so at least even if the vomit get whacked her surviving for skymeme 2 to hit.

>This winter sure's nasty! Someone, anyone! Come warm up your king!

>Hohoho, that's better. I'm nice and toasty now. Huh, now you're chilly? Well, how about you think of someone beside yourself?
Fucking snowmen

The card is insane, people will be bitching about it in under a week. Show it to any hearthbab and they'll tell you the card is cancer, removalverse is a bit different but Arthur boards should stick allowing it to protect your board by removing a threat and providing a nice ward.

big soul hunter isn't worth it, pollutes the 3pp pulls for regenerate and uses too many shadows for a deck that needs 8 along the way and 10 by turn 10

I don't like aether in tenko deck considering she doesn't restore def but increase it, maybe I'll put a Taurus there somewhere as finisher

forgot my image

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you have 6 1/3's add badb so you can curve it into 2/3 if you need to. it's that or add fount for card draw but until i play the card i'm not sure how good it actually is.

i'm not sure about that, orator and regenerate go a long way to giving you more shadows for your effects and spending 2 pp for a 2/3 is still pretty good
you might be right though, but i'm still gonna try her out and see how she performs

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Wouldn't bother with midshadow anymore. It's dead.
PtP on a stick is meme tier.
Reanimate might have a chance but probably not.
Shadow in general is benched this expansion.

not them but removing valse is insanity, and cocking before arthur looks problematic too speaking about board space. I'd lastly try to get your 2drop down to no more than 4-5 different followers to keep arthur.

My wife.

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So how's the game looking with this expansion? I quit with Chronogenesis because it was just getting too shitty for me. I remember people being worried that decks were becoming too expensive and that whales would be the only ones who could still compete soon

>Reanimate might have a chance but probably not.
t7 Zeus into t8 Zeus into t9 Zeus into t10 double Zeus is not a "meme"

Post balanced WLD cards that will never be nerfed.

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Forte is amazing and beatiful and very reliable

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That hasn't gotten better but at least a lot of dumb cards are rotating out.

The use of cock is to bait board removals as much as possible, basically the idea is Luminous to COCK to Arthur to Sky meme. As much as possible I want them burn their resources until they get overrun.

Overall DN looks to be cheaper than CG, most of the legendary are either pointless or 2x at best
DN also looks to going to have an Aggro oriented
Most expensive DN decks i can think off now are Sword and Haven, Dragon is gonna be one of the cheapeast crafts now

Literally the only thing that might hold reanimate back this expac is the loss of Khawy. If Khawy wasn't rotating I would say that Reanimate is going to definitely be Tier 1 cancer and it still might be.

Marrying elves makes no sense. They will never be faithful.

>all removals are downgraded
>still no way to fetch Zeus
That's literal definition of a meme. Even Alice is more reliable.
If I wanted turn 7 Zeus I would play ramp.

Neutral Rune is a brickhouse without Saha.

Goddamnit she's so cute. Why does she have to be so shit.

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Khawy was shit honestly, his main purpose was countering bahamill which is finally fucking off anyway.

>If you insist, then fine—I'll bring your boyfriend back to life. A brave knight of few words? Hahaha, he must have been so charming.
>Oh, I'm sorry. He was just so charming that I had to make him my own. But see! Don't you think he looks better with me?

>2 hours to complete a 3 win shadowcraft daily with midshadow

Good luck getting turn9 to play Isra doing nothing
NeutralForest variants without SahaIsra were like 50% weaker than standard BnB SahaIsra too
That bitch was the core of Neutral

>I am the king of white. But once I was a castle, a rook. That might make me a fraud. But the burning pride and life in my chest are real.

>Many people have been hurt on this monochromatic battlefield. I can't allow any more of it. Sure, my rank is different from theirs, but... I'll color them white!
>I'll color them white!

What the fuck Hemera, that's fucking lewd.

>Just how many fangirls does Forte have?
Just Coda and Eyfa and Eyfa is just as much of an Aina fangirl.

She just had to get atleast Rush
But with no effects there is no way to fit her in any deck

Khawy was often the only thing that stopped aggressive decks from killing you on turn 7 or 8.

Anne and Grea are now a girl band.

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>They will never be faithful.
Neither will I. Not with all those other sexy elves and fairies around.

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Who is this?

She's a responsible single mum. Of course she has fangirls.

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Can't wait for this to rape /svg/
It's gonna be fun

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Khawy was doing nothing against anyone who isn't dragon for the last expansion desu, although sometimes they would just kill it with scyther. Now dragon has lindwurm.
Everyone else was just crashing their small dudes into it and making it no different from a regular ward.
If you played it against a Dorothy board, they would just trade one Dorothy for it and then still hit you for like 12.
Also everyone has banish and transform now, even sword got banish.


>Single mum
>Implying Clarke is a deadbeat dad

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>just kill myself bro
Why i should play him over Azi and Storm your face?
Why i should play him over Lindmeme and Storm your face through wards?

Doesn't dragon aficionado also have a line for her when played?

Infinite value. Literally infinite value.

Why would you play a worse Belph?

How did Forte have a kid?

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I wish Coda would seen me and my bros having fun with Forte

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she rides dragon daddy everyday

Nope. Aficionado wants to schlick with Aiela.

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Fickle resurrector

I'm glad Khawy is rotating out. Recently I've been playing more aggressive midrange decks and shit like belenus -> belenus -> ceres -> corpse/eater into Khawy reanimate spam is fucking annoying. I can mostly deal with the first 4-5 turns, and usually with the first Khawy, but then it becomes obnoxious when they re summon the second and even third and then right into Zeus spam.

I really wonder if it's going to be playable or not. On one hand you die to an elephant, on the other hand you can easily get it out way before the other player will have that option, and can pretty easily shit out boardclear to consistently hit their face for 5 each turn.

Might be a fun tech but doubt it'll be too good

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>I remember people being worried that decks were becoming too expensive and that whales would be the only ones who could still compete soon
Playing devil's advocate here, where does this assumption that you should be able to play a CCG completely for free even stem from?

Dragon cock.

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There was a RoB event where Clarke finds Miriam (she's a homunculus) and ropes Forte into helping him raise her. In the event you give Miriam items and she turns into different forms. So she's like Forte's adopted daughter.

By raping the people who play it

Is Clarke her love interest or is it just an event?