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>Event: 03/20 - 03/28 Token "Kiraa! Mankai Smile" (Uzuki, Momoka)
>Gacha: 03/27 - 03/31 (Momoka, Takumi, Miku)
>Gacha: 03/27 - 03/31 (Yuuki, Rika, Seika)
>Party: 03/05 - 04/05
Cards: starlight.kirara.ca
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>Event: 03/29 - 04/?? Theater Showtime
>Gacha: 03/23 - 03/28 (Noriko, Tsubasa, Mirai)
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Tracker: twitter.com/imas_ml_td

>Event: 03/22 - 03/29 "Labyrinth School" (Genbu, Sora)
>Event Gacha: 03/21 - 03/29 (Asselin, Daigo)

>Gacha: 03/22 - 04/09
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Mar 28th: Puchimasu anime season 1/2 BDs, SM anime BD volume 4, MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 06, Animelo 2017 BDs
Mar 28th, 8PM JST: ML stream: nico.ms/lv311729441 youtu.be/wyIyUkZwxOE
Apr 1st: U149 event @Akiba Gamers
Apr 7th/8th: CG Initial Mess@ge live in Taiwan

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Nao goes in this thread

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Mi chi ko

Panicking, send help

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You'd better stop or Michiko will leave her hair in your ramen.

Makabe is a lucky girl

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Prediction seems to be 146k. Get to 150k at least to be safe.
Spend those tokens first.

Oh look, it's the only one who bothered with this event.

I imagine that would be a great flavour enhancement!

Fat bitch.

I bothered with it to the level I do every event.

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Two chamas?!

Just ganbari fucking masu

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One left to rot forever.

Make it two.

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What does Takanes hair smell like?

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You can't call everyone a fat bitch

Oh yes I can you fat bitch

Good man.


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I can and I will. 45 more minutes.

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So we're getting the new gacha and MAYBE the next PST details, right?

But I'd have to spend jewels

You mean you got all this far without spending jewels?
Did you save up drinks from launch without ever spending any?

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Please delete this

Stopped spending perm drinks since Gokigen, save for using some to T2 Love Letter.


Just do it

Tachibana's butt isn't for public exposure.

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That's some intense saving.
Regardless, do you want to miss T1 after playing all this far? Spend some jewels.

Yes, that's it.
Earn that voice.

Grats on your 15 stars papaya dookie

He gonna spam porn again now?

>Emily and Serika in a card together
>Emily and Serika in MilliFes together

Why are they doing this?

What a cute girl


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T1ing for Kotoha is going to be a nightmare.

My haem

Too much ML being discussed.

Having a day job sucks. Could've gone hyper autism ganbarimasu overdrive but alas.

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Imagine having such a short attention span that two images stop you from discussion your favorite idol franchise. Just imagine

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Want some cake?

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I don't know how people with jobs play these daily. I would've dropped everything long ago.


Good, good. You show 'em who rules the thread.

jk, no cake for you!

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Like everything else in life, just manage your time.

By not having a social life.

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For most events you can manage with just an hour a day. Nothing much, especially if you can fit that hour into your commute

>metafag is actually a manifestation made to keep the balance between each branch with shitposting

Yanking those extensions.

Jesus. Well nicely done. I wanted that SR ticket and I got it. Oh and a Dookie is nice too.

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No, pretty sure he doesn't spam ML porn when CG is being discussed.

He doesn't like any of the branches and he only comes here to shitpost. We've been over this.

Stream in 20 minutes

I hope Matsuri's SSR has Atano in it.
I mean, Arata is now TD's lead artist, so it's not impossible, right?

Bikini Emily and Serika cards soon.

Looks really busted.

No, he just screams like his butt is on fire.

He crops it.

Text is easier to ignore than porn right on your face though.


I'm at 17.6k with less than 15 minutes left at the event

will i be thrown down to 20-60k?

Well to be fair. ML doesn’t get much lewd art unless it’s a characters birthday. Artists really want to capitalize on that SC meme.

There's over an hour left.

W-what's happening here?
There's a hour left user

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fuck, daylight savings messed my head up

Just two friends holding hands. Absolutely nothing untoward whatsoever going on.

What's the source on this image?

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Or you're just dumb which seems to be the case.

They want to make a purple.

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Probably a Touhou doujin.

you're dumber

At least I know who to quote.

Okay, if that's what you say

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Dumb idols (besides Mirai).

Good morning to everyone except Chie.

who did i missquote bigbrain

They look so young and fourteen. Absolutely delectable.


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Mirai, you're wearing neither a skirt nor pants.

>not even a new IP

Off yourself.

Good, good

Nice try metashitter.

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>Sachi as the bully

I'll ask one last time while I've got the chance.
Does anyone know where these are from:

haha good meme never gets old


Nico restream if you like comments.

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Sachiko bullying is a timeless meme, I agree.

Stream is starting.
Expect there to be a bit of an itch for a while. Scratching it won't help.

Thanks user

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Delete this image immediately.

Saving this image for future use.
Thanks for the link btw